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  1. i'd imagine it would be the opposite, back when we had eac the first time it was initially about as perfect as anticheats could get, and then as cheats found bypasses and workarounds there was a trend back towards "normal"
  2. this is one of those situations where everyone gets punished because some people will abuse the function - those players who would use the exit mission button as soon as they lose the first objective, or when they encounter players of equal skill level that they dislike, etc if you want to leave a mission so badly, as you mentioned there is already a way to do that, and the fact that you find restarting so annoying to me indicates that you would be one of the players abusing an exit button
  3. this is much sooner than i expected tbh, i’m cautiously optimistic
  4. there's very little actual information on unit game (the chinese developer), we basically only have confirmation that the ip sale happened and some poorly made websites likely nonexistent - apb is no longer ahead of the tech game, it has poor user numbers, and comes with a massive amount of negative PR no less than two million usd see #3 a company making poor business decisions does it matter? no, also weird question tbh they already did little orbit tried their hardest, but they jumped into the industry way over their heads probably not, my assumption is in the game industry just the fact that a company is selling a released game is likely a red flag - if the game was making money then you wouldn't get rid of it it was an ama not a congressional hearing, no one is getting cornered realistically even if frosi got weirdly aggressive with unit game questions, mattscott talks for a living, an apb player isn't going to "gotcha" him on a zoom call
  5. name it whatever you want, as long as the game is in such a poor state its not going to do well
  6. little orbit already sold it to an obscure chinese “developer” years ago
  7. youtube is for boomers matt should get the apb beta on tiktok
  8. cheaters generally aren't affected by game balance because they have an external advantage - trying to level the playing field by changing stats and game mechanics is treating the symptoms rather than the cause, and nearly always ends up punishing the legitimate players base that's stuck with the changes
  9. we whine and complain about how fairfight was the best anticheat and little orbit supports cheaters
  10. then we whine and complain about how orbit isn't paying for the best version of eac and supports cheaters
  11. g1 rolled almost everything back to rtw, they didn’t just lengthen ttk so guns were massively unbalanced and there were tons of old bugs and exploits available - obviously no one wanted to play in a district like that, and g1 used that to pretend no one wanted longer ttk
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