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  1. Oof, 3-shot shotguns. Might as well use one of the auto-shotties at that point.
  2. I think a good way to incentivize people to be Gold threat is to have some sort of gold-only seasonal league. Could make the rewards JT, consumables, Joker Boxes, or something.
  3. That only works for doors that don't have a frame on the top. The REAL epitome of door opening is repelling backwards off the door to give yourself distance from someone waiting to kill you behind the door. It's probably at least twice as hard as doing a forward door kick.
  4. Even though I played the heck out of Gold Rush, I don't really want to see it return in the same form. Having people in the mission who are not even gold join the gold district (that is otherwise dead 99% of the time) benefiting from other golds on basically no part of their own, rubs me the wrong way. Especially when Golds were then threat-locked to their own district. There was also the flood of complaints about people's mission counts. People were counting their wins for the event, but I don't think most of them realized G1 were not going to count missions that looked suspect. This effectively meant that games that "felt" too easy were not counted. This meant that missions that ended too fast, opp that didn't seem like they tried...honestly, I don't know exactly how they determined what was a valid mission. I just know that I tallied my missions and put missions that felt questionable in a different tally. In the end, I aimed for the 100 mission tier reward, so I did missions until my safe tally was above 100, which ended up being 102 out of 115ish missions. I checked with support afterwards and they said I had 103 points for the event, so I guess my judgement was pretty accurate.
  5. It happens too often nowadays. I don't play very often because of it. When I do, I just exit the game if it seems to be starting to happen again. Sometimes, I log in, spawn in, notice it's happening, and just immediately exit the game.
  6. Probably some weird way car (or only Vegas) tires interact with the ground when the wheel are almost parallel with the ground.
  7. So like a solo queue district? I feel outright disallowing devs from doing PvP is too heavy-handed. I like that Lixil is trying to get more engaged with the community, they just have to make sure to not step on any toes in the future.
  8. I gotta say, I don't like half these changes. I appreciate that they're trying to balance the HVR, but I don't think linking the damage to the accuracy will fix it. Not to mention that this change sounds like it will effect all snipers, as indicated by "...general changes to sniper and shotgun categories." While it may help reduce its effectiveness in close range (quickswitch), its effectiveness in any range past like 10m will remain unchanged because people already need to stand still for about a second before the HVR's accuracy allows them to hit past short range. Linking the damage to the accuracy, in this case, doesn't do anything. The shotgun changes sound unnecessary, but I suppose it's not too bad if the damage change isn't big. For making it more forgiving, fine, but I don't agree with changes to how shotguns work for the sake of compensating for server performance. Giving the Misery more overkill damage sounds good, but changing the accuracy curve sounds dubious. I hope that by "tap-fire" they actually mean "burst-fire," because that's the original intent of the gun. Similarly for the Cobra, I really hope they don't remove the accuracy curve on the Cobra.
  9. I don't think you're obligated to explain any more than "it's semi-automatic" and that you're clicking it manually.
  10. I really appreciate this, but it's hard to make use of it. I've logged into Jericho twice today, saw that there was still the mysterious rubberbanding, and then logged back off.
  11. I put Mag Pull 3 on literally everything except the OSMAW (if I use it), because then the OSMAW would have 0 shots loaded.
  12. Sounds like the new mode could be something similar to the past Anarchy Events. Or it could be an actual Battle Royale mode lol
  13. Jericho at the moment is rubberbanding every 20 seconds but /fps shows ping is normal and packet loss is 0.
  14. Changing character genders is not possible. I believe a dev said it's because character clothing doesn't cleanly convert to the other gender (and some are too different/exclusive), so it's not a simple flip of a switch.
  15. I would like to see it expanded, but not at the expense of diminishing the relative benefits of premium. Maybe when there are enough resources, LO could give a global expansion to customization limits, and increase the limit even more for premium players. I'm glad the music editor is completely unlocked, though. Maybe in the future, introduce new instrument samples that can be purchased/unlocked.
  16. It's pretty much required because of the ever-present need to blow up mobile spawners. I dare say nothing feels as good as dunking people with a perfect concussion grenade from downtown.
  17. Hopefully all the bans going forward are supported by detection of cheat software, rather than observation of possibly cheat-like behavior.
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