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  1. That margin sure likes to follow me around. But you're probably right - I'm only going to notice TKs when it's my own team doing it and like that the rest of evidence I have against Enfos having an ounce of skill is purely anecdotal.
  2. I was gonna suggest replacing APB_Catcherprogram with a text file of the same name, but if it's closing cleanly now, then good news for us all.
  3. Yes. agree.ntfs Have you been to FC? Enfos always score more TKs than actual kills. For OP - just hang in there - they'll fix matchmaking and hopefully won't be pitted against those PRO until you're really. (hopefully). And really, better that you learn fighting vs the best/PRO and gain skills than just be fed easy kills and never improve like some certain high ranking silvers...
  4. KnifuWaifu

    Mute themes

    ima just add here after listening to the 2nd LO Live Stream, I am very excited and thankful that this issue has been addressed and there are plans to add in a theme mute button. While I'm not one to take 100% of the credit, I actually am, you're all welcome, pay me in JTs plz, i'll still keep the link in my signature with the intention of removing it when the feature is eventually added (or I find something to replace it.)
  5. This. I love this. I can't find my post about giving Enfos a version of ramraiding - but it was pretty much the same as in Enfos vs Civilians - but to balance it out we "mug" vehicles instead of foot-mobiles (pull over/extort/fine) and "ram-raid" doors instead of shop fronts and garages (drug bust/raid/evidence collection). How the vehicle pull over works is difficult - would take a massive work in the AI department - but maybe we could just "Commandeer" a vehicle as normal, but the invincible civilian that pops out of the vehicle now has a little prompt like the mugging prompt - but for Enfos only. We can cancel getting into the car or exit the car and give that person a ticket, then they disappear into the void and the vehicle remains as Commandeered. The easiest solution would be just to give us current raiding but change the names up to make it fit more into the Enfo style (extort instead of mug etc). But then it might increase the toxic behaviour as we're fighting for the same targets - it seems more harmonious (sorry Zombie, lore takes another hit) to have us "working" side by side - we can still be jerks and witness each other - but then there would be a bulk of players that would prefer to simply farm away with no trouble. More on Enfo-Ramraiding here. Also give crims LTL - with "kidnap/ransom" instead of arrest. Although my fluff version of this is instead of arrest/kidnap - it just becomes a coup de grace - Crims stun Enfos so they can murder us in style - takes the same time as an arrest - but uses a knife instead of cuffs (which can be modded life cuffmate). Crim approaches stunned Enfos, gets them to stand up under gun point, shoves knife in their back, Enfo writhes in pain on the ground and if not saved by another Enfo in the same time Crims remained cuffed - they bleed out. Crim gets extra money from the vault in the sky for killing with style. Here's some more ideas on adding things for us to do while there is no OP. Bring back Drug Mule. Bring back Gold Rush.
  6. Wait a second, using JTs as an incentive to get players into an unpopular district? They're using my idea! I'm not angry, just pay me my way in JTs and I won't sue. Edit: I finished the video and there was so much win in it it will probably keep me high for a year. Thanks so much to listening to the players LO. QoL changes.
  7. Wow, I had no idea I just Googled "APB Vegas Rocker Bundle" and used the first armas link. Found it on the PC store - it's under Vehicle Bundles and not Gear - but yeah no mention of Character or Account bound unless you where it says "These will be mailed to the character currently logged in." technically that implies character-bound. But the no nonsense console version seems a little easier to understand.
  8. I noticed the dropped the option for Account/Character bound packs and stopped the whole "You have this Character Bound but can buy it Account Bound for only XXG1C" now. Shame, but in return we got the unbundled items for 49-99G1C, so it's still a win in my books. The new look on the ARMAS website sure looks nice though -
  9. You should be allowed to stack CJs to turn it into a 100 shot shotgun.
  10. You are all in the wrong district. Phasing will fix this as when that happens there will no longer be any "full" or "empty" districts. But I agree some sort of fix could be used to stop Gs and Ts playing together at all. Better no OP than bad OP imo.
