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  1. Guinylen

    Top Sugestions by Players

    If you take out PvP, FE is very sociable.
  2. Guinylen

    We Want You!

    That question was directed at Aroa. but anyway it's highly unprobable to announce the chosen ones, since there are things like NDA put in place.
  3. Guinylen

    We Want You!

    If you were chosen, would you go around telling others you are a GM?
  4. Guinylen

    We Want You!

    Does not matter, does it? The chosen ones would go under new names, but their personalities and behaviours are free for anyone to guess.
  5. Guinylen


    If you have a list, ban them
  6. Guinylen


    Imagine going to Mars for the sake of mankind (assuming Mars is indeed better), except you leave your home, friends, family, clothing, money, and all the luxuries behind.
  7. Guinylen

    Top Sugestions by Players

    Unattune kit: Make it non-tradeable too. Though they have been somewhat actively engaged in Twitter business.
  8. Hello Wastelanders, On behalf of all members in Oblivion, I am proud to announce to you that we will be hosting our 5th Annual Clan Party Community Event! All players are welcome! Here are the details: When: Saturday, 19th January 2019, 12 pm EST (Countdown timer here!) Where: Stronghold, Sector 3. Directions: There is a FT pod just to the west of Stronghold. For new players, head north from Sector 1 into Sector 2, then head north east into Sector 3, head east to Credit Bend, then head south through Trader's Flat. What's happening: 3 raids followed with Instacraft tables between raids Giveaways, which means amazing prizes are to be won! Donations: Please send any unopened Xmas Gifts or Vehicle Keys via ingame mail to Tear Drop. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you there!
  9. Guinylen

    We Want You!

    Eagerly waits for the day that chosen one gets disqualified. (I know, I'm a bad kitty).
  10. Guinylen

    Survivor's Refuge is under new leadership.

    What about the Rally on Jan 5th? :<
  11. Guinylen

    [Need Help] Windows 10

    Bad Santa! :<
  12. Guinylen

    [Need Help] Windows 10

    Can I still help? 1. What is the graphics card you're using? (but if I had to guess, you're using laptop so the GPU is most likely integrated) 2. On what graphics settings do you run FE on? 3. What do you mean by "it runs 10 times worse"? was it a fps issue or stutter or screen freeze or long load times etc.? Like what Sharkdog mentioned, 4 GB of RAM is suboptimal for FE. However there is a way to increase your temporary RAM space: by configuring a USB drive for RedyBoost. It should help with loading times.
  13. Guinylen

    FE Holiday Events 2018 (Updated)

    @MattScott I am really impressed with the First Night event so far, and I'd like to thank you for that. However, there are a few bugs that arise : 1) After defeating Red Rudy in Trader's Flat, Dunder's dialogue uses the same script used by Stoopid in Dieseltown. It's not a major issue but the information is quite misleading. 2) Mission: The Goose is Getting Fat in Sunshine Corners New Flagstaff require Cactus, which can no longer be obtained, renders the missions uncompletable. Could it be that the item was sold by some merchants elsewhere but it wasn't addressed? Could you arrange for a fix to these issues soonish? Regards, and Merry Christmas, Guinylen.
  14. Guinylen

    We Want You!

    I want Christmas prezzies!