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  1. it would require a lot of people but in a location like grayson fell's parking garage you could fill the entire space with player spawned cars and then ramp civilian cars down on top of them, its possible you could get 2 or even 3 layers of cars packed in no groups to minimize the chances of vehicle damage/explosions
  2. can you clarify what orbit's communication ability has to do with how much they play apb?
  3. they aren’t low yields, but you’re right that they aren’t percs either
  4. idk how often/where you play but the nfas is easily tied with oca for cqc meta atm - and as you said there’s a reason for that
  5. why not? the gun has solid drawbacks, and if anything was underpowered until the shotgun pellet change cant wait to see what beastie decides to fuck up next
  6. griefing isn’t going anywhere although it does seem that orbit is tightening up ingame moderation of it a little bit
  7. maybe im reading this wrong but the hardware specs are right there on the chart
  8. ur gonna have to stop posting on the forums for that, i reply to almost everything
  9. from the last update probably a safe bet to assume win10 was used i'd also be interested in seeing legitimate gameplay with benchmarking details but as far as i know the engine upgrade isnt even on otw yet, idk if "regular gameplay" is possible with just spct and qa
  10. i cant wait to use hydraulics on a 4x4 for decapitation vehicle kill style points
  11. it has comparable accuracy to the manic (its main marksmanship cqc competitor imo) and the same 30-50m dropoff as most SMGs
  12. it’s honestly still decent the new recoil curve system wasn’t needed on the tommy gun since it punishes players for using the tommy gun as intended (sustained fire), but if you can handle the recoil you still have a fairly accurate sub .7s ttk cqc gun but there are other easier options, making the tommy gun kind of irrelevant (not bad tho)
  13. but the community sees this thread in a positive light going by initial post reactions
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