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  1. i appreciate the energy but i really feel like its wasted on apb
  2. matt might listen to the people he's hired that he believes know better, but at the end of the day as the ceo im pretty sure he's got the final say on just about anything related to apb
  3. now you're fuckin with the blockchain
  4. then why make a forum poll? honestly, you keep saying its not the case but this whole thread gives rage-post vibes
  5. you're right, descent is no longer listed on the little orbit website - so they actually have less games in development now than when they purchased apb
  6. im pretty sure its $100 dollars, since its 20 rentals for the guaranteed legendary - might actually be $105 because i think its the 21st rental that becomes permanent the new system is better than joker boxes, but its still a bit ridiculous
  7. if only there was some way to decrease the odds of getting matched against these top tier players, some way to ensure that 15-20 players didnt account for up to half the available matchmaking opportunities oh wait, expanding the matchmaking pool would do it poor matchmaking contributes to players leaving which contributes to poor matchmaking which contributes to players leaving - as youve posted above, players dont enjoy getting stomped by the same people for an entire play session sure, a larger potential pool may not help much now when the pop is so small, but how do you expect the pop to grow without fixing these issues? more content is definitely required for pop growth new players are more likely to be hooked by something if theres a wider or deeper variety being offered, often just the sheer amount of content can convince someone to try a game once new players are hooked they need content to remain engaged after theyre no longer new players new content is needed for all the players who have played apb and quit, because who is convinced to try a game again thats exactly the same as when they left? new content stops veterans from leaving or keeps them returning on a regular cycle depending on the content, it can even help players escape the dreaded top tier stomping without outright quitting - getting dunked on in missions? maybe if there was 1 or 2 other game modes to jump between for a cool off period, it wouldnt be so bad the engine upgrade on its own will absolutely not solve the pop issue, but it will cause a surge of players to return for at least a little while - its up to orbit if they can capitalize on that surge to jumpstart population growth again
  8. better matchmaking requires a larger player pool to draw from, and performance has been steadily decreasing with every new bit of content added since the 2012 valentine's event do you have suggestions on how to increase district pop beyond 80 without the accompanying negative effects or how to increase the game's memory limit without an engine upgrade? turns out im totally happy shoveling slop if its actual factual truth
  9. glaciers

    Clothing concepts

    no bucket hats smh
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