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  1. or they just didn't bother to interact with the forums, like a majority of the players the game has had
  2. they've always been pretty indistinguishable - a handful of throwaway weapons, hilariously overpriced "exclusive" cash shop items, and some colored car spawners dont make for much of a concrete identity
  3. i heard rockstar is cracking down on gta 6 leaks you better delete this quick
  4. the lore can support faction ffa just fine (rtw had crim vs crim missions iirc), but you can twist lore to suit anything really - just look at riot
  5. new content is only going to bring back old players, its a decent start but only about a third of what's needed for any kind of serious population rebuild imo I'd love to know which exact things they can backport from 2.2, because without phasing to fix matchmaking and some major ui revamps i have no hope for apb ever retaining enough new players to function
  6. hexerin is part of the toxic community, so as long as he sticks around the toxicity will never go away
  7. it will help all users to read the posts where the reasons for the update are explained
  8. its not an engine upgrade, the whole point of apb 1.3x is to change as little of the base engine as possible new contacts, new matchmaking, and the return of threat districts have not been promised for 1.3x
  9. slightly better performance and no rtx crashes will be nice but i don't think its going to boost the population that much, especially without new content
  10. probably not, iirc 145fps is an engine limitation
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