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  1. Name: Vnight From: Italy Server: Citadel Faction: Criminal scum Likes: Nobody Hates: Everybody Phrase: Bunch of "fuzzy bunnies!" Ingame:
  2. im making afool of myself on this thread, can you redirect me and delete my off topics so that i don't need to feel like a plague here? I am not getting any of your confirmations... regardless, i checked the post you said about mine, and it only showed mine. its what im doing wrong or good... im sorry if im an idiot. But i believe i just deviated from the main target to the secondary one, and it failed to post it.
  3. Ok... so i now know that forums are still under development, cuz my specific reply to multiple replied threads, ain't working. Yes you are right, community observations are very important as well indeed, but that's mostly for the qualified professional to decide, i mean imagine them never having to hire ppl that know better and just replace it with this small community for example, i know we love the game and all, but in order to please future members, it will require futuristic adaptation, not just current mass mindset from a community that's old as almost a decade, and which haven't progressed much with the time standards. Its hard to foresee things, but none the less its the most relevant for a game to survive in the future. We all know how fast tech advances nowadays. There could be higher companies popping up... better versions of the same concept, big companies don't have problems with developing new concepts that were before attempted at, but unsuccessfully. I love this game too, but we need to give them a break, cuz all i seen lately from the community, its way too much tension.
  4. Let them do their job, its not like they need the community advices in the first place, most successful gaming companies have hired advisors, which means in order to be successful, a company requires lots of qualified members each with their specific tasks including advisors and game testers... definitively not meant for a bunch of community addicted monkeys... that's fer sure. Excuse my expression
  5. Second life has one of the most perverted communities out there, the game offers almost total freedom of perversion, as the only limit is pedophilia, but for the most cases, everything goes according to ones common sense... and most of its communities, are ppl over 40's which are more or less ppl that have been abused in their youth or ppl that were born or developed mental disorders. Thing is... that you get to chose your preferences, which is the most important thing about it, and regardless of its reputation, that game will never die, just for that. At this point, i would like to beg the question... when was the last time u saw a game more infested with women than men? :)))
  6. In other words, they should simply make an option for enabling and disabling mature content... like in a few games i played before, where you as a user have a few choices about critical matters, and not only limited to being forced for none. This is a mature rated game, and there should be mature content in it, as it always was. Seen many companies getting adjusted with the many contradictions going on constantly, and in order to please all, you need to create options for every preference, seems quite simple, as i believe its a matter of visual tweakings, following the community collaboration.
  7. bunny anyone that can't stand small symbols, and rabbid bunny all the SJW.
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