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  1. you can't get anywhere near blackridge in sector 3 without it kicking you back to character screen seems just some towns are broken
  2. Don't be stupid no such thing as a update with fallen shite earth it's fucked again lets face it
  3. games a bag of shit why bother playing even if it updates i don't think it will attract new comers
  4. Hi5 to that server restart, i have been trying to finish my recipes and i can't
  5. i'll do what i want if you don't like it tuff shit game now says offline
  6. I have gone to log in again this morning to another blank character screen. i have been waiting for at least half hour and still blank Merged. Oh wait they load after almost 40 minutes what a joke. game seems to be getting worse Merged. Great when the game finally lets you in it lags like hell merchants don't even work. the games almost unplayable
  7. It took 40 minutes to load the characters does the game even have daily maintenance now ?
  8. It's Broke again whats the point in giving us premiums we can't use them what a load of utter bollocks this game is. Blank character screen again.
  9. me as well. the game was lagging i re logged and couldn't get back in the character screen is blank
  10. Games worse than before the lag is worse I’m finding it hard to play now a days. theirs just a handful of players left without them the game is dead
  11. It's Friday night you sad set of bastards go enjoy yourselves and stop dwelling on a game
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