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  1. Well... LO-G1 can use GTA Online and Saints Row 1 and 2 as prime example of this kind of customization.
  2. Nah, The AWD performs better. The higher suspension annoys me.
  3. What I have in mind. Can you catch my drift? 2 Steps From Hell: STEP #01: REMOVE the options: - 30 Days - CHARACTER BOUND STEP #02: Re-Price all weapons in the ACCOUNT BOUND option lowering 20% of the Current Price. PS: This is regarding about CAR KITS, WHEELS AND AUDIO: Instead of Selling Wheels and Audio separated from the Kits. Just Bundle everything up. EXAMPLE: I'll be using VEGAS as example. Vegas currently have 5 kits and 2 versions (RWD G24 and 4x4 G24): - RWD G24 is obtainable through Joker Boxes and/or KTTC Pack. - 4x4 G24 is obtainable through RHINO and FIREHAWK. What can be done: Bundle up ALL KITS: MERCURY, RUGIDO, HOT ROD, RHINO AND FIREHAWK + WHEELS + VEGAS G24 4X4 (Can anyone Lower the G24 4x4 please, making the same height as the NORMAL RWD Counterpart). And It's Profit
  4. [Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks.mp3 Starts]
  6. Character Bound option is useless... Let's agree on this, if you're gonna buy, buy for account. It's way better. And of course, you can have 4 chars as default per account, so you can use only 1 char but keeping the weapon if in the future you want to create another one. And CLOTHING, CAR KITS WITH WHEELS AND AUDIO. All of'em should be ACCOUNT BOUND too. EXAMPLE: You'll be able to purchase WARAGI PIONEER as ENFORCER with Account Bound option. You'll receive the normal ENFORCER WARAGI. And when you decide to create a CRIMINAL... No problem, a CRIMINAL VARIANT of WARAGI will be at your mail waiting you.
  7. Well... LO-G1 should REMOVE the CHARACTER BOUND OPTION. Thus making with these options ONLY: - 3 Days - 30 Days - Account Lifetime This should work.
  8. Nope... Dude/Dudette. Some players goes to Bronze districts because they want to play with a more slowed pace than the players on the Silver. Not every silver is able to keep up with the Rhytm of the Goldies.
  9. Vegas 4x4 it's a bit odd with raised suspension. I like the car ok, but let's be honest, it's ugly as fuck with higher suspension. Just make the suspension lower like the RWD Counterpart. Just a suggestion tho.
  10. Sorry... I'm laughing hard at this. I remember now, my DSA SA58 will be buffed in the next week tho.
  11. Well... Time to continue testing all weapons.
  12. Lol... So, you're DatAzian... I have some weapons in my mail from 2013.
  13. Nice. The other one will be normally active. Right?
  14. 8/10 - The beats are nice, but I rather see an "instrumental" than the current version.
  15. 10/10 - Lindsey Starling never let people down.
  16. 6/10 - Not my type of thing. But quite nice. Could be better.
  17. 10/10 - Good to listen when stoned... Lol, you aren't the first to call Nachtmahr Electronazi HUEAHUAEHUAEEAUHAEHU
  18. 10/10 - Carpenter Brut always produces masterpieces. Thanks. :v
  19. Oh no the hyena face highway patrol again/10
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