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  1. Since region information will be clear upon this patch, I do hope that character-globalization will follow shortly.
  2. "Like.. wat da ffffak?" Precisely. This is one of the reasons why most newcomers won't like this game. Although functional, distance's emphasis on damage in APB is comically-stupid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S: Perhaps your love isn't strong enough to reach anyone with the love-star....
  3. Theory and practice are two distinct approaches. While it is ideal when both match, they often do not. Practice always takes precedence over theory as not every potential based on theory can be realized. It is a disadvantage in the eyes of those who can't take advantage of it and numerous ways to effectively get out of it were already mentioned for both factions. This is far from being an issue and it being a problem now of all times is unthinkable, especially to those who have been playing the game for a decade now. Again, you aren't taking into account the entire picture. Enforcers exist because Criminals exist. Criminals can ram raid, mug civilians, steal cars and so forth on top of playing missions. Enforcers can do nothing but unopposed missions unless Criminal activity is established. Enforcers realizing prestige faster overall makes things more fair towards Enforcers income-wise and even then, Criminals still have the upper-hand when it comes to making income. Enforcers gaining prestige faster than Criminals is fine and in fact decent game design. There is ALWAYS the need to consider the entire picture in order to polish/adjust things properly. Anything short of that leads to band-aid fixes that will always feel unfinished and open to criticism. The grace period is part of the game. It either rewards Enforcers extra few seconds for winning an uphill confrontation or gives Criminals the chance to progress a role called "Saviour" as seen here: https://apbdb.com/roles/Role2_CrimRescue/ As mentioned before, APB isn't just team red vs team blue and should never be seen as such. There is more to APB than just playing with meta weapons and vehicles in a pool of pre-set, non-dynamic missions and it is LO's job to move in that direction, not the opposite. But some debate as if it indeed equivalent with extreme remarks.. Based on your previous statement: It was clear that you were debating in favor of Spotter-mod and attempted to justify its powerful benefits through "basic skills". I am glad you are no longer supporting the existence of that mod it its current, broken form. From that perspective that considers bounty a wallhack, it is still leagues behind spotter, fireworks, etc and its existence doesn't make life any easier/harder. This is where the concern kicks in. LO is prioritizing lesser over more pressing things and that is not a good sign nor optimal if LO genuinely wishes to bring back the player-base that is currently waiting for the game to be fixed. That can be easily re-worked and I would voice to push for that if LO realizes its promise and revisits the bounty system. A super-easy fix is to make the radar-indicator chime once every 10 seconds or any other reasonable duration rather than have it work continuously in real-time. An even better fix is to simply have the block upon which the bounty exists chime on the large map only but you already know these suggestions. The concern is that on top of LO prioritizing it over more obvious things, removing it entirely was pure laziness and doesn't conceal the player from opponents because better sources of real-time position-information still exist and are still untouched. Mentioning that the bounty system was more poorly implemented than spotter mod is comparing apples to oranges. One can be more poorly implemented but still be far less impactful than the other and this is the case here. APB is a casual game. Matchmaking in APB simply brings in ready-players to intercept those currently doing an unopposed mission. The closer in skill the better of course.. but it is very normal and common for matches to never be perfectly balanced team-wise. APB does not have mission-win-count leader-boards nor cares enough to record win-counts. APB is not ESL-ready, has no plans to be an E-Sport, doesn't have the population nor district-limit allowance if the population ever exists to support the best in the world matchmaking algorithms that themselves fail to find balanced matches (and no, phasing won't make matches significantly better than now due to the nature of APB). All this does is just kill what makes APB its own game and make it an even worse game to pick in a competitive market so tweaking it in that direction is a long-shot that will never see success as prime-games that actively seek it did not. I am certain a lot of players would come to this broken game every once in a while because it offers things other games don't and missions throughout the city intersecting is one of them. This is a PvP game, if you aren't in a mission district to fight, you can run and drive away as this is a very successful cowardice decision under the umbrella of a tactic known as car gameplay. Most enemies are in fact not in untouchable power as most believe. The tanky health-system of this game makes death hard compared to a lot of games out there. They can indeed stay or proceed elsewhere, that is their choice as players in an open-world PvP game. The contradiction lies in you pressing back and forth on several occasions that bounties are sometimes Gods and other times ants stepped on by pedestrians and never ever on a sweet spot in between that is the most common case by light-years. According to you and those who support your stance, bounties always get punished against impossible odds or wreck missions if they chose to hang around INFINITELY AS IF they magically own Devlar-mods, to wreck an entire team over and over for an entirety of a mission stage causing the team to lose. This is far from what actually happens in-game, contradicts itself over and over and changes nothing in the big picture in the crusade to reduce the 'frustration' of some players and ultimately satisfy them. If a team of players can't kill a bounty across a mission-stage then guess what, they'll get matched against the person more often than face him/her as bounty by miles. This literally changes nothing to the 'frustration'. If a player is better than you at APB, you will die more than you