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  1. I've been a troll for almost a decade now, and haven't managed to lose my account to dorks, hmmm... "wonder why", and i did allot of damage, and i mean ALLOT of damage through all this time, its not about how salty you are, but more bout how CENSURED you are. lol... By the way did u absolutely secured your account with a 100 letter password and secondary security check? Also always use VPN, don't play apb or any other game without VPN, its the best dated security modern solution, if you are concerned about your online security that is. Joking, u'll never be secured on a online platform EVER... because if its not the trolls, its the corporations employees, that's reality, so be ready for everything regardless of the precautions. The worst dorks i been dealing with so far its fake sand worms trolls, go figure.. trolls vs trolls, there is no respect in our own tight society nowdays sadly, we are a bunch of inside traitors since birth just like the more than half the world we live in atm ^^
  2. Making more weapons useless seems to be one of their main priority, guess they'll never work on making this game actually better, but only listening to that yellow community members suggestions, basically making this game only one sided, while the usually abused side, gets more abuse and reduction in numbers as usual. Balance iis more heavy than it used to be i'm afraid. But don't worry, there is cheaters to match their exigent needs hopefully... cuz even those are probably getting tired of paying for updated cheats by now, as there is not much to enjoy killing now-days, other than some here and there superior scrubs lol.
  3. I wanted to say something in your favor about this thread, but then i read your post, and all i can say its that i sell my products too, and always get ppl reseling my shit for cheaper or higher prices, but i never whine about it, cuz they just help me promote my garbage anyway. Either way, i can't see why complain about ur issue, if other ppl seen its potential they gave u the money u asked for it, and used their own prices for ur underestimated products. You should be grateful that they showed u the true valor of ur merch, and next time put a proper price for them. Just joking, just keep ur merch at the same price u always sold them, cuz u will never know if that guy actually sells them or not. Besides, why the hell do you complain at what prices other ppl sells ur shit, they gave the price u sold them for, if they can sell them at higher prices its to dumbasses that never knew about filters, or are too lazy to search through in order to find best prices. Besides in this game allot of veterans have too much money(there is nothing you can purchase with actual ingame money nowdays, so it piles up heavily) to give a rat's patootie about inflation of certain products, so they just buy whatever pops up, that's why some noobs exploit that, but you could just make copies of it with half the products inflated, and the other normal, see how that turns out for you.
  4. Expiring time for deployables was always questionable, i guess timers are justified by performance gain. Wonder how much does that 1.99% performance gain against the obvious fun would justify their compromise. At least make that timer matter, cuz less than a 5 minutes or 10 its the equivalent of zero fun. Depending on the item of course. They made that useless boom box pop out of existence ridiculously faster, as if wasn't fast enough before lol, now they made it even more useless than it ever was before, thanx LO Nerf™ Besides, wtf is that boom box even used for? I never understood that attempt at psychical crap approach, as if ppl are that easily radar distracted lol. At least put a damn bomb in it to be fun to use, the most garbage accumulated crap in my mail box ever. Oh right, its a noob approach distraction tool, i guess that's the only reason boom box exists in this game, to make noob lives more miserable than it already is lmao.
  5. Why do you even use steam for apb lol? I only use it for VR cuz i am forced to, but normal games should never be launched through a money grinder dump like steam.
  6. Yeah had enjoyed the surprise of that myself, which reduced even more my gameplay enjoyment, but what can we do, its the yellow community against the silver. Little Orbit the company of nerf™ so far there has been more nerfing than improvements to this game, GJ. And the proof is that apb is pretty much the same, but with a allot of nerfs, which benefits the yellows, but devastate the silvers experience. Can't imagine the new GFX improvements saving this game EVER, at most it will save the yellows exigent requirements. Ending with an even smaller community game, cuz i bet there will be even more nerfing going on with the new GFX. How about compensating for that with actuall things that ppl love to play with, other than garbage that nobody really needs? Put some actual content in this game other than recycled crap over and over, then call it additions. How about new contacts, new cars, new interesting things to do in this long dead game. Cuz nerfing is nothing to enjoy this game better than before in a general perspective.
  7. If you want this game to die faster, remove half population because of insult. then enjoy crying more about low population.
