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  1. Gaah! Gaah! Gaah! Where'd FE go? Sorry I missed the event Lukas, looks like it was the last one. Ever.
  2. Yeah, I'm getting no toons on startup.
  3. So apparently the server goes down when I try and switch toons, sorry about that folks.
  4. I have found that when I try to switch toons and go to the loading screen that either a) I select the toon, hit play, wait, nothing happens, hit play, wait nothing happens, or b) no toons show up in loading screen. If I exit and reload FE, vault is usually empty of characters, or when characters are there, again, hit play, game won't start. I have just spent 15 minutes trying to get back into FE, no love. Last night it took me 15 mins to switch toons, but at least it worked. Lil' help?
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