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  1. probably some cuck as usual, they just be put there but are useless :))
  2. Not sure what you mean by that, but i have around 300 MB/sec speed where i live, and i always get stable connections, as its fiber optic city service, not some country side expired investing modem crap. 5g is still a future thing, atm most of the providers that offer that service its a beta version that will not offer actual 5G. You will know when u get 5G cuz brain cancer rate will also bloom after a few years, but who will care as long as the media won't report it.
  3. lol... can't understand the ppl that rushes to buy fresh new hardware on the market, when the old one works just fine, especially if u play this game more than others. The price is a freaking trap for this new GPU's series, and for what... 30 extra fps, and some new light tech?? Waste of not just money, but also nerves, as its being proven, not just here. I'm sure this is not the only game that suffers from major bugs with this new hardware. U sound like those old stereotypes where they are struggling to obtain decent fps with extreme low hardware, yet you are actually having top tier systems, lol the irony.
  4. That gun has the ultimate SMG look, but is the ultimate trash weapon, i always wanted to use it, but never found even the slightest efficience with it. Wonder when are they actually going to improve this game as any MMO company does, cuz so far it seems that its just stalling forever on most important projects they pop out. And i heavily doubt that after engine upgrade they gonna start making some considerable updates, other than jocker store and minor adjustements as usual for some reason.
  5. I would like to see an automatic secondary similar to banano(there u go smartass), cuz so far all there is for us that don't like to "park the dolphin" its that garbage gun mountie, which is one magazine death most of the times, and its pretty useless on its long range. I must say that those baloney stats ingame are not accurate at all on most weapons, its just fictional that needs an adjustment,
  6. Just disable chat, its the best thing i have ever done for myself in the long run, since i joined it, the toxicity going on ingame its just pure annoyance, and with time it will feel worse than otherwise.
  7. Events for exclusive yellows, that's what all this crap is about, which makes it useless for most players.
  8. Thank you! Finally some efficient positive changes to jocker store, i always wanted to try weapons before buying them, and i think that's a big upgrade for most ppl.
  9. Personally i just wait for this game to prevail and start gaining popularity regardless of its tricks, because i love it in a personal way, but i am sure as hell it won't be through its popularity, u ppl made a point long time ago, and it shall stay that way.
  10. It might seem a little more complex cuz its there, but otherwise it usually does the job for the money that ppl pay for it, so u don't even need to use that intelligence of urs. There is a reason why ppl chose to play this game through cheats, and all u smart a@#$% are it. Strange enough you are even bringing this up by now lol, seems you are unable to cope with urselves enymore :))) oh plox don't ban me mod's, i know you love your SPECIAL community members way too much lol.
  11. Yeah i'm sure it must be some new kind of ISP bull%$#%#$ cuz i haven't seen so much random INTENTIONAL and sometimes even tactical teleportation going on as nowdays. Good luck copping with that tho, cuz i won't settle dat's fer sure. I remember being low speed forced by my ISP at one point, and lol funny enough as hard as it was for me to hit my target, it had around 70% more success rate to kill than now with a full speed, so go figure, i mean experience should speak for itself more than superstition. In fact i should make some streaming about it, cuz u seem so skeptical about it, as if you don't play the same game. Too bad i always feel like shit streaming this game.
  12. Well... let me try, i hope i won't get ragged aside as usuall... but haven't you noticed the latest trend in this game? Where some players just teleport out of your aim path when u trying to shut them down? I mean in all my 10 years experience i can't say i seen them as i do nowdays, i seen them all over the place silver and bronze, i read on some forums that its common by now, and they a community, but i'm sure that's another matter to make fun of as ur kind usually do all the time... just cuz its not trandy in here, it doesn't mean its not on some other forums.
  13. ure one among the "smart ones" u go figure, haven't seen anything less getting removed so far, so you should be safe to ask risque questions. (I usually get warned or banned, so i'll skip that.
  14. So far i have been dealing with so many cheaters and VPN exploiters even in them censured bronze servers, no REAL fixes has been going on for years, other than worst gameplay experience. ts the same old with developed worse experience, crack sites develop far faster than this game ever did.... i mean do we really have to wait more years and years for something new to improve? or are we gonna just have to enjoy this place as a derp low standards dumpster game... for the next 10 years yet again. Oh you gonna ban me cuz of my mouse software? I mean i'm not gonna say that 100% but i'm surely anticipating it according to previous experience and your statement lol. Gonna have to add myself to another half a year ticket waiting time? As if 10 years experience didn't got me through that already.... ALso thank you very much for all the negative feedback, if only they would register it, i sincerely appreciate it...
  15. Is this your idea of "optimizing" the servers?! As if forcing us to play with all those "united yellow intellectuals" isn't enough. LO keeps finding ways to experiment on the small lab rat side of the community. You bunch keep saying that there were allot of improvements overall, but my overall and surely many others experience isn't very convincing. Oh right... i guess the improvements are exclusively for the elite. According to the down votes rate section, mostly practiced by the same "protected species," almost every time there is some criticism about the desegregation issues. No wonder most of the participants on forums are yellow lobbyists, the newbies don't stick around much to be exploited lab mice. Even the left newbies, are probably one of the countless accounts made by them "united bros" that practice playing multiple accounts for a hobby, then throws at others the noob, gitgud and getalife advices on a daily basis. No way a solo or a lifer can really enjoy this game, and most of the new players are solo's. So cheers for the glorious united guilds, keep those clown cars full and godspeed exploiting everyone and everything this game has to lose.
  16. The servers are currently ongoing through some more downgrade maintenance. They are sorry for the inconvenience, but they are doing their best. The servers should be up in a while with more stuttering and lags for your inconvenience.
  17. Mountie Nunavut was dropped after the first tries, because its absolute garbage recoil compared to most secondaries. I bought it mostly for the esthetic and that bullshoot "upgrade" buff, which was instant regret after. Never again... fucking waste of money, its like they want to push ppl away from buying more stuff from their store by putting the worst items on top "most popular" store list, which by the way... it never changes at all. They want to sell products but they promote fake algorithm.jpg
  18. Its hard to quit the only thing left that entertains you... as most games are usually a copy of each other mainstream crap formula. This is the only game i am still on so far, all others i already got banned after years of trolling... point is to just quit by force, and not by choice.
  19. First time i test this expensive 3 slots garbage, before i waste my jackoff tickets(already wasted my $/ on it), and besides that... wtf do you even put in those slots anyway, why would u give it 3 slots if there is absolutely nothing good to put in?(apb logic) i would assume its an handicap for it being so devastating apparently... not devastating at all if your 3 rockets simply vanishes every time you shoot at something. I was hoping for an update from the legendary one, but its actually a downgrade.. its more devastating to find this shit out.!! And to think most of you even complain about it.
  20. FUCK RIOT!!! Its a waste of time, this game isn't made by the "popular concepts" now days but by a unique style gameplay that descend from GTA, with riot LO wanted to try out the popular concept today, its a waste of time and resources, it will never fly, not even as low as the half finished asylum.
  21. Community of hypocrite trolls, that pretend to be gentlemen on forums, but ingame are all kinds of fine scum.
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