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  1. it just doesn't sound appealing - i like losing because i tried my hardest and the opp was better, not because the game decided i only get 10 bullets for the whole mission
  2. its not the trickle down effect, didn't realize i was quoting something else there aren't any scraps with "top down balancing" otherwise it wouldn't be balancing in the first place
  3. sounds awful tbh, why would you punish players for playing better? you haven't outlined any sort of cap, does the game just get harder and harder until a player simply can't do anything but lose?
  4. i listed three different things you asked for downsides so i gave you downsides, your "answer" wouldnt fix any of the downsides i listed its not a strawman if you literally ask me to list examples and then i list examples if it works at the top it works all the way down theres really only one gun intended to be an entry level weapon for new players and its already in the "not even close" situation youve described - holding back better balance to preserve the performance of the "new player gun" instead of just changing which gun new players receive is backwards logic
  5. increased matchmaking times more boring matches vs nongold players game dies faster
  6. you can buy a 3slot scoped ntec reskin from armas and its probably available for jt too not even sure why you'd worry about a 3slot scoped ntec, theres no mods that fix its atrocious walk modifier the far plays nothing like a scoped ntec anyway, the revert request is because the far was (unnecessarily) nerfed at the same time as the ntec, yet orbit complained about no ntec competitors in their latest balance post
  7. these are all questions that are intended to validate that you are the actual owner of the account previously these questions would be asked in the first reply to your support ticket, so orbit has actually attempted to streamline the process by including them in the initial ticket, instead of wasting time letting your ticket sit in the queue only for them to have to request additional info before actually trying to resolve anything it also doesn't appear to be mandatory that you fill out the extra validation in order to submit a ticket (i didn't attempt to actually put in a ticket so i could be wrong), they'll likely just attempt to confirm account ownership with other information its being focused on because its the only thing relevant to other players on this forum, we can't help you with anything else
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