will prevail against the person. This is a fact and confining missions won't alleviate it. In fact, having that menace of a person be exposed in fact makes it less 'frustrating' and is in no way a 'punishment' to the bounty as the bounty will have the opportunity to progress faster (unlock mods, slotted weapons, etc). Bounty has a ton more positives than negatives and this is the bottom-line reality, regardless of whether you like it or not. If you are indeed an objective person than subjective, you'll follow this. If some don't like dying in a video game, playing PvP games does not compliment their mentality. More ironically, they'll also die in PvE games so there is that. Tweaking ANY game to satisfy subjective players is a mistake as these players themselves will surely one day leave it behind to be frustrated with another game. Ultimately leaving the game unappealing as it will only be a ripoff of a dozen games that do what it was tweaked to do better, team red vs team blue with no unique twists whatsoever in a fake background and advertising, which are amnopen-world city and open-PvP, respectively. The highest potential is never the center of focus, practicality and reality always overwrites potential when it comes to decision-making. If your logic of extreme-potential is the way to go with anything, then by basic physics, buildings that have higher than 3 stories will NEVER be approved to be built as THEORETICALLY, the lethal potential energy of falling from the 4th+ floor exists INFINITELY as long as residents are at these floors... Reality says that building material won't let this happen and they aren't going to be seduced by windows to open them and jump through... In APB not even one-tenth of a district will chase an active bounty unless the person is asking to be stream-sniped by plebs on Twitch, not even close to the theoretical assumption so it is definitely not the way to balance. One extra person fighting as common as the backup-call system in APB is busted. Additionally, as established before, not even the best matchmaking algorithms in confined games bring balanced and fair matches so don't seek this unattainable dream in the expense of pretty much most of everything. You aren't the only player who moves around and throughout the map. Nothing is certain here. You are wrong because those "not too good" players will get the chance to progress roles slightly faster every now and then to unlock mods and slotted weapons to be LESS "not too good"... simply because open-slot weapons and mods in APB alter weapon accuracy, performance and more, making role-progression a major source of power as it makes them less victims or APB's stupid RNG mechanics. This is one of the many reasons why new player experience is less than optimal (and some them legally say APB is partially pay-2-win while others argue it is pay-2-skip-grind) and your stance makes those "not too good" players spend even more time at that actually REAL unfair and closer to "infinite" disadvantage ever so than dying once by bounty... And they won't get this extra role-progression chances as good players so that alone is unfair in this regard. Your current stance makes this even worse. APB is a shooter and requires players to get kills in order to get stronger, BOTH by getting more opportunities to engage in live combat to train their positioning and aim as well as to progress past these RNG-reducing walls of APB. I do hope LO decides to make ALL basic weapons open-slots as well as mostly hold some obvious weapon performance stats fixed regardless of mods, especially yellow mods such as hunting and reflex sights. Sights let you SEE, not make weapons more accurate beyond your control in the stupid way APB does. You will remain wrong till this becomes true like in any half-proper shooter. Your list says it was intended because of the personal taste of some and that LO made the change to satisfy it so it had to be intended. Reality says it was not intended by the original makers based on itself and the supportive features that factually exist alongside it in game. Your use of the word "intended" doesn't make the latter false based on your poorly-guided list and that is what I brought into attention, period. Which is exactly why I quoted it as you quoted me aimlessly. I showed by your back-to-back statements and the definition of mutual exclusivity that you are circle-jerking back and forth around this in hopes for me to make a mistake. This isn't going to work.. Stick to a stance first before quoting to discuss things. In your eyes, are they ♥♣♦♠ing mutually exclusive or not, Ωδφε?! Theoretical day-dreams and conclusions are meaningless when they completely miss results obtained from practice. This doesn't happen and will never does, period. First of all, you don't get to quote words that don't exist simply because they are interchangeable. Re-phrasing does not legally allow the use of quotation marks. In English, they can indeed be used interchangeably. The meaning however changes drastically depending on how they are used.. You used over time in a sense similar to overtime at last mission-stages, counting bounty earnings in a single life and ended it with "$150 is your high-reward". I used in the long run in the actual sense that bounties come and go, effectively stacking benefits with every occurrence which is the real deal. It isn't just about in-game cash. Check Mate.. You have stated: "yes all of those were intended, other than the xmas contacts which was likely a bug - little orbit owns the game, whatever the original creators intended for the bounty system is irrelevant once little orbit modifies it" In essence, that is true. LO can do whatever it wants with its game but.. according to you, LO is intentionally making APB fail by doing changes that some misguided people ask for.. (e.g RIOT because battle royale is the hype, shotgun changes because some people can't hit, bounty changes because people get frustrated from dying 1 additional time with disregards to all the positives, patching in bugs to live before trying the patch on a test server, ...). No one in their right mind who wants to discuss things for a healthier game would just accept this poor-management silently without voicing in some concern and you shouldn't tell people to do as such based on the extreme conclusion that LO owns the game. If that is the case then simply forbid all forum discussions and let us wait to see what LO has in store next.
