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  1. In the video you can literally see some of the assets from FE being placed. That was cool, thanks for sharing.
  2. At this point I'd pay for the old servers to come back online. Bugs and all. I just want to play again :(
  3. I wish the servers were up since most of us are being told to stay indoors.
  4. Do you guys think the remake should be called something like Fallen Earth: Recloned?
  5. yeah, gonna wait till morning maintenance is over for this to be fixed like usual. also, don't triple post when you can edit
  6. The server's down for some reason for everyone right now. It's been like this at a random time every day lately.
  7. What kind of response do you want to this?
  8. Alec Masters is initializing again. Looks like we're down. Again.
  9. Look, Deacon, we know you're drunk, but if you're going to post off topic stuff every 3 minutes then go post in the off topic sub forum.
  10. Yes it is. Its been down for about 4 hours now.
  11. https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page Is the best we've got when it comes to a question like this. Or you could read old development blogs. Then there's some youtube videos from 2009ish. That's all I've got.
  12. For the last hour I haven't been able to get to the character screen. It's just Alec Masters initializing now.
  13. Can a mod lock the thread please?
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