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  1. Is this a bug? Havent played the game in a few years, just came back after I heard of the new owners. Anyways, I have been moving items around in my inventory trying to organize what I have in my Vaults. Some of my items that i move into my Clan Vaults turn invisible. I cannot interact with them after this, but they are taking up a space in the vault. My max inventory goes up by one, and if i try to move another item from my inventory onto the spot where the invisible item is i get "no room in clan vault" message. I can move from my inventory to other items and it just adds to the vault like normal. This has happened to my Sector clan vault, Barter clan vault and now my VIP clan vault. Just wondering if this is an existing bug, and if there is any type of fix? i have submitted a ticket, but havent had a response yet. Thanks in advance.
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