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  1. Well... Found you channel back in 2015. I regret nothing, found cool stuff and cool music.
  2. Oof... Now, from this day on, I hope to see they getting their ego shattered into pieces. It'll be fun. Fragile ego players always hides behind a fake strong ego. Well... Let's see what they'll do if someone throws all of'em facedown right into the ground.
  3. Well... Looks like I'll have to throw my wallet at the monitor when it happens. And Purchase all kits for Jericho/Bishada and both cars in a 4 Slot version + All ATAC variants...
  4. HK33E

    HVR nerf - the only way

    SHOTS FIRED... SHOTS FIRED. Well... Let's see if the "hardcore" HVR users will react with butthurt. Just waiting.
  5. True. Ego-driven players are cancerous. Lol, maybe they're just trolling. Well, while Ford have EcoBoost... APB have EgoBoost (Sorry, it was necessary). But yeah, APB have a majority of players that are ego-driven and we're aware of this. The fun part is. They're easy targets to someone with intentions to shatter their ego. :v Nah, player feedback sometimes is better. All of us have something in common to say about how the game is running.
  6. Can someone close this topic? The truth has been spoken... Even if LO "Hires" the skilled players for a tester position, they'll give favorable feedback regarding only their interests about weapons an maybe vehicles. We need neutral players. And, where do I apply to become a GM? :v I'm quite interested in the position tho.
  7. Lol... Thank God I'm not alone in doing this s.h.i.t.t.y. pun about this weapon. HUAEUHAEAUEHAHUE
  8. And one Suggestion to LO. We need a Joker Box with a LMG based on the MG42... It'll be awesome.
  9. Are you high or something? DOOD... Don't come here with this BS: "Nobody can make a german uniform because it hurts my feelings." If is not displaying the Swastika, there's no problem. So what's next... You'll cry asking LO to remove the JB 10 and 12 because they contain a OCSP "KOMMANDANT" (Luger P-08) and Obeya CAP-40 "The Sergeant" (MP40)? Both weapons are based on German Weaponry from WW2.
  10. I wanna say thanks to zapout25, B0WSE, PandaBR and SpikyKitten. They're awesome people.
  11. :v Well... The only "Buff" I want is the increase of the Default Magazine Size from 15 to 20. Just this. Obeya is special for me since it was back in 2013 when I started playing, obeya was one of the first weapons I used.
  12. Why downvoting the post? RTW had a concept with Dual PMG + a Minigun.
  13. Oh... One post about ATAC that wasn't me that did it. Well... ATAC is Based on HK416
  14. HK33E

    Old Login Main Menu

    A revamped version. Any way to bring back or give a similar login menu is better than the current one.
  15. HK33E

    Old Login Main Menu

    Well... Probably someone will agree with my idea. Please, bring back this Login Menu. It's better in all aspects.
  16. HK33E


    All Points Bulletin: Insurgence
  17. Yep, QSing becomes quite annoying when facing CQC with HVR users... U take 1 or 2 FBW shots to get surprised by a QS.
  18. True... The Bronze problem is. The majority of'em are novices that parachuted into the Silver Server, so if you kill them one or two times, they'll bother you by PM-ing calling you cheater... You know, that cheap stuff.
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