  11. Ah the APB rainbow of threat - none of y'all were where you were supposed to be.
  12. I understand the confusion considering the female safety goggles are only available on ARMAS. (Patriarchy much?) But more importantly when will School Girl Pack be made gender neutral?
  13. How about leave them as is, but add a mechanic where if shot while cooking/holding a grenade you instantly explode? Or add in a delay/reload/equip animation to stop them being insta-spammed. (Looking at you percs.)
  14. Don't remove it - come one we've had those times facing "that guy" where the only way to knock them off their perch is to have like 10 people shooting at them. Mission interference is annoying but it's needed. My only edit is that people who TK N/P5s should turn into the Butcher - the whole server gets a bounty on them.
  15. I must say as an Aussie we are very fortunate to be one of the lucky countries to have our Weapon Skin in game. Lucky us. But I wonder what the criteria was when deciding upon which to add and which not to add? Also is it me or is every flag skin completely butchered except for Germany? Like why do they get a cool camo + flag scheme and the rest just seem like they just threw flag coloured paint in the general direction of the weapon?
  16. just lock me in there too while you're at it. I'd have to guess that vaulting something in APB takes a lot more time and effort than trying to patch it considering the spaghetti of code that is this modified UL3 engine. I don't like the changes but at least they don't nuke the server.
  17. Damn that drop off rate has APB wanting to turn us all into courthouse security guards.
  18. I wish it did more hard damage. Or came in a Record Player variant.
  19. so be a good dragon and make a Jericho character to help us out.
  20. I meant billboards as Display Points so we can get more Dolan comics. But yea this idea would have been great in 2006 but today advertising is trash and the only companies that will agree to pay to advertise to the few thousand playing in San Paro would be trash like Clash/Candy Crush/AFK Arena which wouldn't really have a place in San Paro.
  21. Yes. I said something similar here. (TLDR: Bronze to Silver wait for Merging while T to Green gets a Safe Space). New characters on same accounts retain the same threat levels so that's not really an excuse to block newbie-friendly zones. If you're talking new accounts? I think the effort required to do that is enough to just let them be - if you're sad enough to want to create a new account every few days just to roflstomp newbies then have at it - they won't stay T/Green forever doing that anyway and will soon be unable to play against the newbies anyway and have to go through the new account process again. A little tweak to boot silvers/golds who overstay their welcome in the Newbie District will help the issue too - instead of a new account per day it's a new account every few hours. I don't think Rat1oNRUs is advocating entire server segregation - just a protected newbie zone for first time players so they can derp around until they're big enough to play with these awful awful experienced players. The rest of the pop. won't be segregated just the newbies who I think need the protection until they've gotten a feel for the game. TBH I think newbies ruin it both ways - they're bad teammates and they're bad OP and they get flak for both with the addition of being roflstomped - it can't be fun for them at all - better to give them a "safe space" to at least learn a thing or too before being exposed to the rest of us assholes.
  22. Crazy idea - moar billboards in Social. Turn the Galleria into an Art Gallery and paste those walls with DPs. Or better yet - turn that useless dock and boats and water into DPs - at least then it'll do something other than hide behind annoying invisible walls being all restrictive and closed off like a restaurant's children playground after 8pm.
  23. I'm happy to wait for the merging/threat rework but the only quick fix that should be added is a protection rule for the noobie players (T & Green threat) they shouldn't be matched with anything higher than T or Green - even if that means no matches at all because tbh at that stage most of the nooblets are barely learning the game and could use a few (hundred) solo missions so they can get a handle of things like HUD markers, vehicles, objectives, getting to objectives before the timer runs out etc. I'd like to include Bronze in that but there are some good and high ranking bronzies out there - maybe just protect them against Golds. Thank you! Some actual data on the matter - I feel like the whole "Threat segregation killed APB!!" argument was always more emotional than factual - the loud ones merely disliked it and used it as a quick easy scapegoat to for the population dips and to fight against the segregation they don't like because they simply don't want any blocks against them winning every mission by playing against lower skilled players.
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