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  1. It's absurd to have someone put such effort to write something genuinely "anti-toxic" in APB, first I'd like to share your appreciation, for L.O. first, that they invested in this project to keep it going, and to put professional yet honest effort in making things right (at least this is how I see it), so thank you, L.O, every employee there, your work is appreciated. And thank you Alisha, for the positive post, and the help you offered the community, you probably don't know me, but Nexus did mention you a few times, he seemed proud of you indeed.
  2. Could you give us some more details on this? the post doesn't say much, namely: - Is this going to be a permanent game mode or is it an occasional event? - What's RedHill Institute role? is it going to be an enforcer organisation, for contacts and such? - Are we to expect new contacts with this? - Any info on when we can expect it?
  3. I agree that it's P2W, I don't think anyone can argue about it, I am also more often than not without premium, but I think it should be kept, the disadvantage of it is still minor, but it may feel like a bigger bonus to encourage people to buy premium and keep the game funded. Also, IMO the biggest advantage of this is Nitro, when not in a mission, for people doing stunts and stuff, so, though the reduction is a welcome thing, in this specific case (non mission) it's not P2W as there is no fight
  4. I think these are very good positive things about APB.
  5. I don't think you really mind those few hours off premium, it does get annoying to have the servers go offline randomly, but at least the people are working on it, patience
  6. You carry a great burden in your beard @MattScott
  7. Wasn't this 400 G1C a while back? most of the new prices are very convenient
  8. Actually let's make this backfire, I'll try, and welcome anyone else to, I'll go buy something off Armas now to make sure the community's (part of it at least) message is delivered, that we do support LO.
  9. People have been crying about the game dying "next month" since I joined it in.. 2011? No, LO in my opinion are doing a much better job than G1, I appreciate the honesty and the smaller but actually delivered promises, instead of "Racing District, new engine, new maps" that were never taken seriously. And the bans especially, there is a lot more clarity, they are investigated and re-investigated properly, Matt, Lixil and Selali take time to discuss it privately with the banned person if they message them. Personally I got unbanned because of this, after G1's ban, it got reinvestigated with LO through support (not the mass unban wave).
  10. Idk what went on the discussion but I want to add or repeat.. finish bugged joker activities too, or impossible ones (kill 3 enemies as they drop barrels for 0.2 sec)
  11. About time, appreciate that you guys do take the community's words into consideration. The new way was broken, maybe it sounds good on paper, but Ursus was simply laser accurate, and ntec, their ranges got more separated however instead they became OP in that range, and somewhat useless in others, not as "they should be" but as in your skill in handling it barely matters at all, when those guns were supposed to be versatile, especially original ntec-5, you'd always lose to a close range gun in close range, but if that guy is bad, you got a chance to make up and win the fight
  12. ^seconded . . . etc plz don't give us cancer. How about clan or faction turfs instead? maybe "br" as in enforcers piling up criminals to the center or sth? anything but no BR basically
  13. This looks awesome, some serious time and work were put into it. Hopefully we're making enough fuss here to bring LO's attention to this topic and a direct answer if it can be used, and hopefully it'll be, saves them a bunch of time and resources finishing this rather than starting from 0, and gets us the district faster Goodluck !
  14. You da real MVP. and your team too, they're bae. love how the blog went somewhat technical, shows you really don't care to hide the details to show the "absolute confidence" that usually screws the players over and instead explain why it takes time.
  15. Though I was in support of a new balance initially, now I really can't see this but as an unstudied move, I hope I am wrong, and this is just my opinion, but I think you guys really need to put hundreds of hours in gameplay, or take some old players to guide this better.. Shotguns are already overkill and without any skill to use, simply put, you miss with a normal gun, you lose advantage, and you need to aim the gun too, but with the shotgun, due to spread, you already deal some damage, match it with 1 lucky shot and the enemy is dead. To top this off, you nerf the most used SMG, destroy Improved Rifling, and you pull assault rifles to become close-ish range where they don't stand a chance. In my opinion, and burn me for this, but NTEC was one of the few weapons that made perfect sense to balance everything around it, a minor shotguns reliability buff was better, and then focus strictly on the few weapons that are really bad
  16. N66

    Reorder weapons list

    That certainly helps when you have a lot of weapons and need to change quickly during a mission
  17. Start by acknowledging the obvious. you can try to find cheater but you have no way of guaranteeing there are none. But back to it, I've seen a few snap, and I've had 2 members admit it that they cheat.
  18. Hopefully this will have less cheaters than WASP, there, I said it.
  19. Kurai fits your description, no?
  20. Though Armas Gifting was awesome, ty G1, but this shows all the reason for respect for the professionalism (and honesty) with LO. You think a feature through so you don't let your players suffer its issues.
  21. I don't see why people insist this much on it, but at the same time I also do see that it would be a nice addition to allow more creativity with the outfits or in-game cosplay, Nazis or not. The one I don't see the reason for is the pointless nudity when people lack any creativity and just show you how horny and childish they are. But that's just my personal opinion, don't burn me for it.
  22. Didn't have time to try it yet, people are giving almost only negative feedback, but I am glad to see this, it is just a start, LO team is "getting integrated" very well into this, people don't know or choose to ignore that it's damned difficult to just get in the middle of thousands of thousands of lines of code and keep the show running. especially taking into consideration that even Reloaded Productions were very slow with it even after years.
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