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  1. 1000000000000% Accurate. Well, I still hoping to see a Revamped/Remastered/Remade version of the 1st Login Screen with the same music.
  2. Hey, but the fire rate is high and the reload time (of Northwest) is small. And you need 11 shots to kill, not 12.
  3. Nope. NorthWest have 160 ammo. 20 on Magazine +140 on the pool.
  4. Well well well... APB is full of Competitive and sometimes Toxic players... Creating a competitive server will only be used to boost their s.h.i.t.t.y. EGO. So... H3LL NO. We don't need more ego-driven toxicity here.
  5. But sadly, some BROKEN weapons gives to some players the vibe of the game being P2W. But I agree with you.
  6. They let us dreaming =/ Bad move from their part.
  7. Happy B-Day dude/dudette. WELL, If not late to tell... Mine was last Jun, 13th. 23 Years.
  8. Try the RFP-9 Fang or Mountie NorthWest So out of all UL-3, Hitchhiker is the worst, Jersey Devil the average and Blood Mary the best.
  9. Yep, Anubis deserves a buff. Awesome weapon, too underrated and hated.
  10. Well said. Originally the SR-15/OBEYA CR762 was meant to be CRIMINAL EXCLUSIVE while OSCAR/OBIR was meant to be ENFORCER EXCLUSIVE.
  11. I play fine in both Waterfront and Financial using the SLR762 for Close Quarters. There's no problem in the WF being wide open.
  12. HK33E

    In game acc's

    Well... LO-G1 Staff will be able to figure something that makes possible to merge the accounts into one? Even if this requires some payment. We're down on it.
  13. Well... The best battles occurs in the wide open streets of Waterfront. Waterfront is too good for this world.
  14. Well... About Lynette and Darryl. Darryl's GF was Lynette's older sister that got murdered in the place of Darryl when the Bloodroses tried to murder him.
  15. So this makes Mayor Derren and Luke a 25 level contact. 255 Currently + 20 from Lynette/Lucas + 25 from Derren/Luke.
  16. Well... Looks like both Lynette Casey (The Redhead from Tigers) and Lucas Van Rooyen (Simeone's Lapdog Bodyguard) will be in WF, because that 2 empty spawn points (One for ENFORCERS and other for CRIMINALS [Can someone post 2 pics of the map please, one while ENF and other while CRIM])
  17. Templeton and Devil Dog are Tier 5. Aletta is the Specialist. We have 2 contacts yet to be Introduced (The Redhead alongside Darryl Kent on the Tigers char selection screen and The Bodygaurd of Michael Simeone)
  18. Waterfront FTW. Best map. Too bad ya'll hate it. I have no problem playing o WF. But currently I'm struggling to Up Aletta to Level 20. It's getting hard on my nerves.
  19. Nah, but you need to buy the car + kit. And you CAN'T sell to others and you can't buy it from contacts. Did you catch my drift? And yeah, the idea of exclusive cars became useless. Too good they dropped the idea of weapons exclusive to enfs and crims.
  20. Well. I like to listen Synthwave, Eurobeat and Electro Swing.
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