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  1. 10/10 - DnB is life. Well. Electro-Swing again.
  2. 0/10 - It shows the video isn't availiable =/
  3. Well... We already have thumper. But another Shotgun that can be used in markmanship will be great. True. Hey, and thanks for listing my Suggestion for the old login menu in your Suggestion WoF. :v
  4. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and Escort RS Cosworth and many others AWD around the disgrees.
  5. Well... NUFF Said. Hey Vicky, long time no see.
  6. Mobility Sling + HS3 + CJ3 Mobility Sling + Bandolier 3 + CJ3 (I pratically using mobility sling with almost everything)
  7. True. Like you said, this will prevent players from making numerous copies of the same weapon.
  8. 10/10 - Not my usual Jam, but sounds nice.
  9. Everyone is cheating in this poll... So this make us cheaters? If this make us cheaters, then 100% of us are cheaters. :v
  10. But with ONLY ONE CONDITION. Expanding the Number of Pieces the Premium Players can use. (I'm not premium). If they increase the number for Free Players ONLY, Premium players will probably start a Jihad against LO.
  11. True, but, still showing the weapon on the contact purchase list with "OUT OF STOCK" written on it if you already have it on your inventory.
  12. Most people who have the Patroller got from KTTC pack.
  13. Nah, Watchman is the second popular, the first being Bodyguard.
  14. I'm not in the mood to say something like "git gud skrub" but I'm laughing hard with this cheap bait.
  15. Well, I deleted once my VAS R-2 Loyalty. (But since, my account is migrated) I had duplicates on the mail.
  16. I opt to make the Threat divided into Levels (Bronze 1-5, Silver 1-5, Gold 1-5) With the option to auto-kick players who becomes Gold in Bronze districts.
  17. Well. Let's see if LO hear us about this topic.
  18. Well... I made a post on the SUGGESTION Area... You people can check it out and give your opinion. I agree with a "Unlock option" in the same mail where the weapon will be.
  19. Don't dare to touch in my ATAC series. Just lower their prices a bit (10%/15%). Maybe should work. Or bundle up everything in pack that contains weapons from each class.
  20. Well, I saw an interesting post on the Forums lately. Something that should be done. Make the same thing with the 4 slotted purchased vehicles through ARMAS. They appear to buy on contacts in case you delet'em. But with the weapons no. Yeah, it happens to accidentaly delete a weapon when distracted. So it's possible to make buyable on the contacts the weapon you bought on armas with an Unlock Item in the mail.
  21. Details... Details. Besides this the VEGAS still the best option for transportation. It can survive a direct hit from OSMAW. Will catch fire at the same moment, but you can use this with brick to distract. :v
  22. VEGAS only. Anything beyond VEGAS is trash. Glorious Vegas Master Race
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