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  1. Why would you change the guns bloom from 1.6 to 2.8? You're literally increasing the bloom by 75% which you're most likely gonna have to revert in an upcoming patch. Who is making these changes man, like, can you just get some good players to help you with balancing... Also starting to wonder how long we're gonna have to wait for the whisper to be fixed as well since it's been stuck on the old stats since before you nerfed the oca for weeks now and Demoness skin still makes it invisible. Would also like to see a revert back to the old HVR before this bloom mechanic and from there on just lower its damage.
  2. Overall game performance, decreased ever since LO took over both server wise as well as game wise. Other than that, I feel like they're still completely clueless to the weapon balance, mostly due to lack of gameplay experience. I don't think there has been a single weapon balance change that was made for the better apart from the fixing of the Yukon. The shotgun change was hands down one of the worst changes that's been made to the game along with the HVR change. Honestly, what they should do is make a group similar to the SPCT but with actual good players to help them with balancing, not sure how many times I'm going to have to repeat this but it's honestly really needed based on the what we've seen so far. What was the point in fixing the Yukon when the first thing you do is release the Showstopper which arguably is even stronger, than Yukon previously was. I think what they should've done instead of trying to overcomplicate very minor tweaks such as the shotgun / HVR / mod changes now this first period before the engine is released is focused on bug fixes and obvious mission balancing issues such as 1v1 / 2v2 VIP, both teams not having VIP, all items not spawning at once on Creme De La Crime and changing out heavy objectives for medium items. Temporarily disabling almost certain win missions such as Anti Social Networking and getting rid of the current P/N5 system. If simpler changes like these would've been to get rid of some of the frustrations in playing this game I feel like it would've maintained players better instead of in the current state where players return only to realize there are even more broken things now such as the radar tower, spotter, mission objectives disappearing, desyncing being even more common than before.
  3. Might be a good idea to get rid of the achievements, splashscreen as well as the contact in social when you're at it.
  4. Citadel has been running absolutely terrible for the past month, if it's not going between 33 -> 34 ms making you stutter or mouse skip it will disconnect you at random for being afk. Server has also been having issues with extremely high ms and instability for the past week making it almost unplayable. If I'm not wrong Matt did say they were aware of the issue, but we haven't gotten an update since.
  5. Could we please get some comment on what's going on with Citadel, the districts are literally dying. The server MS is just going haywire with constant tps and freezes, barely playable tbh...
  6. Thought I was the only one with this issue. Constantly micros stuttering as well as 1 packet loss going up and down, started about 3 weeks ago and my ms has also been way higher than usual.
  7. DPI: 400 Sensitivity: 3 Marksman sensitivity: 0.55
  8. This problem, as well as the sliding only seems to occur if you're playing at a consistent 144 fps, so unless you've got a 144hz monitor you won't have this kind of problem. These problems are also why G1 kept the fps locked at 125 if i'm not mistaken.
  9. Not too sure about that honestly, from own experiance and friends who also have more than 1 account the other account(s) usually just sit there and collect dust. Now if we had the option to move characters over or merge accounts I would definitely consider spending cash to get some clothing items for the moved/merged characters.
  10. It's the server that is the problem, once it goes from 33 to 34 ms the game drops down to 2 fps. This was previously fixed but they broke it again about a month ago and never fixed it.
  11. While this is true, I think most players would've wanted an actual test of these changed before they went live considering LOs trackrecord when it comes to balancing.
  12. Honestly this 100% exactly this has been suggested so many times, just change the name of the players who chose to not login to some numbers and have them namechange if they ever decide to return. I feel like freeing up names would be an important thing to do with the release of the engine since there will be some new and returning players who probably want to create new characters. It would also make more players want to buy a namechange since there aren't really any good names to change to currently.
  13. The real question is did you get a warning or a temp ban before they handed out the perma ban, because if you did you really don't have anything to complain about. However I have heard of people getting perma banned for being toxic without previous warnings since LO tookover.
  14. Honestly I think it's time that LO asks for some help when it comes to balancing. Just get a group like the SPCT but with actual high tier players to help out with the balancing because this is honestly starting to get embarrassing.
  15. If you do happen to die while the shields timer is still up you wont be able to climb ladders or kick open doors until the timer for the shield runs out even after respawning. Were any of the changes made this patch even testes by the SPCT before they were released?
