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  1. The Broadwing B101 "Patrol" shows a rank requirement of 195 and can´t be bought if you don´t hit the required ranking. If you go to "show details" though, it shows the correct requirement of rank 30
  2. Wait...people said that shotguns are too versatile right now?
  3. Yeah well, the exception handler seemingly doesn`t want to close after pressing "Exit APB" propberly.
  4. You know guys, I know there are lots of people who aren`t happy at all with this game mode, but this thread asks for feedback and feedback is more than just saying "It´s not fun". It helps the developers and linked colleagues, if you can give reasons. Back to topic though: I also find it quite unfortunate that I can´t find a game on certain times of the week, but we actually already reached a peak of about 20 players in a game at least. 1: About the map changes, I think that some places like the rooftop of the city hall or the island in the middle should be reconsidered because of obvious camp and explosives tactics. 2: Some end zones could be replaced as well, so that the truck can be attacked from every side. One Zone in Financials North has its spawns and truck position so bad that everyone is forced to come from one side and trying to go around the objective to attack from behind is punished with massive fire from the winning team.
  5. It would actually be nice, if it wasn't possible to buy the preset guns. For once, it's an advantage over lower tier players and second, you mostly just see 3 different weapons: Ntec, HVR and RFP Fang and third, winning players who already destroy the other teams have an advantage through money. One side can just spawn infinitely And buy their primary and the other side can barely spawn, but can't have a primary weapon. Simply go with the you have to pick up the weapons.
  6. The game mode was an interesting idea and quite fun but confusing as well. -It would be great, if the options to buy the primary or secondary could be displayed in another way. -I think the weapon spawns could be a bit increased. -There was one instance, when I only had like...1k$ and the spawn cost was at 3k, but I respawned anyways. -Even though the pedestrians fled out of the city and every car crashed, the ambient sounds are kind of missing. It feels like nothing is happening at all while everyone is trying their best to survive. -The amount of HazMat suits you can carry could be limited, otherwise some jerk teammates grab every suits they get leaving the other members of the team defenseless against the Hazard.
  7. It probably wouldn't change a thing except that there would be afew almost empty districts more. For starters, it would be nice to have all of the other languages back so non english or russian speakers can have the GUI understandable for them again.
  8. Oh, they buffed fp range? Never read about this before but now it makes sense why it hurts so much.
  9. I love how the topic got an english subject but russian description. But...yes, snipers are still playable. HVR profits from its high damage and like shotguns, snipers can use corner pop quite well.
  10. Only understood part of what you wanted to say. On which server are you playing? Haven't seen any server side lags or freezes in a while on Citadel so I can't relate.
  11. Don`t be like that. They already said that this gun was simply their first attempt at creating a weapon.
  12. Which? Tell me which guns are useless now with the current IR? NTec? Nope...Obeya? Uh uh...PMG? The opposite...shotguns? No use putting that on shotguns anyways..
  13. So your point is to increase its overkill?
  14. It's not necessary to revert or...it would be a shame to revert because the system is good just needs more thoughts. The old system was so inconsistent that you could stand still and still do +16 after 3 shots with csg.
  15. And then there are those missions where you got 5 minutes to take the item from the eneny base and drive it 1000m to yours and those missions were the bases are next to each other and you got 8minutes. Also part of the stupid missions are Creme de la crime or those stupid "Hold the dumpster" missions~
  16. Something like that didn't happen to me yet but I'm guessing that it isn't connected to HVR. Since even the AAEPD didn't seem to kill that guy until one point, it was probably that enemy player's fault.
  17. Would be really interesting to know. It can be used to heavily frag enemies or finish them but having a straight up battle against another shotgun or any SMG doesn't work for the strife at all. Putting red mods on it also doesn't make sense because IR slows it down even more and CJ increases its spread making it even worse if the enemy steps away from you. So yeah, it would be nice if it could get some more love again.
  18. Ursus is literally a lazer, NSSW as well, star is pretty strong, VBR profits as well,...
  19. I really don't mind the nerfed damage but it really needs to be able to compete with the other shotguns. With a ttk this long I'd expect some range to go with it or something like that. While JG can still two shot on like... 15m or so, Strife can't even think about it. Same goes for CSG. It got an increased range but because of the number if pellets and the spread, you need three hits quite often on 15m and even less. Indeed. Its new downside is more like an upside for a lot of weapons.
  20. Did you actually play around with IR3? Put it on ursus and you only needto hold lmb up tp 60m. Put it on NSSW and you only need to hold lmb, put it on ATAC and you only need to hold lmb, put it on star and you alnost only need to hold lmb. See a pattern?
  21. I kind of like the shotgun changes as they turned into what they were supposed to be but the Strife really still needs some love because it dies compared to the other shotguns. It got less bullets, it´s ROF is much slower and now it even got less range.
  22. I don't really get all this mimimi. Just calm down for now, wait some time and see what the time brings us. It is way too early to complain about this change because they can still collect data for each change and either revert or change them again.
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