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  1. Removed off-topic posts and moved thread to the off-topic section. -Spuzva
  2. Moved thread to correct section. -Spuzva
  3. SpuzvaBob

    Lock gold to gold

    Moved thread to correct section. -Spuzva
  4. I have cleared the thread due to the incredible levels of toxicity. Whatever your issues with the OP may be, we do not tolerate this kind of behaviour on the forums. -Spuzva
  5. I've cleaned out several posts veering heavily off-topic. This is not the place to work out individual problems, those are better solved in private. -Spuzva
  6. Moved thread to the correct section. -Spuzva
  7. Moved thread to correct forum section. -Spuzva
  8. As has been predicted, this thread has been moved to the off-topic section. -Spuzva
  9. Moved thread to correct section. -Spuzva
  10. SpuzvaBob

    login fails,

    Moved thread to correct section. -Spuzva
  11. Friendly reminder to please keep posts on topic and to dial down the animosity, there is no cause for name calling or being rude. -Spuzva
  12. SpuzvaBob

    Joker Tickets

    Moved Thread to correct section. -Spuzva
  13. While I do see the OP's reason for posting this in the General Discussion board, this is primarily an art project, so belongs in this forums section. -Spuzva
  14. I had to remove a couple of posts due to Naming and Shaming. Bringing up previous bans under FairFight still falls under this rule, which is in place to protect people from witch hunts and defamation. As always, if you have legitimate concerns about a player cheating, create a ticket for our support team with all evidence you have here. -Spuzva
  15. If you have a legitimate concern about the staff, please direct them at Lixil. I will be locking this thread also. -Spuzva
  16. Moved thread to the Marketplace section. -Spuzva
  17. Cleaned a few replies out of the thread and moved it to the off-topic section. -Spuzva
  18. Moved thread to the off-topic section. -Spuzva
  19. I have decided to lock this thread due it having completely derailed. Please refrain from having off-topic discussions. -Spuzva
  20. I have removed several off-topic posts from this thread. Please stick to the topic of the thread. -Spuzva
  21. Removed a few off-topic posts. Please stick to the topic at hand. -Spuzva
  22. This thread has completely derailed at this point and I have opted to lock it. In the future please stick to the topic at hand. -Spuzva
  23. The OTW server is currently closed to the public until further notice. There will be an announcement when it is available again. -Spuzva
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