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  1. I bought my first rt package as a code when it first came out, but I bought the second one on steam on January 18, 2018, I also did g1c shopping first. I don't think my account has been compromised. When I enter my Steam account, it looks like 50 hours, only the steam and retail pack code is coming back, but I said pass expired, I renewed it, but when I entered, it was the first thing I wrote and my 188 level enf character gone :((
  2. yes absolutely correct account, because i have confirmed the date from my email now i don't even have g1c purchase history. I'm sorry if I opened the issue in the wrong place.
  3. hello guys, i played this game last 2018 but when i entered now it said password expired and i renewed my password but i had 2 retail packs and g1c clothes in my account but now none of them threw tickets but they did not return what should i do? please someone help me. I threw a ticket but no one came back
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