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  1. It's not Naming and Shaming when someone gets banned... It was satisfying to see blatant ones names showing on the screen. It was like removing a burden from your back. People always cheers when an obvious cheater gets banned.
  2. Not mentioning names... But I have a clue about who are they. :v AND, yeah. I need to reach R255 ASAP. Currently I'm living in the FC too, kinda frustrating. But who am I to judge? Sooner or later Battleye will wipe their arses fair and square. I want to be there to laugh when the system is announcing the Ban.
  3. Nah, isn't useless. Mate, you'll just be the higher voice on the crowd with ADM powers. Easy to be heard. And of course, you'll help lots of players.
  4. I think it's imagery containing explicit and intense violence (decapitations or similar things).
  5. That's what I was saying to LuzExtinguido. I won't take a joke seriously. But, yeah, we have our dose of HU3HU3HU3HU3 sometimes. :v
  6. Simple. Thial said that the BR community is weird and bizarre. Well, some of us Brazilian players are. But, the same way we have strange players, I believe that players from USA have some weird examples too. Attaching one gaming stereotype to a single nation isn't the bright thing. All around the world we have players that just play the game for pleasure and are willing to help the team. AND players that have pleasure in being extremely annoying.
  7. Nah, you get used to our bizarre way in the gaming community. No need to report him. I didn't took as insult. So no reason for this. The same way we have som BRs that are complete p.r.i.c.k.s, I believe you people have your complete p.r.i.c.k.s too. Simple as that.
  8. Nah, I'm a BR too mate. Don't use our nationality as way to say we can't understand how the discussion is going.
  9. They don't need to pick 1000000 players... Relax mate. I want only to be in-game GM. They can pick atleast 10 players. Same here mate. I'm not part of any clan.
  10. Why the fear? Of course they'll need a filter that proves that someone is able to become GM. Ego-Driven players should be forbidden of applying.
  11. 8/10 looks like a Widowmaked that visited Fallout Universe due the armor. :v
  12. Welp... I have some experience as GM/Admin/Moderator/Helper. I used to be an Admin in a SA:MP server. But yeah, we need a GM from the player base that is able to interact with others without being toxic or tricky. I know the new staff are competent, but they need help. Our help. We give them our feedback and they give theirs. We need to help each other. Well... I'm planning to apply myself when the GM recruitment gets opened.
  13. Granted. Your car will suffer from Snap Oversteer and will hit a tree. My wish is. To turn gold everything with a slight touch.
  14. Suddenly, all asians that learned to drive causes a massive pile up. My wish is. To become the Star of Twisted Metal.
  15. Yeah, we need a new Stats Table that lists Secondary and Grenades. Thanks for getting the idea
  16. Relax, on the previous quote I said XABLAU, because the same picture of elmo became a meme in BR. :v
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