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  1. Displ4yName

    delete pls

    Doing Return to Lobby > Logout > Exit Apb was just to show off your joker tickets, money and playtime no normal person would choose this way.
  2. Displ4yName

    So this is a thing now

    New Patch Boiiz -remove hydrants wallhack + added a real wallhack
  3. Displ4yName

    Server Location

    Citadel and Nekrova are both hosted in Frankfurt , Germany that's why we have so many russians on the EU server
  4. Turning off voice chat was one of my first steps in the game.
  5. Displ4yName


    looks like legendarys are being given away here. @1337lad You want to trade? @CookiePuss send Showtropper. A week ago, I lost $5
  6. you forgot the following: -Cyka Blyat Я использовал g переводчиков для получения русского текста -Nano 150k in Social -what does TGM stand for? - *insert name here* you are so traashh
  7. Displ4yName

    Quick post - Gamescom wrap up

    Why is this topic not listed in the Admin Tracker? @MattScott
  8. Displ4yName

    Still full of cheaters?

    After the battleye patch I only spotted one cheater. all the kids crying in the /d chat are just silver players who hackusate every gold
  9. if you don't like the theme, just ignore the player. It can be so simple
  10. Lixil won't be able to help you here in the forum. She is not responsible for support. You will probably have to wait for an answer from support
  11. Displ4yName

    Loses Mission , Goes on a DDoS rampage.

    https://ffbans.org/Citadel/gR34T870WJ0894Y5 looks like he was banned and then started to ddos He probably doesn't know he can play again by now. @LO Time to check IP Adress in logs and go to Police
  12. Displ4yName

    Option to pause premium

    Premium playtime should only expire when I'm in-game
  13. Displ4yName

    What's going on with Citadel?

    Again again and again
  14. oh, man, that looks sick then I would love my ursus even more