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  1. yeah yeah we get that you want to sit on your high horse and laugh as people complain about cheaters after orbit unbanned everyone, because you only see the world in black and white
  2. depends on what constitutes suspicion and how long investigation takes while it might sound great to say you’d put up with gaming interruptions to better fight cheating, i doubt the general majority would enjoy being booted offline on “suspicion” of cheating - no matter how quick
  3. if all you wanted was an answer that doesn’t contradict your echo chamber, you should have just said that in the first place
  4. not really sure what screenshots would prove tbh, we got quite a few screenshots of the engine upgrade from g1 and look at where we are with them now a list of performance statistics or even a raw, unedited video of someone driving around with /fps open would be far more beneficial for the community to see
  5. similar to the giant red “forum rules” banner?
  6. perhaps now that ff is no longer in use @MattScott can give us a few more details on how exactly he was falsely banned?
  7. “a triggerbot is just an aid”
  8. this stuff is known because this was all explained when the unbans were happening? any ff ban without documentation (re: evidence) was reversed, because orbit found both significant flaws in the way ff was analyzing “cheaters” and significant misuse of ff by g1 staff you of all people should be on board with this, ive seen you post several suggestions on how to improve the game for new players - arguably step one is “don’t falsely ban new players”
  9. apparently they buy a lot of social billboards these days gotta win somewhere i guess :^)
  10. i think you might be the first person to quote scripture on the apb forums, at least unironically wild
  11. yeah i worded it poorly it’s not like veterans could just vanish in a proof of smoke and apb would continue just fine, but they (arguably) aren’t where the focus should be at this point
  12. i don’t really want to defend riot but old players really don’t mean much imo old players are a finite money pool that will only shrink with time, and that’s on top of a small number anyway - apb just wasn’t ever a popular game the 800 or so veterans left are potentially irrelevant compared to potentially infinite new players, although in reality it won’t be so clear cut
  13. unless you want access to the first new content releases for apb in months :^)
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