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  1. Yeah but that is still my time... i had a 3 day ban lock and it turned into 5-6 days like... can't it be manually unlocked atleast?...
  2. I was in touch for like 2-3 days with Matt talking about the "1 min less trade lock" glitch and i've been told it will be fixed in this update that got released today along with the christmas events... then nothing actually happened and promises were just hype, then i got a response saying "no we won't add it in a hotfix, we'll add it in a patch" which will probably be in like 2 weeks considering the holidays. But why? Why someone that actually needs to get their trade lock lifted (as the days passed as well) cannot just get their tradelock manually unlocked... because there are only some people having this problem, not everyone.(atleast as a temporary fix)... does anyone have the same problem as me?
  3. 1. I believe you also mentioned it but does 2FA unlock the trade lock at this moment(or will it do that when it gets fixed)? 2. I know it is glitched at the moment but is the "less than 1 min" trade lock going to be fixed in a hotfix or implemented into a bigger patch like on wednesday?
  4. Will we be able to bypass that trade "ban" after this is fixed? Because that thing is annoying...
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