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  1. pvp with a (un)healthy dose of rng results in excessive salt, not really surprising imo
  2. i have no idea how actual coding works, but clearly orbit has seen fit to do it this specific way
  3. obviously a lot of people (myself included) dislike/don’t believe in riot for a variety of reasons, so it becoming the new development and content focus is doing orbit no favors with the current community but at the same time just releasing the engine upgrade will do nothing for any new players and the portion of the community that no longer plays - we’re long past the point where “apb doesn’t run like doodoo” is enough to capture everyone’s interest it’s a lose/lose situation tbh, we could argue for hours about what orbit shoulda coulda woulda done but at the very least i’ll give them props for picking a direction and forging ahead
  4. if i just posted this somewhere else does it count as spam?
  5. the intent is to release riot season 1 at the same time as the engine upgrade theoretically, this would allow any new players lured in by the promising new game mode to experience apb without all the shitty performance issues and then orbit can dump content on them so they never leave imo what’s really going to happen is riot will be an abysmal failure, the engine upgrade will be a buggy mess because it’s an engine upgrade, and orbit will be too busy scrambling to fix engine upgrade issues before the rest of the diehard community gives up on apb to pump out enough content to entice the few new players who get suckered in by riot
  6. removing the need to choose between different mods for different advantages lessens the depth and strategy imo either way im not sure you really need to think on your feet for a shield, and what strategy do you use for an ammo box? chances are opp isn’t going to attack you with one - it not like they’re offensive weapons (aside from memeing on someone)
  7. i would like to order one BLYAT! gun please with a side of fries
  8. aside from the obvious low population issues on a certain server, i’m more concerned that it seems like all new content is going to be tied to riot, at least for the first few seasons
  9. which is why i havent even mentioned it btw ive yet to say anything is op why do you keep bringing this up? its irrelevant to the discussion lmao i didnt realize pointing out flaws and suggesting changes was complaining at this point its clear that this whole conversation has gone over your head there is no "depth" with the current consumables because you either use ammo box or shield, the other consumables arent even worth mentioning - thats not depth, thats an obvious sign of imbalance why? we've gone back and forth on this and yet all youve had to offer is "no", "you're wrong", "you're bad" oh and "adds depth" which is clearly wrong quoting the exact thing that im discussing seems pretty normal, why would i quote something that im not replying too?
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