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  1. Well we certainly won't run into cheaters on the beta, so I'll take any bugs/errors over the current state of APB. Not to mention (and I seriously hope) a lot of us are going to be running the game at maximum settings again. Just so you know loyal APB community for those who haven't tested out the engine update. (Including myself.) Things will break, it won't be a smooth experience compared to the normal game, and I hope you keep that in mind. That's what beta testing is for.
  2. It really was that easy huh? Why didn't we think of this before, damn.
  3. Something has to be done for sure, but let's not get too hasty here about the death of this game, it has to be alive for that first. It's no exaggeration that BattlEye isn't performing as well as EAC, but hopefully the "much awaited" engine update will bring some players back. Just so you know LO, and this is a big IF. IF the game releases it's new engine and IF streamers that have more than ten viewers pick it up ( no offence my APB streamers) , you SHOULD take care of the anti cheat as soon as possible, as the game otherwise will just be thrown as a "game full of cheater noobs" and not really lure in a lot of people. Just kinda sad I don't even wanna hop on right now before that anymore, as playing with blatant cheaters isn't fun.
  4. It's weird how despite being the exact same gun, I perform better with the gun that sounds better in my hand. In my example, I've got the PDW-Kris which is a whisper reskin that looks better and actually has one more slot so it technically is better, but sounds like patootie. While the whisper isn't anything special, it just sounds more satisfying when shooting and magically improves my accuracy with it. Placebo is one hell of a drug. I also really like the Agrotech DMR, a very satisfying sound when shooting.
  5. I've always been very skeptical about people being called out as a cheater. You just have good players who outperform, those who know the ins and outs of this game. Well let's throw that out of the board now because not even in thirty minutes and it's clear as day. As much as there are talented players out there that still persist there's also the ability to know who's cheating and who's just good at the game. Stating that EAC was performing better than BattlEye is a huge understatement, and it's only been a few days.
  6. I'm sort of out of the loop, but seeing the actual amount of likes and not seeing "I bet you're silver and got owned posts" (apart from one) I dread to even hop on now. I had latency issues ever since BattlEye came back, but I thought that was just my internet so I quit for a bit.
  7. I'm well aware and which is why I fear it. I play games other than APB.
  8. The joker update will definitely help a lot with newer players, so well done. Just slightly afraid BattlEye will start flagging people that shouldn't be flagged. (Think of mousekey macro's.) Again, time will tell.
  9. Thanks for clarifying Matt. I think I see where you're going with this now. I think more than anything what people want is the new engine upgrade because it'll already solve a lot of issues performance-wise. If a function that in the near future is gone anyway (DX12) and you're actually planning on eventually moving on then there's no need to dwell on it. We've already established that the input lag will be miniscule, but time will tell.
  10. The video in question shows that vsync is far worse than borderless windowed mode though. I highly doubt you'll notice any difference with our servers anyway. However, that doesn't mean removing the option because of bugs is a valid choice here. As always, why not both? As far as I know, most triple AAA games always grant you the option to go exclusive fullscreen mode.
  11. ..What? There's plenty of other games online where you can play naked with other men. At the end of the day this game's a third person shooter, and the only thing that'll be shot here are guns.
  12. So you want all nades nerfed then? This doesn't really apply to just Frag grenades. Nades are fine, most people who use frag nades are people learning how to nade effectively, don't take that away from them. Have to agree with VanilleKeks here though, the actual range versus the visual range is very deceiving. As an Asylum dweller you learn to live with it, but a bigger pile of smoke would be nice.
  13. ..That's not even remotely close to the terror that was once known as quickswitching.
  14. Well the only nerf nano needed was provided years ago where they gave it an extra shot to kill. It used to be way worse. The Golden ACT still rocks though, that and the .45 AP are the only secondaries you'll ever need. Bonus points for Flare gun.
  15. I don't think there's enough players (or even skilled) to warrant a threat above gold yet. RTW's rank system comes to mind. (Although a neat Platinum rank would be nice.) No reason to remove the green threat though, you're saying they're a lost cause but if they're enjoying the game let them.
  16. Apb tournament but it's only snubnoses
  17. Considering trading has to be done in real time and might take longer than just putting it up on the marketplace, I think it's a fair trade. Not to mention not having taxes will give players more incentive to trade using the new system.
  18. While I'm not really on Jericho, I really like that last bit. Good to see we're getting the patches very soon.
  19. Jump shooting shouldn't be possible with an AR, this is not something that could be implemented, it should be implemented. Are you sure the shredder shouldn't receive a range nerf instead?
  20. Mindless slaughter sounds like fun, although I hope they won't spam spawn points and kill you over and over again while you're trying to test stuff out when changing weapons.
  21. Yikes, that's a lot of wasted effort if they remove it. And I'm not talking about myself here.
  22. Yeah at this point it's muscle memory to crouch at longer ranges, I'm gonna look not so smart if they remove it. Please reconsider.
  23. These are counting in the current OTW changes that'll happen. JG So after playing on and off for some time, both financial and waterfront, I'm ready to make a good estimate of the current states of the weapon. Right now, the JG has too much range, the JG itself is a powerhouse and will have to make you think twice about your positioning, much like the NFAS did before but now it's almost double the range of that. If the JG loses a bit of its range, people will have to consider using IR instead of just ignoring the mod completely. So you can go two ways with this, you either reduce the effective range of the JG, or you take some damage of the powerhouse. Personally I think removing range is a better option here, as shotguns will only get 4.5M increases range, meaning it's fairly small for reduced fire rate. CSG Currently overshadowed by the JG, nerfing the JG will probably put the CSG in the spotlight, but further balancing if necessary will have to be done once the initial nerf of the JG comes out. Shredder Extremely forgiving pellet spread allows this "shotgun" to take down targets at longer ranges than intended. Honestly that's fine if that was the intention of a medium-range shotgun, but this thing "shreds" at close range too, allowing for little counterplay unless you adapt and take one out yourself, reducing the fire rate of the shredder will NOT help, the shredder and thumper should be like the NFAS where the reduced fire rate is compensated for its extra range, but it's a bit too much. HVR I see a reduced amount of people playing the HVR, I'm not sure if this is because of a bug that makes you hit nothing, or it's because people got scared of a nerf. The HVR in my opinion is in a good position, it's still an extremely powerfull weapon on defending, and IR will make this an absolute menace if you can snipe even further than the eye can see, but we'll see. N-TEC Ntec, the most versatile weapon still see's a lot of play for obvious reasons, but reducing range on it might make the CR-762 a very attractive alternative for long range as an example. I've always wondered if the NTEC isn't too versatile for what it does, It's an upgrade to the star essentially, but requires some skill to master it. OCA and its variants If it isn't a JG or an N-TEC, it's probably this weapon that sees the most spotlight for good reason. Personally I'd rather see the underperforming SMG's get a buff, but nerfing the OCA is fine. Apart from the Shredder and JG, I feel like this is a step in the right direction though. A change in the META is healthy for a game, but make sure it stays true to its roots. Changing a game too much will cause it to lose its soul. It's also pretty good for a business standard.
  24. Won't lie that the recent balance patches made me not want to play anymore, but I will once everything's been resolved again. I think this is the case for several other players.
  25. Now this is something I can get behind. Nerf NTEC but also nerf OCA. Seeing variety in guns really makes matches more interesting, and frankly I'm tired of playing against the same weapons all the time. Also very hilarious that people immediately think NTEC nerfs are bad when they're just trying things out. Now that really makes me think.
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