  4. You... actually did..: According to you, the disadvantage is theoretically INFINITE towards 'normal mission gameplay' (whatever normal pertains to). So yes, you DID say it through extremism. And no: I stated that those who dislike having high prestige shouldn't play on the Enforcer side if they wish to achieve their confinement more easily. This in no way completely phases them out of the Enforcer faction. You need to understand that "shouldn't" does NOT equal "mustn't". I in fact brought attention to a method in which they can play as Enforcers and achieve their goal of suppressing their bounty status without inevitably dying as many claim. I went out of my way to give an effective method regarding this. This was a positive effort towards a negative ideal and in no shape or form is bad to require such an empty quote. Your conclusion does not consider the entire picture, not even close. Your argument is false on both of its fronts. On one hand, with how plentiful the stun-timer is, there exists all the time in the world there is to take action.. There is enough time to even stun other criminals then come back to take action on the first. Whether the Stunner, a teammate or an enemy finishes off the stunned criminal (because I don't want you to get the arrest).. the fate of the stunned criminal is already decided. On the other hand, on its worst (without aid from a primary, grenade, a teammate or opposition fault), the PIG can effectively end a fight within 1.25 seconds. This is already faster than a wide variety of lethal weapons (e.g RFP, RSA, ACT44, Snipers as a whole, and more)... Refrain from false extreme claims, please. Moreover, with the exception of a special case that is Strife vs Fragile (and I already implied that R195+ mods weren't well thought out), all non-projectile weapons in APB require the opponent to be "killed twice". For instance, even a seasoned-sniper must head-shot twice to kill, since head-shots aren't a thing in APB. Your argument is a global variable in APB that applies to all non-projectile weapons, not just to LTL. This doesn't make the weapon "objectively worse". How do I say this in a gentle manner..: You are confused because you are either unable to read or pretending to be confused. I stated that the complete opposite is what was intended based on existing game mechanics that compliment bounty for Enforcers.. And no.. because Little Orbit did so and so is a false argument.. Using your own argument against you I ask: Was RIOT intended? Was LO messing with shotguns after them taking over also intended? Was LO patching in xmas contacts outside of xmas also intended? I mean they did all of these so they had to be intended, mhmm mhmm! No... LO took over APB. LO is not the original creator of APB and thus, their actions do not reflect what was originally intended by the original makers of the game. Your approach is completely misguided. A gentle reminder that you did through extremist direct implication: When you say the challenge of being bounty is impossible and theoretically infinite, then in your eyes, nothing can be done about it. Your extreme statement applies to both last and mid-mission stages. As such. according your own statements the outcome of a mission is already decided upon earning bounty status and this is how you said "otherwise" through direct implication. You started off by arguing that "additionally spotter is a reward for successfully using basic tactics and game skills" and now you easily say it is braindead. Again, your stance is weak and shifts back and forth rapidly.. No.. bounty is not a wall-hack as it is not visible outside the radar. You can't see bounties THROUGH WALLS. This quotation alone implies that you believe spotter is balanced compared to bounty.... Dear heavens.. what is so balanced and rewarding about earning a wallhack by simply pressing 5? How is that skillful? Come back to your senses, please. Seeing that this thread exists alongside a poll that doesn't favor its complete removal, you don't speak for "most people". So have I and many others. The primary concern here is that LO is prioritizing less impactful changes when worse, more pressing and overall superior things exist such as your beloved and skill-dependent, perfectly balanced spotter mod. Good Enforcers as in Enforcers who arrest. And again, Enforcers are meant to gain prestige not lose it so this mechanic is 100% successful in that regard. It only fails to satisfy your preference that doesn't belong in APB based on the vision of those who originally created it. The only person so far who has been spinning things around is you.. You speak as if p5/n5 gain health buffs such as headless horsemen or whatever... Yes, I can kill them and I can in fact arrest them. Bounties have as much health as anybody else... "assuming you can kill them" is the most weak argument to ever surface regarding this topic. Take a step back and actually think before you argue in this manner. It only makes you sound like a weak newcomer. Hell, even newcomers can kill bounties.. This is getting pathetic. Gentle reminder that those people get seriously frustrated from any death they earn in this game.. I know some who say F this game and logoff after winning as MVPs... it is just in their mentality. Their frustrations and feelings are just that, feelings. They are the purely subjective which is the furthest thing possible from being objective to be considered as such. Your imagination fails here as they 2 people fighting can see the bounty approaching on radar.. the bounty on the other hand can't see them on the map. They have the option to avoid engaging the bounty or skewing it in their favor. Ohohoho, playing innocent even more, I love this. When you say I ASSUME a bounty is killable, when you yourself state the opposite as well as 'infinitely impossible challenge' that