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  1. Top notch paragraphing and punctuation, not to mention the grammar. Probably another one of those angry posts, not gonna bother.
  2. I automatically dismiss any video that starts with a teenager voice saying "What is up, guys/everyone, my name is ________"
  3. Bruh. Gimme a break. I was doing stuff. I'll give you stuff.
  4. I'm down to join this. Screw those bumblebees.
  5. Not even the forum regulars reply to these kind of posts anymore. That's a good sign. Take note.
  6. I rarely find cheaters. Hell, I don't think I've seen one post battleeye. People who hackusate are usually just bad.
  7. Well, there's where teamwork comes in, I guess? Could the OPGL also potentially counter that? I use it when the enemy holes up.
  8. I'll have to disagree with you there, both weapons are very situational, usable only for ambushes, corners and extreme close ranges. At those situations, they exceed, but everywhere else they are bad. I don't think they require a fix. Also, regarding this: Like I stated, it's my opinion and the experiences I've had in-game lead to what I believe, no need to agree to it.
  9. Most people I see playing the OSCAR use RS3 and CJ3, and play it mostly like a Joker Carb. I haven't tried those, I'll give feedback when I do. I believe the Yukon's bugged fire rate was fixed? It stated in the patch notes. The PMG is good, but not god tier. With the OCA, I agree so-so, I don't think it's THAT good of a weapon. The True Ogre... Come on, free kills, honestly. Just walk backwards. And the dog ear, is it even meta in high tier matches? Sorry if my opinion doesn't match yours or the next posters. It's just how I see things.
  10. Ah, yes, the shotgun. A most dangerous weapon. It's almost if one couldn't shoot another without being at melee distance.
  11. I am very happy with the changes. It shows that Little Orbit is working hard and listening to the community. I wasn't on the OTW myself, but I like what was decided.
  12. I'd love to get something other than a sports/supercar
  13. Fart is great. You can arrest people and just let a big one out on their faces.
  14. Well, the OCA isn't that good at range so..-
  15. Yeah, you're standing in a corner and then your character pops his gun through the wall. "Ah yes, that's a nice looking gun."
  16. It's weird that my character holds his NTEC or ATAC, and a variety of other weapons with one hand, and then proceeds to inspect it by waving it around like some psycho. As an enforcer, and assuming this person had basic training, I highly doubt they would treat a weapon like that. If we could get a rework of the animations or a choice of some kind between several types of animations, (More or less tactical, or extra casual animations) I think it'd be positive. Not something game-changing, but certainly a small detail that should be looked at.
  17. Do custom crosshairs give you superpowers or something? I mean, if your aim is bad, I doubt the crosshair will fix it, just saying.
  18. I open it side to side as well, even though it's a bit exploity, keeps my patootie safe. (Unless of course the hitbox stay stationary.)
  19. The big fish are fighting, huh? OT: There's still good players, you just haven't found them yet.
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