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  1. So, which is the difference vs full DT silvers groups on bronze?
  2. Just waiting to play this friday and i can't update the game.. edit: Launcher still says error, but i can play..
  3. Ese si tiene todo disponible seas f2p o premium.
  4. Welp, i guess silver is only for dethreat. and for OP you win, most of the time backup a clear win will become a loss.. or it only to me edit: but those 8vs8 mission are fun asf!
  5. Lul, i was thinking it only happened to me..
  6. Yes riot is dead.. was a pain for me in jericho, that is worst populatiion, i was like you contact rank4 almost rank5 and took days till get the few matches i needed.
  7. If that is true about your comparison it doesnt surprise me, most of the legendaries are just a weaker version of the normal ones.. If i recall correctly the yukon firerate was bugged, so they fixed it.. Not nerfed, so hip firerate isn't important to you, u should buy the rfp fang
  8. same here, all those days i was fighting this lag, but this is dumb to play like that.. Most of the players can't/don't want to handle this issue
  9. Lol, this guy is very exigent.. for me it looks awesome and the performance increase is the most important, maybe he want photorealistic graphics lol
  10. well, it's like those games where the players do for free (and the hope someone support them with donations) the patches/mods for things the company don't take care to fix, right? xd
  11. Yeah.. after last patch my latency added like +70/+120ms to my normal ping.. And every people i asked about it says the same so.. it's not my internet
  12. would be cool... i wasn't playing long time ago till noticed this "big update" i was so hyped and need to wait another week... and yes i missed those 2 week of free premium xd
  13. Well, give to us a free premium compensation... (yes, i missed those 2 week of premium xd)
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