is bounty "WRECK"ing missions lasting "30+" minutes, you did in fact state that they hang around enough to do this... You would have a much easier time if you refrain from using extreme claims every now and then. People said you contradict yourself quite a lot, seems like it is just a bit too much. Perhaps even more so that bounty itself, heh. You are somewhat special as you are not only led by frustration, but also by a super non-realistic phobia of fighting 40 players. You overused this term quite often.. Maps in APB were designed for 50v50 population, which is now set at 40v40.. the maps are somewhat large.. players are busy on their missions and won't risk leaving them to chase a bounty that is most certainly to engage or suppress their bounty before them getting to it... Not even if they buff rewards.. To help remedy your phobia, the max number of people that can chase you as a bounty in a district can be counted on your fingertips.. which will only happen in a part of an anti-bounty-parade led live on Twitch by ThePoundOfFlesh. Fighting potentially 40 players at once is pure extremism and nonsense. You are frankly wrong again. Those who go bounty are already passively reaping the benefits from being p5, even if they aren't good at the game.. If those players fail to end their targets, their teammates can finish the job since the already damaged enemies have their positions revealed.. The only failure here is the team's confidence and coordination. And quit overusing the term "intended" to drive your discussions. Nothing of what you say was intentional. All you are doing is crush your credibility in the long run. Get out of this habit please. By definition, mutually exclusive describes two events that can not occur simultaneously. Previously, you have stated: "if the bounty system is intended to enhance the open world feel it fails - a negligible difference in the open world feel at the cost of a negative impact on apb’s core gameplay", meaning in your eyes that they are mutually exclusive. Now you say that they are not.. Again, you are unable to stick to a stance. This is why people say you often contradict yourself, but nontheless. Thank you for agreeing without admitting that the system doesn't fail here. Try not to fall in your own vortex here and there, it might even be more frequent than you getting bounty in game at this point. Again, you are stating the system fails for extreme examples that will never ever happen. Reality says that even if someone was able to maintain bounty for 30 minutes hell even for an hour, the entire district won't chase that person down as they are busy playing their own missions. 1v40 "forever" is something only a fool would stand behind. You are better than this.. This is sad, you are quoting "over time" that was not mentioned whatsoever in that quote. You also failed to understand the message. "Rewards stack as players continue to play" is not time-bound by the single bounty life... bounty comes and goes throughout days, weeks, months and years.. That $150 or whatever is not a one-time deal. This or the value being easy to change is in no way a failure to the system. Just you failing to provide proper justification to sugar-coat what you want. Precisely.
  5. The bounty system didn't prevent players from pressing k to run missions nor it prematurely ended ongoing missions so there is no connection here. Enforcers were affected more positively as they are meant to have high prestige. Those not wanting to have prestige were not the focus of this entire design. Stabba-PIG is a powerhouse with unmatched stopping power. APB is a game where players can easily and almost always get 50/1000 stamina damage from various sources. This secondary can finish the job with 1 shot after that, so no. It is objectively and effectively beyond correct. Even better. It is time for said players to see reason and play the game the way it was meant to be played rather than have it play like different, stale games that the world has plenty of already. Nor is getting bounty mid-mission. Spotter's visibility is leagues beyond that of a map indicator. Adding to that the beautifully short cooldown of spotter, Spotter is also far more frequent than bounty. Spotter is in fact more frequent than getting bounty via arresting, it is that much broken. Spotter is just superior to bounty in every way when it comes to revealing players. It was already established that R195+ mods are ridiculous and this is one of them. One simply does not defend these mods in any shape or form. "Spotter is a reward for successfully using basic tactics and game skills"? Spotter tags opponents the instant they land on the camera indicator.. it doesn't even require tracking for a short duration. To make it even more brain-dead, it tags those in a vehicle as well. It lasts long enough for either the user or another team member to move in and finish the job. Where is the skill in using a borderline wallhack that requires no effort to function? Spotter mod in APB is simply 1 step short of a game called Blacklight Retribution. My argument entails that spotter-mod is a million times more revealing and frequent than earning bounty status. I stand by the fact that spotter is cheap and not equivalent to getting bounty. It is cheap, broken and should have been looked at before the bounty system to be frank. I do not believe in any way that they are "equivalent". And where exactly on this thread did I state that missions are not core-gameplay or they shouldn't be seen as such??? ~_^ "less desirable" pertains to personal-taste so you should only speak for yourself in that regard. But alas, driving people away from said activities rather than bringing focus to them in hopes for them to become attractive again is wrong in every way. Discussions in the forums are used (actually mostly ignored) to