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  1. Needs a buff. It's a good weapon that can become better.
  2. Let's discuss the weapons. In a good way. This isn't a post to ask for nerfs and buffs. Just to say which weapon is your favourite and why. My favourites. Obeya CR762 and SLR762 and VBR Huntress Well, I like to use Semi Autos for any combat situation in APB. Back in 2013 when I started to play the game Obeya CR762 was my main weapon of choice. I still using it tho. But it's the Re-Skin SLR762. (I bought all 3) :v I bought it all because it's based on FN FAL (British L1A1 to be more specific). A weapon that I still want to own IRL.
  3. No options mate... I won't be saying GTA Online, because that shit went Saints Row The Third with everything they released in the latest updates... Sorry. I'm only commenting to see if I can find something quite similar to APB too. :v
  4. Nope. My post wasn't counting. I "re-posted" 10/10 - Another awesome music to play while driving. Leaving the weeb shit aside for a moment...
  5. 10/10 - good to Blast this on the speakers while driving. Ignore the picture and focus on the music... Maon Kurosaki - The Place of Hope
  6. 10/10 - good to Blast this on the speakers while driving. Ignore the picture and focus on the music...
  7. Well... The only mod that I'm using lately is Mobility Sling (Seriously, even on my Huntress, I don't feel comfortable in hip firing). BUT. There are more several important differences in human beings and animals that we should know about it. I agree with you.
  8. The game deserves a new engine and a re-build. Removing all repeated weapons and add a weapon customization system, this dropping the slot customization.
  9. True. Same goes too with Obeya CR and SLR. This bugs me out. I think it'll better if they make every weapon original, not just a re-skin that shares some stats traits.
  10. I'm fine with this. STAR 5.56 and SLR 7.62 FTW.
  11. And it's based on SCAR Mk17 or SCAR-H if prefer. Venom it's Adder's lil sis.
  12. 10/10 - IDK what to say, but it's a nice track. Maon Kurosaki - Return to Destiny (Before asking)
  13. Maon Kurosaki - Memory of Days Gone by. This time I went partially weeb... Don't judge me. The song is nice. And catchy.
  14. Can some good soul make this as both theme and music? I'll pay. Thanks! :v
  15. Hi, I'd like to get R255 aswell, character: FAL And... If isn't to ask much. Give us Complete roles too. :v Thanks!
  16. Eh... I want to upgrade too... :v And TBH can you people upgrade ALL ROLES to complete too? :v Thank you. :v
  17. God, I hope so. Fix the ATAC while you guys are at it! ATAC is perfect the way it is currently. (JK. ATAC needs a buff [even more]), it's fun to see people crying and bitching because ATAC users :v
  18. No. Rhen why reply? If it doesn't interests u, ignore. :v Simple.
  19. 10/10 - CATCHY Here's some Perkeleland Anthems
  20. 10/10 - Even being weeb shit :v
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