  8. Ummmm... been using the 144 Mhz gaming screen rig special options for a stupid crosshair with multiple options and i tried them all, and it felt like nothing really much delivered, i could say that this special crosshair makes u 2% more special than u usually are, but that's it lol. I mean how much do you ppl need to lick a.. in order just to find out that crosshair models are basically and should be free and not a big problem as most of the topics in this forums made them seem, for fuck sake,.. use ur fucking monitor option with no fear, this smart a.. company is trying to just make it seem illegal, but as long as its optional in the monitor software that u bought with real money wtf can they do about it? Its not like they can contest what's legal and what's not, they just need to cope with them products standards, same goes for the mouse software, that they keep banning you from, jeezus, i have the feeling they never coped with allot of updates worldwide about products, no wonder after all they are a low budget company(and they use that to exploit the idea to please the keyboard monkeys of this community, which are basically the yellows that exploit every corner shits of this game and then pretend they are top notch to be respected and butt wiped all the time through their amazing supreme "contribution" here. Seems that not many ppl sues anymore in the gaming industry. Cuz i have this feeling that if an absolute victim of this garbage lies would sue, it would get rich in no time... of course depending where . Basically what they do its exploit idiocracy, whenever they tell you that you can't use your monitor options or mouse software. There is a basic rule for all this shit, but hey, they can use fucking gambling boxes no problemo, like most of the fucking gaming companies does, which is very illegal in most/some europe countries, but that;s ok. Should be illegal everywhere, cuz its gambling addiction exploiting, and that's obvious since forever, but they keep them alive despite the new laws and the gaming communities arguing about it over and over itch, all the new games popping up in the latest decades, figures that greed its the main point in every company development, regardless how small.
  9. Hahahaha, been waiting for this thread a long time, good for you, i hope things evolves accordingly for you and your kind, you all deserve what you sow. Soon the same fate for EU servers as well, so enjoy yellows... your bundle of joy is but your milking cd's towards your demise™. And regardless of what they say about their so called terms of whatever, ppl can't comply with it anymor,e cuz that would prolly mean banning half of the left community, as half of the playerbase are either exploiters or cheaters, the other half are afk'ers and noobs, so go figure, most ppl are just rebelous about this game, and the most to suffer from it are noobs, that check in and not long after check right out, Games are made through noobs, not ellite spoiled yellows, unless they are over-populated, in which case yellows get all the actual deserved attention, regardless of reality of things, but here reality has been pushed as a tradition towards them yellow exploiters and since then its been a traditional ritual to always give them credits for absolutely everything in this game, previous companies weren't this obsessed with them before, but LO has developed a particular love for them, as it thinks that they are the saviors of what's left of this game, good luck there and we'll discuss this matter after this game died long ago on reddit or other forums of course. At this point u might say that if the corporation isn't milking its clientele. the clientele is milking the corporation, lmao, so basically you should understand why most corps rather prevent being a victim by just milking what's left of any title in existence that's been very successful in the past. I mean you should understand the mechanics here more clear than you would with a successful business. Cuz u bunch of selfish beings will feed on it like hyenas on a putrid carcass, till nothing is left, so every business will anticipate that by exploiting ur dumbasses in most cases, why, cuz otherwise you let nothing for them to stay alive on. Check some documentaries, you would be impressed how much animals have in common with humans. We are called consumers for a good reason, we consume more than we should all the time. Might as well be just called parasites. Go figure. Bsides the fact that corporations basically consume this planet and ours existence of course, which is taboo, so i can't talk about it u know :))) Problem is we mostly agree with it, so it can't be anything but taboo. Who would give us them super markets otherwise? srry i blabbed too much... NOT!
  10. VR is the future, but this game has nothing to do with the future, especially VR for that matter. Although i love the idea, as i am a VR enthusiast myself... But NEVER bring VR where it has absolutely no chance to exist in your lifetime. By far this game style will ever be revived in the future after abp completely dies off. And if it does ever resurrect, it will be some-kind of low budget retro concept based on punk future versions that expired long time after endless disappointment from gaming industry most notorious greedy corps that will just do the same formula over and over with punk blabla each future releases, as long as the public allows it, which proves how low gamers communities have evolved in the future. Just a concept that so far made sense with allot of previous milked titles. The future is a shallow one for gaming industry, and VR will just be a senseless cliche in all of this for a very long time, till they make it enough micro tech to fit in a pair of glasses to please most of the humanity exigent expectations.
  11. Those gold districts are the cemetery that represents each and every yellow's ego in this game. You might just say its a virtual symbolic monument left to commemorate the self center egotistical absolute need to exploit inexperience. Atm, those are used mostly by hobo's to farm money... which are at their turn intercepted by yellows to farm money from hobos hard work. so it has its proper use i guess.
