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  1. Displ4yName

    Battleye Blocked SpeedFan

    hello i use SpeedFan to control the fans of my chassis and CPU. Since the Battleye update of APB SpeedFan is disturbed when I start the game. The temperatures can no longer be read correctly.
  2. I'd like to answer, but there's the "no talking about bans rule." By: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/
  3. i'm not saying anything bad about little orbit. i'm glad they took over APB and there's finally someone working on the game. For this I am very grateful
  4. I didn't say that. I only asked a question
  5. It should be easy to reset the account to the status a few minutes before it was banned.
  6. @Lixil @MattScott Another question. What about the whole premium game time and all the codes I had left and expired at the time I was falsely banned. I paid for it and I couldn't use it. will i get them back with my unban on the battleye patch? *snip* talking about bans IS NOT ALLOWED.
  7. Displ4yName

    Unbanning players before Battleye..WOW

    Same. Then we'll continue to wait for the Battleye Patch
  8. Displ4yName

    asylum irl ? ? ?

    EpicGoat rents out the IRL asylum
  9. Displ4yName

    Shini's spawn...

    @Lixil Why was my post deleted? i only posted a video about a bug in the game
  10. probably (hopefully) on wednesday after the weekly maintenance
  11. Displ4yName

    [FORUM] "Go to next blue post"

    Could you also add a tracker for moderators? Admin and Mod tracker. But separate them please