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  1. You complain ingame, you complain on the forums. Do you ever do anything besides complaining?
  2. What exactly are you wanting to prove by doing this? I sense either narcissism or insecurity. Also, this whole post was a little unnecessary. Sure, people complain, but let them complain. Feeding the pigeons is what makes them fat anyway.
  3. I thought I had this for a while but apparently it's a new thing. Interesting.
  4. Go to your APB folder. Go to the TPI Folder inside the APB folder. Open TPI.xml with a notepad. Delete these lines <InstallerInfo> <Name>DirectX</Name> <DllRelativePath>DirectX\DirectXInstaller.DLL</DllRelativePath> <SetupFileRelativePath>DirectX\DirectX_June2010program</SetupFileRelativePath> </InstallerInfo> and The same for battleeye, not sure what exactly it looks like, but it should be the same, just with battleeye instead of direct X. <InstallerInfo> <Name>BattleEye</Name> some paths about battleeye or whatev </InstallerInfo> Works for me. Only did a bit of googling.
  5. Can confirm, was on the process of gitting gud, and got interrupted. 3 more friends got the same. European servers, something's afoot.
  6. This is true, I joined Oversight and matches with them are easier because of communication.
  7. Thanks for all the overnight replies. I took some time to read them.
  8. I got really mad at this said player because he was making a pancake out of me. Instead of rage-mail, I asked for advice instead. Who do you recommend I should watch? Do you know any APB youtubers/streamers I could follow?
  9. Sure, that sounds like a good idea. I'll record my gameplay and post a link for you people to review it.
  10. To disable directx and Battleye installs when you're playing APB, go to your steam folder, APB folder, locate a file called TPI.xml and edit it with a notepad. Delete the following lines: <InstallerInfo> <Name>DirectX</Name> <DllRelativePath>DirectX\DirectXInstaller.DLL</DllRelativePath> <SetupFileRelativePath>DirectX\DirectX_June2010program</SetupFileRelativePath> </InstallerInfo> And the one that has the name BattleEye or something. But it should look the same as the one above just possibly <Name>BattleEye</Name> instead.
  11. A few days ago I started to land more shots because I asked some guy that was just absolutely wrecking me for help. I've been practicing the NTEC. I now shoot inside a weapon's viable range and tapfire, which works wonders for my aim, I flank, not taking the same path as my teammates and I can visibly see some improvement, but there's still a lot of high level players that absolutely destroy me. I've seen people tapfiring the NTEC so fast and accurately, even when you're moving, and I've no idea to achieve that level of skill. I usually play in bronze servers. Sometimes I get ridiculous scores like 18-3 vs some silvers or bronze, other times I get scores like 2-12 against other silvers or golds. It's because of this constant contrast that I feel that I'm not exactly improving or playing versus people my level. Should I keep practicing? Should I wait for LO to "fix" the matchmaking/ranking systems? I'm not trying to lash out at anything, I just legit want to know how to get better. Thanks in advance for all the tips.
  12. Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm curious about the Valzipram tablets, do they completely negate vehicle damage? There's a lot of situations in which I find myself vs a vehicle user, which constantly tries to ram me and when they don't, the use the vehicle to close the distance gap. If Valzipram negate all damage, that'd be really nice to have.
  13. Legit wanting to know, I've seen some people run Kevlar 2 or 3, but they usually get called off for being noobs. Anyone here got different setups?
  14. I'm not going to mention any names, but there's a player I used to hate for being so good, and yesterday, I completely destroyed him. I don't think my skill level went up overnight, but I'm pretty sure they might have been hacking.
  15. Heck, totally forgot about maintenance mid-song. Oh well, tomorrow, I guess.
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