better prepare the game to the world for when LO re-advertises it again later. You should drive them into making things more attractive and rewarding rather than throwing them in a store-room. 30 minutes is way above the average time for missions in practice. The first stage gets done instantly and that is assuming the offensive-team was waiting for opposition. Additionally, players /abandonmission long missions. Realistically, 30+ minutes per mission is way off the mark. Having n5/p5 players interfere with your mission is free role-progression. APB is a somewhat tanky game where a 2v1 situation usually guarantees the latter, lonely person's death. If needed, a mid-mission stage in APB lasts to plentiful 5 minutes.. Last stages could also last 10 and 15 minutes... there is plenty of respawns within these time frames and the bounty has 1 life in that state.. So if your entire team is bullied to the point where that bounty single-handedly "wrecks" your team's mission.. if your entire team can not deal with 1 bounty, the problem is then clearly in your team members underperforming and with performance like that, chances are you are going to lose the mission anyway. Don't blame the game for your own shortcomings and misplays. It doesn't fail at that balance because those lesser players could all target the bounty who is playing too good at once.. with APB's sub-par, high-ttk constraints, those aren't playing too good still have the advantage of outnumbering the bounty.. The system doesn't negatively affect these players as it is actually in their favor. And disabling the system enhanced the open world feel...? It doesn't fail at enhancing the open world feel whatsoever. You say the difference is negligible but your view on the bounty system in its entirely stems from it being too frequent to your taste.. Kindly affirm your stance as you are contradicting yourself. It doesn't fail at engaging in high risk/reward gameplay. Rewards stack as players continue to play so the bonus will be seen in the long run. One simply shouldn't expect $5,000 from a single kill or something ridiculous like that because 'people can shoot me in an open world PvP shooter mid-mission'... Buffing rewards is not difficult anyways as all it takes is some values to be changed in the game's code, so it isn't a valid point of failure. It is simply something to be tweaked like many other things in the game.
  6. Better luck next time with whatever lies and misinformation you may come up with next.
  7. The only person who is mad is you. All I did was debunk the fact that you have said there is absolutely no way to lose prestige other than dying. This clearly opened a hole in your soul. I am sorry, but you don't get to spread misinformation and expect people to let it slide. Straighten your facts next time or you'll get straightened, whether by myself again or someone else, period. This explains why I wasn't able to put you in jail like most other n-tec and nfas mains, you are in Citadel. Fear not, though. For once the global merge takes place, you'll join them in jail. Your day will come, sit tight. I will give you a swft arrest before you could even min-ttk me in the language your kind speaks. Rank means nothing in APB unless you are high. And this is exactly why I am superior to you and other meta-only players. I can make you struggle while being effectively out of the meta. This also proves your anger and the outcome of the previous discussion. You are in fact not much of a threat with LTL after all, eh? You can't arrest for the life of you and that fact alone makes you below most people. Enjoy your fake, multi-faced list of characters. Unlike you Mr. many faces, I can hold my own without hiding behind many characters. Piling up characters means nothing towards being capable. lol, don't put your inability to argue with facts and play outside the meta on me or anyone else around here. Those are your shortcomings and yours alone to fix. Don't blame it on the bounty system for it will only make you more of a weakling. That's exactly the problem. You are not skilled so you won't be able to identify skilled players. The fact that you are comparing APB to Overwatch and CS:GO alone reeks of trouble and the only loud mouth in this thread, so far, is you. You'd do well to state real facts from here on out.
  8. Ah, resorting to false bronze-calling. Classic and is all I needed to completely see through you. You getting triggered proves my point, Criminal: And if you actually had the ability to arrest and kill like I have already established to your clueless mind earlier, you would've responded to my previous post rather than watch silently in the "recently browsing" group for more than 24 hours like a silent predator.. The fact that you were speechless and couldn't reply to my previous post and still spew nonsense here is sufficient proof. May your faction continues to be without a Stabba-PIG for much longer, envious kitten. Enjoy slower spawns and free food in jail. No.. that's just you not being able to handle the heat. You can simply hover your crosshair on cars and they'll tell whether they are stolen or not.. Stolen vehicles are in fact not rare.. It is only a punishment to those whom are unworthy and whine about it all. You simply think you are better than you actually are. With the lack of knowledge, hesitation and doubt that you have shown earlier, It is you who in fact who belongs in the bronze district. To further entertain your lack of information, I MAIN LTL and am Gold for eternity and always will be. You or anyone else aren't capable of pushing me down from that with all the advantages I give, so educate yourself about the game and the people you are addressing before you puke further misinformation and nonsense. You have already embarrassed yourself enough throughout the pages of this thread.
