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  1. afaik emotes and symbols are linked to specific contacts, so its possible to miss out if you don't run enough missions before moving on the old apbdb site has a 'random rewards' tab on each contact that lists out the unlocks
  2. the in-depth customization is cool and all, but social district isnt where the majority of apb pop sits its not the customization alone that helps with engagement, its the way apb allows players to constantly flaunt their customization to other players saints row might dent the player numbers on release but unless there's plans for comparable multiplayer pvp or something like gta online, i dont see a singleplayer game demolishing even the tiny apb pop left
  3. joker tickets have been separated from the random reward pool since 2020 (patch notes)
  4. some weapons dont have linear bloom per shot, instead they operate on a curve that applies different values after each shot and/or sequence of shots - these values are not represented on apbdb afaik, so the only way to calculate a "minimum accurate kill time" would be through manual experimentation ingame
  5. can you purchase anything else from the marketplace? you might be trade locked, iirc you receive a system message in chat every time you log in typically lasts 3 days i think
  6. the lawsuit was settled out of court, the only public term was orbit purchasing descent underground outright so there's no info on if additional compensation was included - but descendent claims they accepted a fair offer in order to get the game released faster, even though a court decision seems like it would be in descendent's favor the settlement announcement article was right on the mattscott page you linked, b- homework
  7. ya boy matty really let you take the heat on this one ritual
  8. yeah its pretty weird to be so hung up on cheaters that you insert them into random threads
  9. it would almost be worth it just to see orbit sued into oblivion by the actual ip owner(s)
  10. mrbochie and stiven are the only good apb players everyone else cheats
  11. theres 300 pop my guy, even if they were all cheaters orbit isnt making money off this game
  12. orbit says here (pg 21) they made over 700k net profit in 2021-ish looks like they were already on the hook for money one way or another, but maybe orbit decided a settlement that included buying the game outright was cheaper than getting slapped with whatever descendant was asking for
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