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  1. Shozonu

    what is this phenomenon

    Probably some weird way car (or only Vegas) tires interact with the ground when the wheel are almost parallel with the ground.
  2. Shozonu

    Lixil’s public stream

    So like a solo queue district? I feel outright disallowing devs from doing PvP is too heavy-handed. I like that Lixil is trying to get more engaged with the community, they just have to make sure to not step on any toes in the future.
  3. I gotta say, I don't like half these changes. I appreciate that they're trying to balance the HVR, but I don't think linking the damage to the accuracy will fix it. Not to mention that this change sounds like it will effect all snipers, as indicated by "...general changes to sniper and shotgun categories." While it may help reduce its effectiveness in close range (quickswitch), its effectiveness in any range past like 10m will remain unchanged because people already need to stand still for about a second before the HVR's accuracy allows them to hit past short range. Linking the damage to the accuracy, in this case, doesn't do anything. The shotgun changes sound unnecessary, but I suppose it's not too bad if the damage change isn't big. For making it more forgiving, fine, but I don't agree with changes to how shotguns work for the sake of compensating for server performance. Giving the Misery more overkill damage sounds good, but changing the accuracy curve sounds dubious. I hope that by "tap-fire" they actually mean "burst-fire," because that's the original intent of the gun. Similarly for the Cobra, I really hope they don't remove the accuracy curve on the Cobra.
  4. I don't think you're obligated to explain any more than "it's semi-automatic" and that you're clicking it manually.
  5. I really appreciate this, but it's hard to make use of it. I've logged into Jericho twice today, saw that there was still the mysterious rubberbanding, and then logged back off.
  6. Shozonu

    Server lag update

    Jericho is rubberbanding right now.
  7. Explosive Material makes me want to explode.
  8. I put Mag Pull 3 on literally everything except the OSMAW (if I use it), because then the OSMAW would have 0 shots loaded.
  9. Sounds like the new mode could be something similar to the past Anarchy Events. Or it could be an actual Battle Royale mode lol
  10. Jericho at the moment is rubberbanding every 20 seconds but /fps shows ping is normal and packet loss is 0.
  11. I don't think there is anyone that believes it isn't borked.