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  1. Woah, before this post i was playing with 180-250ms.. Now before changing some options in my router, now i have 75-120ms!. This is beatiful but i need now, practice with this ping lol everything goes so smooth, driving and shooting is so different.
  2. Hmm, yeah golds join in silver, silvers join in bronze and bronze are supposed to join in green but with this low player base in Jericho that isn't possible.. But, i mainly played in bronze district (because my high ping, i can't be competitive.. just try to have good time here and see how tryhard and sh*t talk can people be playing in bronze). I can say it's very strange when i face a mission vs bronze's.. yeah sometimes we got mission like 3vs1 Trainee, but that is how matchmaking works here. (?) Most of the people i play againts are very skilled, sometimes people who play in silver districts join in bronze and they say something like this "Wow, i'm getting killed more than compared in silver" or "opp here is hard than silver". Maybe that happen because of many players dt in silver.. idk. Most of the match i played in silver are very balanced, but there is always a pro player, maybe hack (?) that can carry alone our or their team or a well coordinated premade groups.
  3. as everyone explained it, i can say i put hs1 on my nhvr reaper, and it make wonders for jumpshoot. Just practice and u will "master" it.
  4. Uff, no lo dudo. jajaj! I don't use WiFi, only ethernet cable. Hmm haven't tried with other vpn's (only Hotspot Shield and it failed). Hmm, need to take a look for port forward.. i know you can do something like this in the windows firewall. Downloading 100% sure is not the problem. edit: i liked your signature message.
  5. Welp, today i was searching why my ping is so high 180-250ms. I'm from Venezuela, its not too far from Mexico, even it's closer to USA than Brasil, i have a friend from Colombia that is really close to my country, he plays with 60-80ms and that make me wonder about my ping.. I remember when i started playing APB in 2014 my ping was something like 100ms i'm not sure. So i tried doing a tracert https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003329912-My-Latency-is-really-high- First it show it's going to Colombia, then to Netherlands (wtf?) and finally reach USA where is located the server (Dallas, so i figured why i have the same ping in Jericho and Citadel (just joined here to see the player base and there a lot of players compared to Jericho). Why my packet is going to Europa? (Netherlands).. Is there a way to fix this? In others games i use a program called "WTFast" that choose the best route from where you live and the server you want to play... This program or similars don't work with APB, i can log in, but when joining in Districts it's a infinite loadscreen.
  6. EnriquexD

    LTL for Crim?

    But.. something like tie up cops with the same ltl mechanic would be cool lol. In my enforcer i'm cop15 long time ago. XD
  7. Nope my game was having random fps drops and i got tired of this. Tried it today and i can say it worked, thanks a lot for this guide. But i have the feel with only 1,5 or 2gb in the ramdisk should be enough.. idk, i need to see the size of AssetCache after a good gaming time to see what size it is.. Testing it was something like 550mb usage in that folder.
  8. Hey, i got this bug too.. but mine is different. Yes i can't see any teammate or objetives in the HUD but if i open the map i can see where i need to go. For me this happen when i got dc and relog again, without restart the game, it's the only way i can get it. (It's randomly sometimes it happen, others not). And if i encounter this again i will try show HUD off - on.
  9. It's not, they using the snowball grenade.. all you need to do is thrown snowball grenade, then use your mousewheel to switch to hohopgl, then thrown another snowball grenade, repeat. You are now a snowball machine gun. o.o
  10. The truth, if i can't play at 60 or at least constant 45 fps, i prefer don't play at all that game..
  11. Hi guys, i have a question.. "Being a part of the 12 Deaths of Christmas is being rewarded with Secret Santa Gift Boxes. These are boxes contain a variety of Armas weapons for you to use in mission districts. Keep the spawned weapon for yourself, or hand it to a friend to assist you in battle. And be sure to stop by the Elf Contacts in Financial to get more goodies for helping them." It says Keep the spawned weapon for yourself, or for a friend.. but when i put it in the floor i can't interact with it, only other players and before they open it i can't equip any weapon it say something like "Box Owner can't use it" is it a bug? or its only for friends..
  12. I agree giving the skin for players that tried the event, i played a lot of matchs (got more than 10k jt for 4x4 with this event lol) and only in one of these i finished at 2nd u.u same players winning always but that was something i knew, and i focused on farming jt instead, gm tried to tell repeat winners to not win at all, but they wanted that 250 jt so bad xD
  13. It's to play like a Joker Carbine, but COBR-A has worse ttk so far.. COBR-A ttk = 1.05 seg - 6 shots to kill Joker Carbine ttk = 0.75 - 6 shots to kill
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