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  1. Kitsae

    More Cosmetics and clothes

    I think ya got lost as appears your talking about APB. Things like a player changing the skirt length and such would not work in a MMO like FE.
  2. Kitsae

    "Make Factions Matter"

    Well this has devolve into basically just PvP talk; but I get it that it is whats important to a lot of you. I am curious though... this talk about faction ap weapons and GT armor... how would it be balanced against the non faction versions that's already out.
  3. Kitsae

    already bought

    poor lil vista girl trying to commune with the Goddess..... if selling one for reasonable price please let me know
  4. Kitsae

    "Make Factions Matter"

    I wont comment on the PvP points because as a pure PvEer a) I don't have a right to say what should go on in PvP and b) I have no clue what should go on in PvP. My past comments on the forum show Im a big proponent of making faction "matter" and the choice of one important. I don't see taking it back to the original design (minus the freaking wheel turning) as feasible no matter how much Id like it. People would riot even if a free respec was given to each character. Anything done to make faction choice relevant will have to be from this point forward. Something unique to each one. Like say for Vista; Id love to see the original idea of us being able to breed/train combat pets (idea dropped early beta.) Maybe there needs to be a representative for each faction to be a unified voice and "champion" its cause.
  5. Sweet. I would love to throw some money your way.. now kick paymentwall to the curb so I can ;)
  6. Kitsae

    does not start the game

    Im really sorry then. Yes it can be fixed by modification of some windir and registry editing but I feel a ethical dilemma explaining it. I feel for another gamer having issues and living in a 3rd world country I know the cost of a legit OS can hurt but in long run its best to bite the bullet... so yeah... Im bailing. Good Luck.
  7. Kitsae

    Fallen Earth is Fallout Multiplayer.. hmm??

    you really have to ask that?
  8. Kitsae

    does not start the game

    Think you meant that for APB forum ;) but anyways.... Please don't take offense but are you sure you have a legit copy of windows? That error is generally caused by a modification made to a cracked copy.
  9. Kitsae

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Im not going down any of your lists to counter each point because its honestly pointless. Despite you assertion that you have some higher level understand of FE than anyone else; you have very little grasps of players motivation to play.. or leave. You seem to think just because you look at things through your own bias views; everyone else sees it the same way. News Flash... all of us do not. The biggest reason people left over the years was lack of content and updates, plain and simple. Sure bugs/stability is an issue. Truth be told they have been a issue since during beta. For the most part, the community has accepted that tolerating them is part of the price to play FE (hell we even try to convince ourselves its part of FEs "charm.") Luckily most of the bugs are just inconveniences. The handful of show stoppers (like duping) need to be addressed asap. As to the banwaves.. another news flash... we are going to see them again. Just as a lot of the bans were bull (its a fact GMs abused the feature based on their personal feelings toward certain players) a lot of them was legit as well. Not saying Im against the amnesty; its the fair thing to do. In the long run it will only benefit the ones unfairly banned. The "cheaters" will come back.. and cheat again. After all, you champion the need for an anti-cheat program. If you say its needed soo bad.. must mean a lot of cheating goes on. If you follow the logic out then quite a few of the past bans was justified and those members will get banned again. Your ideas on factions.. well I still cant wrap my mind around your crazy ideas so Ill leave that alone.
  10. If they don't want to go to trouble of making new AP weps, Id be happy with just allowing wardrobe for weapons.
  11. Kitsae


    Ooooo another ex shadowbane player. I blame it for my dislike of PvP :P I used get ganked soooooo many times my huntress.... till rolled a sundancer and learned to fight back
  12. Kitsae


    I have no issue with a anti cheat program if it actually worked. Im all for fairness for our PvP population. That being said... you are wrong about it making pve/crafters "explore" pvp. PvE players don't PvP because we don't want to. We don't enjoy the play style. It has nothing to do with us being scared of cheaters.
  13. Kitsae

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Is there a purpose to arguing why X was changed and who wanted Y implemented? Maybe Im just being silly in thinking it would be more productive to identify improvements for FE as the game stands today.
  14. Kitsae

    New in game gms suggestions

    Im sorry but this is not even close to being true. I have never seen someone in new player chat be told to go look up his question on the net. Might have happened once or twice while I wasn't online sure.. but your acting like its rampant. Only times Ive seen people in global told to go look up something is when asking where to farm/buy a craft resource and referred to FE wiki. I seriously don't see a issue with that. Closes Ive seen someone trolled in new player chat was a lvl4 begging people to come rush him through getting faction. When was told he was too low level and ADVISED by several people to go back and do starter towns to get the hang of the game; he told people to screw off cause he could take on lvl10+ mobs solo so he was too good to do the quests. Still was not trolled... but yeah was dog piled on by people a BIT harshly. Once again... sure few people might been trolled without me seeing it. But still, it is NOT common nor rampant. Do we have some trolls in chat? Name me a game that doesn't. They are the exception not the rule. Nowhere near the degree to call our community toxic.
  15. Kitsae

    Fallen Earths Potential

    Thing is, even the PvP feels tacked on. There really is no point to it. Im a card carrying carebear so I don't generally PvP in MMOs. There has only been one that I ever did regularly and that's because gave faction wide bonuses outside of PvP when certain objectives held. And for the love of the gods... the answer is NOT trying to force people to PvP. When harvesters was introduced to try and force crafters into PvP zones; sure a certain segments (not all) of PvPers rejoiced at the thought of griefing PvP inept crafters. Sure some action was created at first because our clans would send bodyguards with us. That wore off fast and eventually it was back to business as usual. Entice players.. don't force them.