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  1. I love how his profile is just a smile face. It's like he's aware of what he's doing. Absolute mad lad.
  2. I played Planetside 2, it was nice, but outside major clans it always felt like your efforts had no changes in the world. This suggestion might work in APB though, I like the sound of it!
  3. Tops Turtleneck (For males, females already have them) V-Neck T-Shirts Slim Fit Suits Waistcoat/Vest (To make 3 piece suits, or not.) Bottoms Capri & Safari Shorts Shorts (In general, males can only wear that saggy potato sack thing) Head/Acessories/Misc Snowboard/tactical goggles (The ones that cover your face, with a strap thingy)
  4. Jesus, I hate all this lag razzle-dazzle. I play on the EU server, sometimes I see one person, ONE, complaining about lag, also usually after they die while nobody else complains about anything. People probably have bad ISP's and blame Little Orbit for it. Speaking for myself, I usually have no lag at all. The one time I had it, it was right before a server shutdown which matched with the date and time of the DoS attack, but I took a break, came back later and it was fixed.
  5. The thing that surprises me the most about this post is the math. Boy, I am bad at maths. A+ for effort and big comedic value. Edit 1: You need to add exploding cars to the equation.
  6. It just allows you to shoot before bloom resets fully, full accuracy fire rate is still the same. That's useful for bigger targets and closer ranges. For long range, trigger discipline is all you need. Oh, I see! Very useful!
  7. This! But... I'd actually would prefer to leave this whole gun skin thing for when we get UE 4.0, because right now it's going to be a blurry mess because of textures; If texture resolution improves with the update, then I'm all up for it.
  8. Really funny, did it once or twice, but I usually snipe from mid-range and run for the arrest if a teammate isn't nearby. Not sure what you mean by decrease in damage. From 0-80 meters, it's a 3 shot, past 80, it's a 2 shot because of the reverse-dropoff "hidden perk" the gun has, which causes more damage over range. That's why improved rifling isn't good on this weapon. Oh you. neither do i, the pr1 is the only real choice Thanks for clarifying! Doesn't CJ3 make the crosshair not close completely before the next shot? I dislike it for longer ranges. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  9. dmr-av does it better I actually don't like Cooling Jacket on this weapon! You're very welcome. It's nice to take a break from all the complainy posts.
  10. In my opinion, I find it better than the HVR. Sure, it fills up slightly different roles, but the main role is sniper so I usually prefer a DMR instead of an HVR. It's nice and fun to play, very versatile. You can slap HB on it and it becomes a LTL so you can support your cop buddies. I find it nicer to shoot with because since it has more ROF, it's more forgiving than the HVR, and it also feels "faster to kill with" even thought it isn't (I think?). It however can have the same kill potential as the HVR, since the reverse-dropoff perk can enable it to two-shot people. The weapon's hard damage is also very good and therefore it makes the weapon really "jack-of-all-trades-ish" since it can kill, stun, and destroy! I also really like the sound and the look of it. I was wondering if with the engine update, the draw distance could increase, making this weapon a extreme long range sniper? The setups I usually run on this weapon are HS3 with Tagger and sometimes HB3. What are your opinions on the DMR-SD?
  11. I get mad too and sometimes slam my table. I usually try to counter what's causing my deaths. If I can't, I stop playing. Why would I play something that brings me no enjoyment?
  12. This is why I only use the forums to look for patch notes and other minor stuff. I didn't even know about this, and honestly didn't care. It was just an uprising of some sort. Little Orbit promised to fix the game, they're doing it. Apart from that, there's nothing more I'd like to know. I wish people stopped being so dramatic.
  13. Don't want to be the Black Phillip here, but I've never encountered any cheaters nor have I experienced any lag of sorts.
  14. Alright, thanks everyone. And yes, I realized it's a slug. Maybe it'll get increased damage? Who knows. Goodnight.
  15. Will it be applied to lethal shotguns only or will the LTL shotty be included too? And how will it be affected? Health or Stamina damage increase? I wonder if it'll be nice then.
  16. Willing to haggle. Sold, topic can be L&A.
  17. "The fast and the incarcerated" as an enforcer. 2 first phases are hard as feck since you have to steal 3 cars. Harder if they have >1 ALIGs. And then the last phase it's a "control the truck", meaning that if crims get to the truck first, it's going to be hard to stop them and all the effort of previous phases was useless. I sigh loudly everytime that mission starts.
  18. Wew lad, this is the second thread I comment on today which suggests a very weirdly specific clothing item. Honestly, I just want turtleneck for male characters. Please Lo, can bois get turtlenecc
  19. You're telling me that now instead of having to fight girls in thongs, I have to fight girls in thongs and capes? Big no from me! Can't stand those flamboyant feckers.
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