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  1. Those suckers are dangerous. They used to walk past me and kill my horse first so they can feast on my half-dead body.
  2. Game development usually goes beyond a simple business. Because game developers are passionate people, they fall in love with their creations. Otherwise no sane person would spend their life trying to create games, because believe me that s*** is hard. Speaking from experience.
  3. Bow & Arrow Ability to make my horse follow me Far clip plane improvements & Distance fog
  4. I don't understand what you are trying to say here. Incomprehensible.
  5. Its a VERY small annoyance that plagues the game as of current, in a game filled with a ton more issues than just stack splitting. Again, they probably have all of three people working on this game currently, would you rather them spend god knows how long trying to fix stack splitting in the current game or trying to port the game over to a new engine where it would be a TON easier to fix issues that have plagued the game since launch. I'd almost rather them turn stack splitting back on just to see the crying that the server needs a restart every other hour. Unfortunately FE doesn't have the luxury of having a large dev team like most MMO's. So yes, adapting to the current way things are would probably be the best option, or they could spend weeks to months trying to figure out the stack splitting issue with no results, and have no progress in any which direction. Sure, it'd be nice if it were fixed, but in the grand scheme of things it is not a huge issue. And for those of you who say you love FE but then turn around and go "well I'm not going to sub until splitting is fixed" good job, you are only securing FE's death. If you expect me to read this without proper capitalization and lack of paragraphs, oh boy you are wrong.
  6. This is a game we are talking about. I play this for fun, I don't have to adapt to anything. Any obstacle in the way of me having fun is directly detrimental to the value of this product as a game. Therefore I have the right to complain about the obstacles they present in gameplay. I suggest you refrain from commenting about the way people live their lives from the clues you pick up from a gaming forum. It is wrong and meaningless.
  7. You can expect lag and frustration. It is almost like Stockholm syndrome.
  8. If I were to leave now a couple these would be the reasons: 1- Ridiculous melee range. Feels like everyone has extensible arms. 2- Laggy pathfinding that causes mobs to go irrelevant locations instead of chasing you - and then teleport near you. 3- Lack of mission variety. While missions are big in numbers, they vary little. It is as if the same set of missions is recycled with different targets for each town. 4- Free to play limitations. This is 2018. That monetization scheme is archaic. 5- Inefficient engine. Such as lack of a limit on the visibility range of the terrain. Many games implement some sort of a fog to cut off visibility after some distance to preserve processing power. 6- Lack of rapid firing rifles/smgs.
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