  9. yesh That is where you are wrong. Enforcers are NOT MEANT to lose prestige.. Enforcers in fact bribe to GAIN prestige in case they mess up badly, this is the most obvious clue. Enforcers were intended to keep their prestige high, not low. If you wish to keep your prestige low, that is your preference. Your preference was not the intended mechanic so don't claim that please. It is quite the contrary. Stabba-PIG is the ultimate secondary an Enforcer could ever have. Something that Criminals in particular are envious of. Simply because they stem from the desire to go with a preference that is negative in itself and only a whiney player who doesn't like to be challenged or improve would seek. I mentioned these as lesser but other options one may do if the player is persistent in being a fake-Enforcer, not wanting to arrest-2-execute and still wants their prestige kept low. I mentioned these because the actions above do not slow down the player's vehicle & that the city is full of them. Civilians do not decelerate the player vehicle AT ALL when ran over.. signs and other destructible things are also harmless in the face of meta and even mediocre vehicles. This in no way is an issue whatsoever. Players who get a K/D of 1+ wouldn't feel bad towards being bounty because they are in fact likely to win. They wouldn't get a K/D of 1+ if they weren't doing better than their opposition. And before the argument of "they can see me on the map" resurfaces. That argument is invalid because spotter-mod exists. The opposition doesn't need to see you on the map when they can see you behind walls. It is that much simple. This alone is an indication that APB is simply not for said player.. The only thing that interrupts core gameplay is wanting the game to play like CS:GO. Stolen vehicles are plentiful. Additionally, a good Enforcer typically gets bounty at least once every mission. A good Enforcer also instantly gets P5 as soon as they join a district at P2.5 and arresting an N5... Playing with the average rate of MAYBE 1 P5 per mission is nothing short of pathetic and this is exactly why the argument of "why should I get punished for being good" that surfaces around this forum is a delusional and flawed in itself. It is not vague at all and you must elaborate on "doesn't work as intended" because based on what you have said prior, you use the word "intended" to drive your discussion that is in fact against what is intended by obvious features in the game.
  10. So you start off by saying there is no way out but now you say there are 2 ways out AT BEST, fascinating... Yes, killing Civilians still work. Why wouldn't it work? When did you last play the game to have this much doubt about losing prestige by killing civilians? There are however more than just 2 ways. Way more.. Losing prestige is not a smart thing to do reward-wise but I will entertain your choice. 1 » You clearly like to have things easy so you should just be a Criminal as Criminals have it a little bit easier. Just run to a contact, bribe and go back to being a scummy-coward to the city. 2 » You shouldn't be an Enforcer in the first place if you like to have things easy, but there still exists a super-easy way if you are worthy of carrying a badge... Simply arrest someone then execute them. This is effective enough to push your prestige ALL THE WAY down to 4.0... Nice and simple. Your opposition might even thank you for speeding up their respawn times as well as not slowing down the match. If you can't do that, then in addition to driving over civilians, any destructive action helps. A player will naturally destroy signs and fire hydrants as they drive over civilians which substantially lowers prestige.. Dear heavens, you can even lose prestige by being useful to your team through blowing up opposition vehicles during the mission itself, since the game doesn't care and will treat them as civilian cars (e.g to kill their spawner mods). After a mission, you can also deliver something to the vault if you wish to go all the way down to prestige 2.0 but at this point, that is not even remotely necessary.
  11. Omg, you are a genius! Having the system kick the player for suicide is the ultimate method! Mhmm, mhmm!! It would also help to know internally how many times you were reported for de-threating and/or refusing to play missions......... You are probably a major Contributor as to why LO is yet to catch up with reports and tickets.. Get the ♥♣♦♠ outta here with your "inferior" nonsense.
  12. Disabling /abandonmission won't stop high-rank picky players from leaving missions as there are no real penalties to shutting APB down and restarting it. Moreover, this will become even easier and faster once the new engine hits as it loads faster. It is also important to note the mission title before judging as a lot of players /abandonmission because they don't like the mission itself or its last stage (e.g the somewhat lengthy Creme De La Crime or missions that end with VIP). Those people play with configs that modify mission descriptions. The descriptions either tell them to /abandonmission or what the last stage is going to be (you can easily find streamers with such configs on Twitch). Think of it as a cheat-paper on a test. I am not denying that high-rankers /abandonmission because they want to win, but don't let it get to you because not every /abandonmission you see is like that.
  13. State your server+nickname and I'll happily change that. #LTLMasterRace The most recent tournament announcement on the forums is this, which appears to be a fat joke: There are no APB tournaments currently going on Twitch or YouTube, so a reference would be appreciated as that tournament could be nothing more than a non-official tournament between a small group of people. Even if otherwise, my point stands. Tournaments in APB do not differ from the game itself. They are either regular missions or snubnose competitions like WitchQueen's tournament. They are nothing but a matter of who misses less. There aren't much tactics involved in APB.
  14. That is one interesting conclusion from the player who doesn't even arrest.... It is very possible when they are struggling in 1v1 against capable LTL-mains. There is not much to read in APB when you can just spotter-mod or tag the opposition, literally see their movement in real-time behind walls and time grenades or push accordingly... Spawn points are very predictable.. car-spawner has a cooldown restriction before it can be used again and it also shows on the map.. enemies driving vehicles also show on the map.. EVERYTHING in this game is given to you on a plate. There really isn't much to read regarding tactics in this game. It is simply rock-paper-scissors. Don't compare this game to other tournament games.. It has been well established before that APB is not E-Sport ready.
