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  1. NotLazer


    Kinda annoying that cause its a weekday if the event doesnt go on till after a certain time some people cant participate as they could be in work
  2. finally some actual progress on this engine, good to see
  3. NotLazer

    Roles For Beacon

    After playing the Beacon event a few times I have noticed that the roles will for some people work but for others (including myself) not update, whether this happens after a period of time, I'm not sure but it doesn't seem to level up the role for me at all currently
  4. When someone is a friend in the new test system when testing it as someone comes online or goes offline it appears twice in chat for both players. This happens across both factions and appears like how in the current live game works when someone in your group that is also in your friends list goes offline.
  5. NotLazer

    Let's talk: OTW Improved Rifling

    The changes are good although for some weapons it degrades them even more than they already are, such as the Star LCR PR2 which already has a slow fire rate but for most weapons this change is really quite effective
  6. NotLazer


    Remove please