  16. Yea so the server has been going haywire since the merge happened. Thank you LO, very EPIC
  17. Pretty sure no one asked for the yellow mods to be added to the game in the first place, the way I see it, they made the game objectively worse and made people rely on crutches more. What they should do is change the satchel as well as the boombox to an orange mod and get rid of the rest.
  18. Or they could just rollback the shotgun patch that no one asked for which also made the game worse in most peoples eyes.
  19. When it comes to performance literally every person I've spoken to since the patch has noticed a decrease in performance both MS and fps wise, not sure what's causing it but something went wrong after the patch. As for the anticheat, it's a complete joke, there are more people cheating now than when we had BE, people had literally bypassed it before it was released because of the delay + announcement.
  20. Why do people seem to think that the HVR was fixed, it wasn't. Same problem still remains as before, the gun deals 85 damage. What they should've done was lower the damage to 72, the QSing wasn't really the problem at all, it was just a consequence of the real problem.
  21. كان السماح بكل اللغات في المنتديات فكرة رائعة
  22. Releasing the new game mode as well as the engine at the current state of the game is going to be a huge mistake, I understand that you want to release both as close together as possible. However, I don’t think you should be delaying fixing the current game because of that. A lot of the players who quit the game quit because of the state the game was in and not because the lack of content. Besides from what we’ve seen from Riot it seems like it’s a far way from being finished and should probably be put to the side for now imo. Currently there are tons of broken things in the game, many of whom you’ve broken after patches/events. If the engine were to be released in the current state that the game is currently I’m afraid most of the players who come back to check out the engine and the gamemode would just leave again after realising that the basics of the game actually somehow got worse than before and the same problems still persist. Things that needs to be fixed Car Radar It’s just unreliable to the point where it’s not even worth running it anymore, spawn next to one and you’re permanently stuck until you die, spawn far away from one and you’re invisible while on top of the car. Spotter Did get a lot better after you applied the fix for it, but broke the patch after with the Halloween event. Currently the spotter is even worse than it was before you applied the fix for it. Points not appearing has been around for the last couple months and desperately needs a fix. The only way to stop this from happening is logging out from your account between every character swap and once it occurs the only fix is to restart the game. Ghostshots, names not showing up on corners and desyncing has also gotten a lot worse. However, some of these bugs might be very difficult to figure out a solution for so it’s understandable that some of them have been around for a while. On the other hand hitreg like this: Is just ridiculous, specially considering these clips are just a small portion of the hitreg from the last week. Balance Changes Something else which I just don’t understand is some of the balance changes which has not yet been made, such as: Low-Yields We still have 3 low yields, should be reduced down to 2 to start with. Remote detonator Still has no cooldown should be around 2 - 4 minutes cooldown. Yellow mods Yellow mods are still in the game, should be removed completely or nerfed significantly. Example: Shield HP reduced by 60% (Currently takes slightly less than 1 and a half mag for most guns to destroy a shield) You should no longer be able to resupply nades or explosive ammo from the yellow ammo boxes. (Would also give people a reason to play Field Supplier again) Shotguns Shotgun changes have yet to be reverted even though there has been numerous threads made about it, the change failed to make the hitreg of the shotgun more reliable which was the point of the change. Shotguns like the NFAS, Thumper and JG are now incredibly overpowered while the CSG is completely useless. The fact that it’s near impossible to miss with the shotguns also make SMGs completely useless within 20m if you play vs someone close to your own skill level. Cooldowns Why has premium / non premium cooldowns for both character mods as well as vehicle mods yet to be normalised to the current premium ones? HVR HVR still deals 850 damage. 850 damage is way too much for any gun in this game to deal, the damage should be reduced and the zoom in nerf should be reverted, this just made the gun feel clunky and unfun to play. The quickswitching was never really the problem with the gun but more so the fact that it deals 850 damage and takes you out of the fight for 10-15 seconds for minimal effort. What you should've done was reduce the damage of the HVR to 720 and make it drop down to 50 at 90-100m so you don't get 1 tapped at render distance. Side notes: Why does the Talon still have 10m less range than the regular RFP?
  23. I really fail to see how the ntec is way more versetile than any other Gun in the game tbh. There are loads of other Guns that can be used in all or close to all ranges like Scout, HVR, Obir, Obeya, Carbine, Oscar, PMG, RFP, Dogear, NSSW, Cobra and I probably missed a bunch more. Bottomline, if you lose with a CQC gun vs Ntec in CQC, you're worse than the player with Ntec and they would probably kill you with whatever gun they choose to play with regardless.
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