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  1. This too... But the majority of toxicity I saw came mainly from some golds.
  2. This should work... Since a good part of'em are Annoying P.R.I.C.K.S. full of themselves. Some are nicer, others are just ego-driven idiots.
  3. OR... Someone who doesn't have the same pace of some gold players... Both Silver and Bronze districts have some players that doesn't have the same playing pace.
  4. Well, I forgot to mention, I use my Obeya SLR with the Following: Improved Rifling 3 + Bandolier 3 + Mobility Sling. Just works fine for me.
  5. Now people (some of) just run around you with an un-balanced OGRE creating havok...
  6. AR-97 is a clusterfuck. Looks like an AR, acts as Carbine and possesses an extreme bloom. The weapon damage is low, so Using Heavy Barrel 3 to reduce bloom is insta-kill for the weapon that is already overamatched.
  7. CSG still the best shotgun in the Game tho... CSG outmatches both JG and NFAS.
  8. The community is fine... On fire, but fine.
  9. Finally, this will help a lot. Both Veterans and New players. But the stats shouldn't remain exclusive to be seen on armas. They can implement it in the Details Section of the Weapon.
  10. Fine... No problem then. But yeah, APB deserves a general re-balance on weapons and some exact measurement of the weapons stats.
  11. They need to give us exact numbers concernig the Weapon, the current measure system looks like it's there for no real purpose, only to be something more on the screen.
  12. I forgot about the existence of Multi Quote... Sorry. :v
  13. Englinghten the path for us then... I gave my opinion, talk about yours. Simple.
  14. Well... If they return N-TEC to it's original spec will be fine. This lack of accuracy in weapon stats is annoying. (In both weapons and vehicles tbh)
  15. "Call me crazy or high and even both..."
  16. Thanks mate for standing out of the crowd with this build... My hope on N-TEC users is restored.
  17. Nah, if it's in the trash can, you can go then, looks like it's a place you belong...
  18. Well... A lot of people is seen using this combo on N-TEC. The Every player ever Build: IR3 + HS3 + MS or IR3 + HS3 + Tagger
  19. Best Build for N-TEC 5: Improved Rifling 3, Magazine Pull 3 and Mobility Sling. Best Build for STAR: Magazine Pull 3 and Mobility Sling ONLY.
  20. But deleting ins't too "extreme"? We all know that some themes are annoying... Specially the ones that are some trap patootie music that screams: "HEY MOM, LOOK AT ME, I'M TOO FUCKING EDGY FOR THIS SHIT." and the earrape ones.
  21. APB needs to get the weapons re-vamped, at least some of'em. And add to the list some Weapon Mods TOO... "Maverick, what do you have in mind? Enlight us with your knowledge." :v Call me crazy or high and even both... Regarding some Weapons: Assault Rifles: STAR, N-TEC (And re-skins) Decrease the Default Magazine Capacity: 32 ---> 30 Increase the Ammo in reserve: 128 ---> 150 Semi-Auto Rifles: Obeya CR762 (And re-skins) Increase the Default Magazine Capacity: 15 ---> 20 Ammo Pool should remain unchanged. Regarding some Weapon Mods: Magazine Pull (In general): Default Values. - Decreases reload time by -40% - Decreases magazine capacity by -25% What can be Added: - Removed ammo from magazine is added to the Ammo Pool Improved Rifling (Level 3): Be enhanced. Default Values. - Increases effective range by +7m - Increases maximum reticle bloom substantially What can be Done: - +7m ---> +10m Cooling Jacket (Level 3): Be enhanced. Default Values. - Increases Fire Rate by +7% - Increases Accuracy Bloom substantially - Increases Shotgun Spread substantially What can be Done: - +7% ---> +10% THAT'S ALL FOLKS.
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