  12. I never tried, i just dropped in occasionally for my own meaningless enjoyment. Since when a TROLL needs to make any sense or even explain it self for that matter? If it annoyed you or anyone in here(which i am sure of), it can only mean that its purpose has been successfully achieved. Which is also the main purpose of my disclosed presence here.
  13. I sometimes invest in this game, but never invest in jocker boxes lol. as they prove to be more or less a fool proof. Just get one wep with credit card if ure in a hurry, but if ure not, jocker tickets are more easily to get nowdays, cuz of the corona promo, so u will get 10000 in about 3 weeks, like i get them, if u play the daily quests in the normal districts., i never play anything besides normal districts, and i get 10000 per almost a month, lately i haven't been very active, but it doesn't matter, just make sure u get the right wep before u waste them lol, cuz u might regret it, like i did last time. Get the... S1-NA "Manic" JT3 best wep if u learn how to master it, and i'm a noob regardless how much i advance. As for the rest, go for the ATAC 2 slots. The Manic won't work in first experiences, but if u learn it, it will please u right, the ATAC will work fine even without much training, as it has a steady aim, and just cuz they troll u when u use it, proves that its a good ep in general. Telling u this, cuz i'm a hopeless noob that has a bad hand skill, and always looked for alternatives in my sad experience. I advice you IR3 as the main buff, it can work with others too, it depends how universal u want it. Or u can isten to the guys under me, they know better :))) Actually i did invest in jocker boxes when i used my friend credit card at one point(i never use mine, cuz im a troll), and trust me... it was a very big disappointment, as even today i have the garbage that they gave me based on the filter named "popularity", and prolly never gonna use any of it again. Most of the boxes drop green temporarily garbage that i will never use, i used a few for testing before buying them with real money, but other than that, its basically a idiotic investment if u ask me, and the leak of actuall longer lease was a very big problem back then, as i failed to actually consider what i really enjoy based on fucking 30 min's lease, scummy deal. So far all my noob investments are laying in my inventory and never being used, go figure. Takes time and information to make sure ure not investing in useless garbage, yet i did cuz i didn't have anyone informing me about it, and the only way i used to actually make smart investments, were through forums, which is why i evolved, and never did the same mistake twice, problem, is it never gets too official the post, so the noobs will suffer from it all the time no matter what they update them new weapons with so to speak of course. In the end who cares, its all about money, and corporations will never care about customer discomfort, as usual Still... i believe i speak based on experience. But nowdays experience = ZERO sadly, even if its been proven otherwise countless times. BURP!! then again who cares.
  14. Well... either way... i believe this issue is going nowhere, and no matter the future updates, at the rate this game is moving, it will soon be too dead for them to invest in it, realizing it was a bad call from the start. And of course we end up with some typical shooter like the new stereotype garbage game rogue crapany, and the old call of duty and battlefield, as usual... kinda wonder when are their lifespawn end, cuz i might end too old to care by the time anyone ever decides to come up with a new gameplay, because i never enjoyed any of them, and they been around for way too long by now. Other than the same shit over and over, when is anyone gonna make a game that has damn quality cars in it, not just the same fucking shooting small stage context... wtf is wrong with ppl and their obsession for fast gameplay.... do new gen humans have any fantasy left besides indie typical tactics used by big corp's too, Customizable CARS if any godamn new shooter would include that with allot of apb touch, i would be a sucker for it, and i don't love cars in any particular way, but dang... apb is a good concept to be considered. Too bad dorks don't see it, so companies focus on the same garbage based on statistics debt cards go by. Basically instead of evolving, we go back. Adjusting to fast paced shit instead of developed fantasy experience, at least in the shooter category, cuz truth is, even mmorpg's are going backwards, just look at WoW nowdays lol, don't think i need words for that if u experienced it lately. Entertainment industry at this point has a cheap future, which will only benefit the corporations. U know, the smaller the brain, the bigger the gain... prolly future taboo slogan.