  15. "you're stupid if you think that" disabling heat-5 in missions will make 2v2 VIP missions balanced.. You may be more stupid because I told you a million times that spotter-mod exists.. Specifically for you and players like you, the outcome of your example WILL NOT CHANGE. And that's why you won't excel.. Your emphasis on your supportive-gameplay is too massive when APB is NOT that much of a tactical shooter. APB is arcadey and more aggressive tactics are the meta. If you really care about winning missions then be more aggressive and equip yourself for that purpose.
  16. That's perfectly fair, but objectives require killing/arresting. Players will not win missions if they don't out-farm their opposition. Even the strategy of running at last stage requires some killing, else the player won't even make it to that last stage. So if you need to win missions (which is intriguing since you don't need cash or roles, so you should be R255 already), you actually need to start farming people. All what I am saying is that things that are more unfair as well as more common than heat-5 exist. Not in "some" but in much more situations. Disabling heat-5 in missions will only make APB 2% more fair at best in exchange for making it twice as unfair for some players as well.
  17. Since you said "p5" instead of heat-5, it is safe to assume you are an Enforcer, perfect. I'll say the same thing to you, try arresting.. Moreover, that is from 1 opponent as well. Even with +20$, they'll stack overtime the more you play. Wonderful but balancing isn't about us who played long enough to be self-sufficient. We shouldn't modify the game in such a way that makes progression slower for newcomers. In what parallel universe does your under-performance has anything to do with getting more action? This is a team-driven game.. If your team can't hold off till you respawn (or at the very least wait to push together with you in your next life), you guys were meant to lose anyways.
  18. Cash, faster role progression and actually less dead-time and more of playing the game.
  19. Name and Shame removed. - Azukii In case you haven't noticed, it is very easy for mission districts to get filled so APB is NOT "borderline dead"... Even Jericho's Financial is pretty much filled at the time of this post and it isn't even that server's prime time of day. You are the one who's lost because you simply DO NOT READ. Your own frustration is not a justification nor is objectively valid.. "Almost 10 years with 5000+ hours" apparently weren't enough for you to know that you can map a button to INSTANTLY look behind you, nor to even check your surroundings.. How do you not care about your exposure especially when you are at heat-5 status?! Most missions happen on and in buildings, behind walls or indoors so your example is awfully specific and hurts those who just stand in the streets but I guess that is how the bronze-district is anyways.. Once you graduate from that place and play against real premades, you'll see how they are well covered. Cover is so powerful in this game to the point where pushing corners with grenades is essential most of the time. It is very feasible to maintain heat-5 status for quite some time if you play the game properly. Your "almost 10 years" of experience should make this fairly easy, but you clearly didn't learn much. To make matters worse, some "people who play the game" also have their high-burn-fuel vehicles ready to protect them.. Car-gameplay is famous for being effective and is considered scummy. This is one of the reasons why we are getting EMP grenades with the upcoming contacts.. Getting shot in the back is your mistake and you should check all directions. Not only in APB but in any game. Good players never took this game seriously not because of the prestige system, but because the game in its entirety is "random crap". APB is currently rock-paper-scissors with huge emphasis on loadouts. Competitive players are made equal to bronze-district scrubs in terms of accuracy on a lot of weapons, notably SMGs.. There is no real recoil-control in this game.. just rng based on distance.. APB will never be fair nor competitive so long this fact stands. So tackle this first before trying to throw your "random crap" suggestions on other, non-problematic features of the game in the name of "good players". Do you really think suppressing prestige in missions would spark those "guaranteed" people to come back when it is awfully inferior to other existing sources of information? Once you play in the real-world, you'll see that "people who play the game" always run around with spotter-mod, which lets them see you VISUALLY EVEN BEHIND WALLS.. That completely renders your star on the map inferior and not needed for them to track you... Fine, we won't have a random player from an adjacent mission spawn 10 meters behind you and kill you, no problem... I didn't say "you are going to die anyways" just to piss you off but because it is the bald-truth. Suppressing heat-5 in missions changes nothing towards your frustration since YOUR OWN OPPOSITION WILL get a lovely spawn and just do the same because the root-cause lies there. It is the spawn-system that is broken here. The addition of the car-spawner mod changed things a bit years ago but spawning is still "random crap". Even LO itself promised to fix spawns in RIOT and couldn't, alternatively they increased the hazmat-suit time after spawning. The Firework launcher also exists amongst other things. I guarantee you, this change will not change what you are inside, someone who gets frustrated left and right in PvP games for dying, just like a good percentage of this community.. "5000+ hours" and you are yet to adjust for a system that has always existed.. You'll die regardless and you'll dish out your frustration on something else soon enough other than being heat-5. And what a way to run from a simple challenge when you actually have the best advantage there is, latency.. Your just like the others, they run around in circles when I ask them to prove their 'decency' by wielding Less Than Lethal weapons.. You didn't even try to show something average.. Just like the rest, you probably weren't destined for greatness.. #LTLMasterRace I have never mentioned the Engine Upgrade in this thread but I will play along. Yes, the Engine on its own