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  1. Trying to log in today, 12.00 GMT+1, character selection screen is empty, they appear after 5-10 minutes. When they do appear, i get "Character failed to load" in red text.
  2. Yeah Im sitting here thinking and planning everything i need/want done as soon as i get back in, and when i finally get back in, i always go "hmmmm, what to do now?"
  3. It is still down for maintenance. Waiting eagerly for the game to get back online.
  4. I could not get past the "Your area is loading...." either, on any of my toons. I have them spread around a bit, but neither one could log in. One is in Northern Forest, one in Deadfall (not Los Alamos) and two in Los Alamos. Hoping it gets fixed after the maintenance.
  5. Trying to log in today, severe lag at character loading screen, then when i finally get in there is massive lag on everything such as chat, fast travel and even drawing weapons. After a few minutes, i get a "<GAME> Game is offline" message in chat, and when i try to exit to character selection screen, it just dumps me to desktop. This happened around 9am GMT+1. EDIT: Still trying to log in now, been approximatly 30 minutes, and i still can't get past the character selection screen. I think i will try again after the maintenance today.
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