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    if no one is speaking english in chat then why cant the russians speak russian? not like the chat is being used for anything else according to you
  2. i feel like the word "allow" is being used incorrectly here
  3. i think orbit should announce they’re turning off all anticheats for a month (and then follow through), that way people can see exactly what they’re being ungrateful for
  4. all spamming the shoulder switch function will do is destroy your aim at any range, if someone killed you like this they were memeing it up hard (hopefully on purpose) and you should feel bad for being bad
  5. hey dont photoshop my discord name like that wtf edit: wait maybe hes talking to vesty here
  6. where did you get this idea from
  7. yood tends to block people who disagree with him using logic and facts, its his kryptonite
  8. getting an early start on the holiday huh?
  9. what’s with all the br confusion? orbit has said repeatedly that they used riot as a basis for the new events we got for halloween and xmas, expect more gameplay similar to that
  10. iirc none of the anarchy/chaos districts have had objectives, thats why they sucked
  11. im more of a coleslaw man myself, cant get enough of the stuff
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