won't change much. Refreshing new look, same old "random crap". Things indeed must change and that is unquestionable.. but what needs to be changed are root-causes, not what is immediately observable by players due to frustration. The level cap has been R255 for years.. there isn't much to work for other than self-enjoyment or chrome-skins that barely anyone would use. Players will naturally play other games till there are real expansions and things to work for in APB. Yes, we must make changes, but the prestige-system is not even close to being at the top of the chain for things that needs to be altered. All this does is mid-advertise the game and make people concerned even more about LO's priorities. The system is fine, spend your time thinking about other, already broken things that intersect with it such as the spawn system, because that "random crap" amongst other things MUST be visited anyways for this game to be 'fair'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lol, you did not state a single argument point in this thread.. neither valid nor flawed yet you speak as if you have brought something worthy of discussion to the thread.. I must give you some credit though, for "jellyfish don't have a brain or central nervous system, they do have a very basic set of nerves at the base of their tentacles". Your trolly-existence in the forums matches your avatar pretty well. At least you had that polished. Next time, try to see what is in the blue box and what was actually said in the thread before leaving your water. Can't wait to see you re-express your inability to read and discuss things objectively soon™ Adios, Troll. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indeed, PvP should be made fair but being heat-5 is not a wallhack, spotter-mod is. That mod not being prioritised first is epicly concerning. It has every reason to go away in comparison to getting heat-5 in missions. At least the heat-system has its positives. Good players get rewarded by being heat-5, not punished. Why should good players be punished with less rewards for continued excellence? Why should imbalanced matches not receive a negligible 3% chance of external, few-seconds aid to help balance out the broken matchmaking? Why not simply remove the star-tracker on the map? Heat-5 actually reduces matchmaking imbalances. Furthermore, the game is full of other unfair mechanics that will guarantee the same frustration because they already override the negatives of heat-5. Whether by a player on an adjacent mission or not, being able to see someone in a mini-map is inferior to being able to see them behind walls or even getting grieved by players not in the mission. This change won't accomplish much.
  20. It is since the current, hopefully temporary 'change' according to Selali effectively reflects the 28%.
  21. I am sorry, but you guys are completely wrong..
  22. Precisely, LO didn't play the game enough and neither did you. Perhaps leave features that makes APB unique from other games out there untouched till the Dev-team is actually task-free & comes up with REAL plan(s) to improve upon said features in a timely, non half-@$$ed manner rather than just switch them off. Hell, half-@$$ed fixes for this one would be a million times better. Shutting down features with the false-promise of revisiting them months upon months later is nonsense since when the time comes, the abscence of said features would become the new norm. APB will lose its identity and will become a copy-paste of other 4x4 or 5x5 PvP games this way.. Fans of such team-confined gameplay should just play other games. San Paro is a city where mass chaos between Enforcers and Criminals is forever ongoing and SHOULD stay that way. Don't make APB even more of a false-advertisement than it already is (Yes, this is true. Look under "Key Features" at APB's store page on Steam as well as https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/). It is sad to see sudden approvals of changes that don't keep into consideration what APB actually is nor what it is advertised as. 'omg, I am gonna cry to mommy and all my friends because I died just 1 more time "almost every mission" in a PvP game where dying happens to be part of the game' is NOT a sound justification to pull the plug on a feature that actually allows people to KEEP THE PVP FLOWING. Especially when the game itself has no leaderboards for missions that publicly shows mission win-2-loss ratio. With all due respect, any player who complains about being heat-5 is nothing but a crybaby loser. If you don't like to die, don't play. You are going to die anyways, whether with heat-5 status or without it. "Any decent player" doesn't get triggered when called an nfas-child, actually can get Heat-5 multiple times in a mission and more importantly accepts and rises up to the added challenge of heat-5. Try Less Than Lethal weapons for once in your life and you will understand exactly how quickly heat-5 can be obtained in this game (you would've understood had you actually read what was discussed before, but oh well). I personally challenge you and any poster who speaks about 'decency' to demonstrate how good they are with underpowered weapons, fragile and 270 ms latency. Post those juicy scoreboards the game doesn't record that proves feats you can pull with all of these handicaps combined before you speak of decency or @ing me saying "you don't know how to play the game". #LTLMasterRace If you also actually read what was discussed in this thread, you would've spoken for yourself. "almost everyone involved" is a false claim as a lot of players actually find getting heat-5 pretty essential to the identity of this game and actually would rather it stay. Even this very thread speaks for itself. 12 different posters on this thread are unsupportive of this change and few of them asked about different ways of doing this while only mere 5 in comparison are happy about this sudden change... Shutting down a feature that makes APB APB without even holding an official poll is unquestionably a mistake, especially when it is advertised as a major feature next to its customization. Careless changes to APB that stem from players who rage in a PvP game that doesn't even care about winning/losing should NOT take place in this manner.
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