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    In game acc's

    Me too. I have 2 accounts too. But one is Silver and the other one is Gold. Well, if they keep my Gold Threat I'm down. :v
  2. HK33E

    In game acc's

    Well. I have two accounts, One with 4 chars Silver (Judge me) and other with only 1 character R81 Gold. I'm hoping to see them merged into one, Because in one I have Some weapons and Obeya SLR Hoplite Account Bound and in the Other I have a SLR Spartan account bound. I created the other for my younger brother to play with me, bu he gave up playing and I took for me and started to level up.
  3. Regarding about cars... Yep, LO-G1 should make this. Remove the Faction Oriented restrictions. Thus making all cars unlockable for everyone through Contacts. EXAMPLE: Jericho V20 unlockable as Criminal Pioneer unlockable as Criminal Vaquero unlockable as Criminal Rapier unlockable as Enforcer Mikro unlockable as Enforcer Espacio unlockable as Enforcer
  4. Well... If LO-G1 adds one more VEGAS people will atleast says that VEGAS has the majority of variants, BUT I support the idea of a 3RD vegas. OR even better. Just update the NORMAL VEGAS performance to match the 4X4 (Acceleration and Top Speed), but keeping the RWD Drivetrain and Lower Suspension.
  5. TBH, I know (probably) someone who gave me dislikes over some content I started on the forums. And yeah, people on Internet always finds a way to abuse on something. PS: HEY YOU, THE ONE THAT PROBABLY DISLIKES MY STUFF, IF YOU'RE HERE, RELAX, I WON'T RETALIATE. :v
  6. Relax, I edited. :v Well. About Obeya SLR. I have all 3. I think it's better to add some weapons based on historical than creating original and over the top designs (they'll probably do this if they run out of ideas)
  7. VEGAS AWD doesn't have any problem. Just the higher suspension.
  8. NUFF SAID. STAR deserves more love. I'm currently using the 2 Slotted version with Mobility Sling and Mag Pull 3. STAR doesn't needs a RED mod. N-TEC users in a nutshell: Badmouth our magnum opus and we'll doom you to hell, because our N-TEC is sacred. Obeya CR762 Still good, but yeah, they need to bring back her glory.
  9. Mate. They added the MP40 and Luger P08 as JB weapons. I'm still waiting a MG42 as JB legendary. And we have the Colby .45 AP. Based mainly on Colt 1911 and Colby Commander A.K.A. Remington Model 1858. Ad I forgot to mention. We have OBEYA SLR762 based on FAL (Hoplite), ParaFAL (Spartan) and FAP (Broadside). And Colby 1922. Based on Thompson 1928. So yeah, the game is pretty full with classic weapons.
  10. They doesn't need to change how the car performs, just lower the 4x4. But keeping the AWD Drivetrain.
  11. Edgy Name, Low Rank, Edgy Graffiti and a S.h.i.t.t.y. Edgy Trap Theme
  12. I see any Exploit/Glitch that gives even a minimal advantage as unfair. I don't like this idead of Thriving in exploits to get a possible victory. Oh look, someone trying to de-rail the post... Please cancel yourself. It's a favor. HU3HU3HU3HU3HU3HU3.
  13. I know how to do it mate... But I don't use. I don't see this as something fair.
  14. Well... They should fix it. IDK why someone Reacted negatively on it. Probably because the person that voted negatively uses this while playing... Just Saying. :v
  15. Mate... Honestly, if you know well our game community, please don't try to say that A or B weapon is OP. People will roast you for nothing. :v Try to badmouth the N-TEC as EXAMPLE. A lot of people here are N-TEC diehard fans that believes in N-TEC being THE MASTER RACE, THE MAGNUM OPUS OF ASSAULT RIFLES, THE PINNACLE OF TECHNOLOGICAL ENHANCEMENT AN ASSAULT RIFLE CAN ACHIEVE. HU3HU3HU3HU3. But if I remember well. Joker SR15 Carbine got nerfed once, twice or thrice. Just saying.
  16. 10/10 for taking a slow paced travel down the highway
  17. Looks like someone got burnt with bullets. :v XXX-Alive :v Sorry, didn't resisted.
  18. It doesn't work. (Just like Communism HU3HU3HU3HU3HU3). People will create a lot of fake accounts with the referral just to get the bonus points.
  19. To be honest we need both NEW PRESETS and NEW 3 SLOTTED weapons. TBH a 2 slot prest FBW will be nice: 3 Point Sling 3 + Cooling Jacket 3
  20. Just ignore this comment, I'm here just to see the Burning Circus.
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