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  1. amazing observation
  2. id like to see the car det siren actually reflect the 2 second duration when activated at point blank range, other than that how is anyone getting killed more than once a mission by it if spotter was really as broken as you claim why isn’t every 4 man sweat squad running it? i do agree it should show the spotted player that they’ve been spotted tho radar tower seems to be the worst balanced to me, but i think thats more from the absolutely garbage vehicle balancing apb has
  3. what a surprise who could have seen this coming

    Daily DDOS

    Since the Threat Segregation Patch. i think the performance really took a noticeable hit after the first valentines patch, but my memory is a little fuzzy

    HAN Migration

    there’s more people in this thread than there are on the han server
  6. what’s wrong with the strife fire rate?
  7. sounds like a job for support which is not lixil, fyi

    Daily DDOS

    Yea. That is true. But there is no way that they are getting DOS'ed on the daily. One that's dangerous and a liability for the people running the DOS. Two that's unethical and a load of shit. Never have I ever heard of a DOS that persists for a month. A heap of shit that's what that is. i don’t theyve ever said it was a continuous ddos, network issues has been the name of the game for weeks now
  9. people will always buy legendaries regardless of how good they are
  10. BXNNXD

    I Started A New Character

    a month isnt that crazy for cop15 at least, as long as a certain person isnt killing your stuns
  11. BXNNXD

    I Started A New Character

    silver 8 in the streets, gold 10 in the sheets
  12. BXNNXD

    I Started A New Character

    ive been sticking to fc until the server issues are ironed out im a pretty big deal on the forums tho, u want an autograph?