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  1. im sure a passive aggressive thread will really light a fire under him
  2. what? it takes like 10-20 minutes per gun to achieve a macro that eliminates recoil at the optimal rof, muscle memory doesnt develop that fast, especially across the 25+ individual weapons and then it never has to be thought about again, which probably also helps with aiming since it frees up some of the limited brain cells a dedicated macro user has i think people vastly overestimate the amount of macroers (just like they do cheaters) but saying a macro gives a smaller advantage so who cares is a super dumb take
  3. reaction times are irrelevant here because you arent reacting to the next shot, youre predicting it, consciously or unconsciously thats why such a small time discrepancy is so easily noticeable during actual play
  4. percs got their ltl potential nerfed, which was the only issue they had remote det now has a proper cd kevlar still sucks whats wrong with explosives?
  5. then just dont play if its not fun, if enough people dont find it fun then maybe orbit will revert no-seg
  6. an extra star and an nfa arent going to ensure anyone sticks around
  7. i disagree with some of your dmr av opinions but im just here to point out that you said the pr1 was objectively better and then pointed out two situations where its not objectively better, one of which is the entire reason behind the guns existence
  8. as long as the symbols arent colored i have no idea which g1 dev thought up the genius idea to use red symbols in a game where red name tags means enemy, but they should have been fired on the spot
  9. super doubtful anyone gets banned solely based off reports, especially not just from 5
  10. why would they nerf low yields further when they're currently almost completely unused?
  11. it just doesn't sound appealing - i like losing because i tried my hardest and the opp was better, not because the game decided i only get 10 bullets for the whole mission
  12. its not the trickle down effect, didn't realize i was quoting something else there aren't any scraps with "top down balancing" otherwise it wouldn't be balancing in the first place
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