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  1. because its a new company coming in that just spent money to take over the game and will spend money making it better I think it would be a really stupid situation to pay "reparations" for something that wasn't on them that would hit their bottom line. What would be smart is to reward those people who have spent alot with loyalty rewards, some sort of perks, or even some savings coupons on new armas items. They should encourage people to buy more and fund the game while also recognizing in some way the people who spent to keep the game alive.
  2. I know it's a small thing lol but it'd be great if the traffic lights got moved to the correct side
  3. I always just dethreated to go to more populated servers, now that's becoming a non issue so no reason to. Also being silver allows more backup to join I love larger groups. As gold you only get 4 v 4 with silver you can get those 6v6 or 8v8 missions
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