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  1. Well another week gone, another week of an unplayable game due to lag, another week of wasted Commander premium, another week of falling player population and another week of no communication from anybody at LO. Regardless of the lack of tools to fix the game engine this lag is a server side issue on the input side. Whatever is causing it is besides the point. The point is we are left in the dark.
  2. Do not get me wrong the reason I did the original post was through pure frustration with not actually being able to play the game. We have had days of constant lag, not being able to clear craft queues, get mail and now problems with taking and handing in missions. If you are in LA the mission list does not even appear but instead shows up as the scripts in the chat window. Even under G1 the lag problems where sorted quite quickly but to ignore it for days on end and not even acknowledge the forum posts about it is just rude. I know it will take time to sort it out but the lack of feedback is not on. Have a look at the APB forum they are kept up to date on every server problem but FE gets nada not a peep to tell us its this or that. Just keep us informed is that too much to ask. If you watch the help chat you will realise how many new players we lose because they just give up not knowing that there is a server problem or the plans to revive FE.
  3. Fallen earth was the ignored ugly stepchild under G1. Well nothing has changed under Little Orbit except it may have got a little worse. While APB gets attention left right and center Fallen Earth gets lag for days that has now evolved into the mission window scripts appearing in the chat window. We heard a lot about FE not being left out in the cold but so far very little action and at this stage is in a worse state than it was under G1. The player base that all came back when the news of LO taking over FE are now gone and any new players joining must laugh at how bad the game is and will never come back. I defended FE to all that would listen when it was under G1 but now it is just embarrassing to do so. I regret the creating a new account for my son and the money wasted on buying G1 credits and the Commander premium to go with it. I am 65 I have personally invested 7000 plus hours in FE. I have funded numerous accounts for my family to play FE but if the state of the game does not improve I will take my money elsewhere and right off the unused G1 credits remaining and no I will not invest in that toxic APB.
  4. Guys please. What is going on. Lag is back again the same as yesterday. I have lost items in the mail again and cannot empty craft queue. Seems last nights server shutdown and maintenance did nothing to resolve the issue.
  5. Lag is in all sectors. Effecting crafting queue input and output. Scavenging is impossible but looting seems okay. Mission receiving and handing in severely compromised, takes minutes to register acceptance and hand in. Have not seen it this bad since before LO took over. Seems to be mainly input lag. New issue. Items attached to emails are not arriving. Emails are blank.
  6. Thanks for info. Any idea how up to date it is?
  7. Is there any plan or chance of reviving the Fallen Earth Test Server? I used to do all my testing on it and am finding doing the same on the public server is becoming a bit expensive.
  8. Please destroy this car and ban the player who spawned it this spawning of cars and garage managers everywhere has got to stop.
  9. This is an existing bug. A bug I reported and uploaded a video on years ago. It is one of the most frustrating bugs, I hold my breath every time I put more than one item in a clan vault. It happens with all the clan vaults but only the clan vaults. The only work around is to log out as soon as you see an item vanish, log back in, collect item from mail box and if you have free slots put it back, otherwise wait for a bit and the blocked slot will become available again when the game refreshes +- 15 minutes.
  10. I just lost 15 Progress Social and 15 Progress Crafting buildings that where in an alts inventory while trying to drop one of the buildings. Building did not appear so I logged out then back in and both stacks had vanished from my inventory. Got mail notification of found items but nothing was attached. I would advise against dong anything with large stacks till this issue is resolved.
  11. I logged a report about the garage manager spawning some time ago which was not only a malicious attempt to block access to certain areas but contributed to server lag and FPS drop in the area. This one is the activating of vehicle keys or mount triggers in "No Mount" areas an example was right in front of the LA storage room. Once one person does it it seems to lead to a spate of others doing the same thing and you have a bunch of vehicles in the area. For what purpose is a mystery, maybe storage but tough walk a few feet to the car park. Showing off a new vehicle? Nobody is interested.
  12. Recently there has been a spate of idiots spawning vehicles and mounts withing the borders of "No Mount " zones as well as inside Cloners on Cloner entrance stairs as well as Bunker bar entrances. This should be an easy fix. I can't drop a farm near a resource node surely the same can be done to prevent this.
  13. This issue effects all defense town. Issue 1: On a server shutdown and restart the town will loose all the med bins around the bunkers. Issue 2: The resource generating structures Pumpjack, Watertower and Windmill will no longer generate any resource in the area.
  14. Thanks Guiny. Enables me to fill in the blanks in mine.
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