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  1. well that came out of left field
  2. Kitsae

    When are we going to get stack splitting back?

    Ignore Prometheus2011, he has no secret inter knowledge of whats going on inside of LOs office. Im quite confident that the issue that lead to stack splitting being disabled is of high priority to them. The ramifications of the issue is extremely damaging to the future economy/health of FE. We are just going to have to cut them some slack as they are fighting a uphill battle. Not only are they having to back step thru undocumented code... it is a fact that FE was not coded very well from day one (if it was then these kinds of issues wouldn't of gone on for years.) Personally I don't see this being fixed anytime soon. To be fair they did adjust the weight parameters as a band aid. While it is annoying, the merchant sell/buyback work around takes less than a minute. It bites but we can live with it for awhile.
  3. Kitsae

    Cash Shop payment issues

    No. While I do live in the Philippines I have a US bank account with Chase, with a credit card that I use for all my gaming needs. Was paying in American dollars so it was not an exchange rate nor VAT issue.
  4. Kitsae

    50 Rothium Harvesters Operation Center Keep Sunday July 1

    but global will blow up with crying and crap talking. Ill start making the popcorn
  5. Kitsae


    If your serious then I would say a dyed Huckleberry Outfit.
  6. Kitsae

    Unused structures.

    While I always wanted player housing from day one... I don't see it In the cards now. The development resources would just not be justified when consider the player population. As to player made towns.. look no further than SWG ghost towns.
  7. Kitsae

    server needs reboot

    I know was just few hours ago that one was done but ya hamsters are on strike again.
  8. I feel you I finally gave up
  9. Kitsae

    More Cosmetics and clothes

    I think ya got lost as appears your talking about APB. Things like a player changing the skirt length and such would not work in a MMO like FE.
  10. Kitsae

    "Make Factions Matter"

    Well this has devolve into basically just PvP talk; but I get it that it is whats important to a lot of you. I am curious though... this talk about faction ap weapons and GT armor... how would it be balanced against the non faction versions that's already out.
  11. Kitsae

    already bought

    poor lil vista girl trying to commune with the Goddess..... if selling one for reasonable price please let me know
  12. Kitsae

    "Make Factions Matter"

    I wont comment on the PvP points because as a pure PvEer a) I don't have a right to say what should go on in PvP and b) I have no clue what should go on in PvP. My past comments on the forum show Im a big proponent of making faction "matter" and the choice of one important. I don't see taking it back to the original design (minus the freaking wheel turning) as feasible no matter how much Id like it. People would riot even if a free respec was given to each character. Anything done to make faction choice relevant will have to be from this point forward. Something unique to each one. Like say for Vista; Id love to see the original idea of us being able to breed/train combat pets (idea dropped early beta.) Maybe there needs to be a representative for each faction to be a unified voice and "champion" its cause.
  13. Sweet. I would love to throw some money your way.. now kick paymentwall to the curb so I can ;)
  14. Kitsae

    does not start the game

    Im really sorry then. Yes it can be fixed by modification of some windir and registry editing but I feel a ethical dilemma explaining it. I feel for another gamer having issues and living in a 3rd world country I know the cost of a legit OS can hurt but in long run its best to bite the bullet... so yeah... Im bailing. Good Luck.