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  1. Please put all three LCR's back on armas's as a well as the snub nose and its versions.
  2. I'd like Max rank on otw as well. Character is RevyBandoTest
  3. I think player owned Benkz Mhuller and a something like this below, I feel we need more player owned and customization larger vehicals, they'd have more carry space for ram raiding, tanky, and also the best thing about them would be the sheer blanket of space to fill in terms of symbols.
  4. Cap 40 Because i love the piercing mod and the fact that so many people seem to forget it exists. *I want a mg42 or stg with piercing but dreams will be memes.**
  5. True, that may be a issue, Honestly tho i see this also as a good fix for the threat and match making issue as match making obviously wont play any part in this, plus if a player lets say encounters a point with to many enemy players that are hard to kill he can simple move to a different point and fight there. The other thing this i feel will help with is by giving clans something to do it will allow them to bring in new recruits and new players winch will help with numbers same with normal players, even with the current threat system for example more people in a war district will mean more spots in a sliver district Albeit that obviously broken system is being looked at by little orbit but for me as a person who plays with a group most of the time with members who are gold and sliver, means its impossible to play during peak times. this idea would solve that.
  6. Heres a simple but honestly great idea There should be a new gamemode/district called "War" Winch would basically be a giant "Capture and Hold" gamemode like planet side two, except on the size of a APB district. This mode would be 50v50 or 100v100 or what ever the server can handle. You'd still be able to earn contact points, and roles , but instead of fighting the same old "Missions" you'd be fighting a pure a simple war for control over the map/district. Each "War" would go on for a week or until one side has complete control, at the end of the week, rewards like joker tickets or cash will be giving out to people who helped the most in terms of capturing that district. This game mode would also give more clan interactivity, when a point is captured that clans symbol will be shown on the map "This point is held by *Blah*" and at that point, their symbol would be displayed on banners and various other things around it. Each point would be a area that realistically would want to be held by a criminal or police faction so for example the wharf would be capture e point. only points touching each other would be able to be captured and after each capture there would be a 5 minute timer before the next cap, the capture process would take 2 to 5 minutes and would simply require players in a certain area around it much like to planetside 2. Spawn points wise would be limited to friendly captured points, and mobile spawns as well as the "Home"Base point for each faction winch would be spawn protected and non-capture able. As well as a new car mod could be made or a charictor deploy able mod could be made called that allows for spawning ie a deployable mobile spawn point that can only fit in carrying vehicles and the vehicle can not move when deployed. the charictor deploy able would be like a "Rally Point Bag" and once placed on the ground, players can spawn from it but it would be much like a boom box, it can be destroyed and even picked up and moved ((or moved then destroyed by a enemy)) then would fit well within the APB lore, and honestly give players a option other then the current mission system and give both players and clans reasons to want to participate, as well as give clans ways to fight and compete against other clans and also display their banners winch currently is only displayed in the clan info tab. ((winch kinda defeats the point honestly of even having a symbol for the clan if that's the only spot where the clan can put it besides personal symbol slots)) Also the reward/leaderbaord system would include clans , So for example the clan at the end of the week or war, that has the most captures or time holding a point or a number of points or a combanation and so forth would get rewards as well that would be issued to the clan.

    Weapon Cosmetics

    Shes getting that because of what i said, As the main reason why g1 washed the idea of guns being paintable winch was a realtime worlds thing was because of the strain and cost. effectlying the skin system is just that, minus the player customization.

    Weapon Cosmetics

    This honestly was in the base concept for APB but i dont know where it went, cuz at one point you were meant to be able to put decals and stuff on yoru guns like the cars and charicters but that i know for sure was disallowed by g1 due ot the cost and strain it would put on hteir servers when they first bought apb
  9. As they already explained, BE currently temp bans the suspected player, while the temp ban is in place, a LO Staff member looks at the ban and the data, then either issues a perma ban or unbans and issues a apoligy, however as Matt has said, of those who have been caught by BE and issued the temp ban, then after investigation by LO had their accounts perma banned. All it is is a system that allows time for a real person to look over the data before effectively making it a perma ban, last thing LO wants a system that automaticly throws out Perma bans with no sort of investigation by a real person, you know that same system GF used before except was highly ineffective due to A no interaction by staff, and B well it not being battleeye.
  10. Well there is no such thing as 100% secure. and battleeye has been around for years, abeit it used to be considered one of the worst Anti cheats ((cough cough arma)) but now is consider one of the better ones. But yeah normally in todays climate, only takes about a week or two come up with a new anti cheat or anti cheat update, sometimes a month or more depending on the anti cheat in question. Theres always going to be hackers, since theres always going to be hack providers as much like how APB is a service, a product, hacks are also a service/product. Abeit battleye does help in terms of making hacks harder to find or use since unlike fairfight or punkbuster, its harder to breach winch means those 5 dollar hacks that people used to get go up in price and are harder to come by, plus battleye with each update catches more of hte methods they use, so even with a reliable hack theres always a chance to get caught, i havent seen as much blatant hackers since BE was added, i've seen a few questionable people, but beyond that most people i'd say were hacking even i'd later correct myself and say no that guy is legit. i've only seen one person that i've been 100% confident that they were hacking and that was a teammate, using a issb snaping left and right wrecking face. Abeit i could be wrong since i've seen a influx of issb's lately as they used to be horrible guns but it seems everyone and their mother has been using them this past week. But point is, nothing is 100% secure and as long as hack providers can make money they will consistently be in a war with anti cheat providers, LO also most likely is still in the testing phase for BE and doesn't have everything enabled, nor are any of their bans currently from what they said perma until a real person looks into it or the subject is hit more then once by the system so hackers will still be a issue that can be seen for at least a few months untill they have both BE ironed out to be effective at both catching hackers but also not banning legit players. and their support system ironed out to then screen those who are caught and issue bans based apon the data. in all honestly the current idea LO has is the best method, as the system checks and issues a temp ban, then a real person then investigates the data to determine if the data proves a hack is being used, or if its a false positive. and then issues a judgement based upon that. but again nothing is perfect.
  11. Tipical old g1. They have the assests, but never made use of them due to "Costs" like 3 slot secondary are in the files and were assets made by the original pre g1 devs, but they just never used it due to most likely the cost of reworking the ui. honestly its a shame that those arent used because if a f2p player wants a better pistol normaly they have to use a premade one they unlock, or purchase one from arma's, and sometimes the mods on the pistols wether armas or not dont really fit with the needs of the player.
  12. Honestly i think everything should be released on armas again, to give chances to those who've missed out on limited sales, like if i want to buy the old perma snub nose i should be able to, there was no reason to remove it besides it being meh lol. but a lot of clothing options like the old tactical gear is not there anymore, nor is the lcr or siverado. Honestly they need to bring everything back thats been on armas and sell it permanently. as well as hopefully in the future release a lot of hte weapons that are on the db but never been released, and to throw it out there, they need to allow for 3 slot secondary weapons. those are in the files and the db, its just gamersfirst never released them. @MattScott I'm @ You matt because i feel you should read the various view points, plus i want it to be known that ill pay anything for a 3 slot snub nose. hell 1 grand right now XD
  13. I do hope that shotgun wise, you put the sight from the sg strife on all the other shotguns, Honestly A shotgun needs a sight like that, i find the current "Sniiper" like site to be to unforgiving for players like me who arent as good at a twitching the mouse. but over all yeah having shotguns be more reliable would be better as currently its hit or miss depending both on skill and server latiancey.
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