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  1. "NOW YOU SEE THE DEPTH OF THE SWAMP" Well... I remember this quote... Inspiring words. "Somebody once told me the World is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed."
  2. Hey... Sup dudes and dudettes.
  3. Wow... My post didn't got count? lel.
  4. I'm a guy... But, I love Nami... Nami is bae. :v Yeah, I'm gunrunning for G-Kings.
  5. 7/10 - Highway patrol... Nice, I'll be fined.
  6. Notebook ACER Aspire (My sweet Potato from 2013) Processor: Intel Core i3 2.3GHz Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 RAM: 4GB HD: 500GB Mouse: Fortrek OM-101
  7. Cat or Neko (if you're a weeb) ears/10 :v
  8. 8/10 - Besides TRAP being not my jam. Yeah, Fabio Lione did Eurobeat too.
  9. 10/10 - Gives a Cyberpunk enviroment vibe. I still surprised that nobody posted Eurobeat.
  10. You forgot to rate my track mate... smh. :v Well. 0/10 - Tokio Hotel isn't my piece of cake.
  11. nope... but since HU3 BR is love, HU3 BR is life. This is my laugh online.
  13. 10/10 - Not because the quote, because the color scheme.
  14. Granted, but you don't know how to use, thus harming yourself. My wish is to be the Pirate King.
  15. 10/10 for the track. 0/10 for the image used.
  16. Yep. Well... I just return to my Forum activity after LO acquisition of G1. But the right time will come and we'll have a forum free of multiple threads regarding the same shit.
  17. Ok. I won't be stubborn with the idea tho. Despite being fun as hell.
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