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  1. This is the better path to take and would be a good stepping stone to learn from if you plan on overhauling and remaking it entirely. I hope for the best for Fallen Earth, Little Orbit and this neat little community.
  2. I miss the Heretic vs. Red Alert stuff. Glorious to look back on. No games out today where we can kill our own faction/side and have inner faction drama.
  3. Unless they miraculously fix the atrocious server issues with lag/delay, crashing etc. that was experienced in the last ~2 years of Fallen Earth I don't see the point in bringing it back online even for nostalgic purposes unless you're fine with 10 server restarts per day because of it crashing/lagging out and losing items/progress. Do it right the first time, fix it and port it to a new engine and give it a real chance at revival. You could cater to a lot of the indie community's if this game was fixed up properly and marketed right and get a 300 to 600 playerbase. This is the only game people mention when people ask for a post apocalyptic MMORPG even people who haven't played it. Game could be profitable if it capitalizes on the cosmetics similar to how APB has survived and focus on social media presence to passively advertise for the game.
  4. I not want to see Fallen Earth relaunched in a bad state for nostalgic purposes. The game was a gem and deserves better than that. It must be rebuilt, wiped and given a proper relaunch for a real chance at revival for us and newcomers to enjoy otherwise it will just remain a shadow of it's former self in ruin and despair. Hope everyone is all well and stayed safe through the past year. Be cool to know what everyone's playing these days... I miss yall
  5. Interesting to see this. This was always the best approach for any chance to bring Fallen Earth back to it's former glory. Thanks for the information and update.
  6. I'm not glad Fallen Earth is dead, but I am glad it will be shut down. Thank you for any time and effort you put into Fallen Earth however small or big. I put a lot of time into Fallen Earth as did many others, made many great friends but all good things must come to an end. Thank you to the friends and foes I met along the way. Goodbye for now
  7. Even more so I appreciate the detailed explanation as to what is going on
  8. Keep up the work. I still pop in from time to time to see how things are going and wish your crew best of luck.
  9. Any possibility to see community created items in Fallen Earth? Reskinned or remodeled items. Years ago I asked a Dev about this and they said it's out of the realm of possibilities due to policies and one would actually have to be employed by G1 in order to access the assets. Some of us who have played for a long time have a better grasp on how items should look with the apocalypse and lore and could make a great addition to the marketplace or lockboxes.
  10. Not exactly possible and would easily be circumvented. What is possible is making crosshair scale with resolution. I'd propose the size of the crosshair in 1920x1080 and the size of the reticle in 2560x1440.
  11. One thing to note; these can be applied retroactively if they do ever decide to bring them back.
  12. Great write-up, Hooli. You should make an imgur album of screenshots from Crafters Market over the years and put it here
  13. I think he derped and meant faction titles. Currently there is two unused placeholders for faction titles. Back on topic; 5 ranks in clan is plenty for functionality. A more suitable suggestion would be the ability to add notes to users in clan similar to how ESO and other games have.
  14. That can be done with anything in Fallen Earths marketplace, can't it? For awhile premiums were the most valuable item and thus targeted. Would it help if tradeable premiums could only be bought by premium accounts?
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