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  1. Hey could yall like fix VivoxVoiceService. The game is like not the same without it; I enjoy deeply raging, crying, spamming music, and like talking my shit on the mic. I know this post should be in Bugs and Tech Issues section, but social is missing like the best part besides the customization.
  2. xxadv0catexx

    Questions for LO

    when will all the banned and inactive names be released for use
  3. xxadv0catexx

    Old ranking system

    i agree with the others that stated remove threat all together
  4. xxadv0catexx

    fps proplem

    limit your frame rate it will go down to 60 SmoothFrameRate i think its called
  5. xxadv0catexx

    fps proplem

    are you getting low fps?
  6. credit for passing over the game to lil orbit
  7. xxadv0catexx

    Make APB fun to play.

    apb is fun to play
  8. indeed probably nothing major till Christmas; i'm sure the dev's are having fun in the code
  9. xxadv0catexx

    rewards for event?

    they got you my boi
  10. xxadv0catexx

    Battleeye blocking File

    try downloading DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) and try verify integrity of game files... in steam
  11. xxadv0catexx

    Login server dead?

    i just wanted to play a match before work