  15. Something that you haven't discussed much at all lately. So what gives? This place should be full of whiners as usual! You keep whining about stereotypical ones, but when they aren't to be seen anymore, this forum is basically almost dead. So what can any of you bring to the activity table other than correcting everybody with the same monotony all the time? Things that you never feel a victim of, but u always feel superior one way or another. I kinda wonder if u judging on newcomers is actually of any relevance at all for its reduction, cuz this game won't seem to be getting any higher pro's any time soon. So are we gonna pushback all the ppl that start the same topic over and over, or are we gonna learn that this is one of the only ways we gonna deal with low population, and i believe we better get used to it. One thing i learned in apb forums experience, this place is way more fun even with all the noobs complaining, than being killed over and over ingame for others pride orgasms, and whenever i come back to it, i see expired dates on every top posts lately,, go figure. Sadly i believe we can't afford the commodity of intelligent threads, as this game is obviously almost dead, and i don't need to tell you that, we all know it. Might as well start appreciating lower tier activity than just criticize it as usual, making it more relevant than promoting stereotyping critics. We all been there and some of us are still there cuz we can't be yellow smartasses like most of this community members are, keeping this game underrated and blaming it on noobs and low tier for the most... while you always get prized by staff and loved beyond your deserving qualities. Srry mods if i spoke out of my reach, but i believe this post isn't that toxic as usual. Thank you.
  16. I started very frustrated too, it was one of the most challenging thing ever experienced... which made it so addictive with time lol... now no matter how much i suck at it, the fact that i'm now fully developed keeps me here to enjoy the most of the times sad gameplay, and experimenting with new weapons, this game keeps giving recently, and that;s besides what keeps me loving it. I mean there is no game that will keep u playing after you realized its pointless... trust me, its the only game i ever invested in lol, cuz i love it way too much. Previous games were meh... i can't find something that can represent me in my avatar as well, i just love that my avatar looks like i would love to look... it has so much personal attachments detail that i was never able to leave it for good... was hoping so many time to get banned permanently, as they had severe policy, but it didn't happen, cuz i trolled at most, but never cheated. Then again it depends on your basic tastes, this game is certainly for a specific taste that new generation will hardly enjoy. According to experience that is... this game will never appeal to the most, but to the few sadly. There were points i thought this game is pure demonic for some reason.... but its just a game, that was made with a llot of money, and that it has a big potential to be addictive no matter what. It all depends on what u generally enjoy playing, and trust me... i never play any common games at all, cuz they mostly are somehow expired in concept, especially cuz they copy each other the most, and there is no point in playing any of it, unless u are a cheap tasted player. Then again listen to others, i have a very bad reputation here, so i might be wrong in my opinion. I still get very frustrated, but i try to control it by disabling chat so that i don't deal with other trolls... the main reason i became a troll myself. I would like to thank the mods for doing their jobs right. Thank you guys, and srry for whatever... you have been WAY too patient with me... and if u ban me in the future, i will never hold a grudge, i always deserved to be permanently banned, i just keep dodging bullets through years cuz of low population i guess...
  17. Just had a perfect aimer today, which i haven;t had for a very long time with easy anti-crap. I mean... if so many can notice the difference, i dunno what could ever prove them that this clown eye "anti-cheat' solution is pure garbage.... its like they intentionally do it.
  18. You can all CENSURED your crowns where it makes you kings of your thrones hahahaha
  19. The community tools making all kind of excuses as usual.
  20. If ONLY this was an update, but its clear as day that its an downgrade, so bug off, incompetent at best.
  21. Celebrating what?! 10 years of yellow abuse? While bronze been on oppression mode since the start?? So when are you gonna celebrate? Any bronze thing besides the supreme dying community side all the time??? Does all the companies that buy this game have a fetish for them yellows? Everything REALLY must be spinning around them?? Will we ever have an event for anything under yellow? Or is this game only made for yellows... which makes all the point.
  22. I mean its not like you haven't already downgraded us with ClownEye sponsorship, the next ridiculous job might as well be sponsored by CENSORED!
  23. How do u ppl always manage to get doxed all the time i can't figure, so far i seen so many being affected by all kind of problems after updates, and sometimes expected them myself, but never get(other than that stupid memory insuficience) the problems i always read in here. At this point i can only think that u ppl use older hardware or amd hardware, which has proven countless times with problems because of support leakage... Saying that because i used to have lots of AMD hardware myself, and i always had all kind of problems with it. Almost forgot... i still have my mouse software on, and it contains macro for apb, which i'm not using, but which i'm expecting to be a problem... and that's because if i turn off my mouse software, i have my keyboard rainbowing on me, and blinding the shit out of me when i play anything. In other words... i never underestimate the issues of APB, but surprisingly as paranoid as i am, i never get them.
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