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  1. what are you even doing lmao forum join date =/= account creation date

    Autumn Assault!

    i feel like it says more about you than the skin that this was your first thought upon seeing it

    Autumn Assault!

    it sure is...something i appreciate the player consideration, even if i dont personally agree with it - and new content is always a good thing
  4. only one of these things is illegal in a country where apb servers are located
  5. did it not occur to you that a person with the nickname “strangler” might not have been a wholesome example of humanity?
  6. is this the most creative phishing exercise of the year?
  7. either they didnt eat each other in highlander or i fell asleep at the wrong time
  8. debatable they take action because theres legal consequences if they dont, just like every other business ever
  9. id think it would be super obvious that someone who just picked up a semi automatic gun isnt going to be able to maximize performance why is it so unbelievable that thousands of hours of practice on a physical movement yields results?
  10. BXNNXD

    Rate The Music Above You

    6.5 / 10 feels like i should be running down pedestrians in a large truck