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    Breast Cancer Limited Weapons

    might have worked 3 years ago

    Play with a Dev feedback

    theres never been actual objectives in chaos/anarchy districts, even though probably half the forum community has suggested it at one time or another
  3. seems pretty open and shut, was there a need for a thread?

    vehicle physics improvements

    do you have any specific suggestions? this is kind of broad and vague

    vehicle physics improvements

  6. id think this would be largely useless in apb since we dont have one shot kill guns or headshots sure you could probably use it to get an initial hvr shot off - which is undoubtedly an ok advantage - but imo apb is far too mobile (compared to csgo's pixel angles) for this to be worthwhile

    Breast Cancer Limited Weapons

    i probably wouldnt buy them, but i guess it would be cool edit: also my condolences dude
  8. the whole point is that it’s not supposed to be gambling
  9. iirc they lowered the lcr rof so that the ir3 change wouldn’t affect it so much if that hasn’t happened yet then i’m just spazzing out rn
  10. finalized ir3 will be 15% additional range + 3m i’m not saying it’s perfectly balanced - 1.27s ttk is pushing slightly into sniper rifle times and imo the gun itself just isn’t accurate enough to reliably make use of an extra 14m range - but i’d day it’s far from useless
  11. i don’t think you actually read through the thread
  12. a .7s increase in ttk for like 14m extra range doesn’t seem like that bad of a trade off to me
  13. not having open slots because it made certain guns (csg and scout iirc) “too good” was a g1 excuse, now that we have different devs who are doing different balancing maybe we can finally get open slots