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  1. Not if you were a good stalker.
  2. Well thank you Wait a minute, isn't that what a stalker would say?
  3. I feel like I missed out on some good times.
  4. I say this a few days ago and the whole community jumps down my throat. It would be EASY for one person over there to fix 90% of the lost item tickets. Hell if nothing else add the needed credits to the account and let us repurchase them. They can't even be bothered to answer us on the forums. I waited 16 days, now I'll let Capital One deal with it.
  5. I see my stalker finally made it to this thread.
  6. Let the devs do their job...the game is worth waiting for... no reason to be upset it's just a game...go play another game... Remember all those things I was told when I was upset about the game not working? I remember. I find this funny actually. So many upset people. So to all of y'all upset and who told me these various comments and I see quite a few of you who are upset I tell you the same things you told me, go play another game, I am. Edit: The irony is sweet.
  7. My characters have been mia for 45 mins now.
  8. Ah, a kindred spirit. I know the feeling well.
  9. Ya. still waiting myself.
  10. The same, I quit being able to accept missions so logged out and restarted to no characters, even the create one is greyed out. Edit: And they are back
  11. Okay, as my longer response disappeared when I hit post, so shorter version. The game being down is a very small part. I don't appreciate the missing items and ignored ticket. Tickets would be a top priority, they had days before this downtime to work on them or at least acknowledge them. The first time the game was down these past two weeks, I was fine, I joked about it ad even tried to calm down someone else that was pissed. But I don't appreciate being lied to. $20 bucks isn't a lot of money, but the game had no problem taking it, then putting you on ignore. So yes I am upset this time around, it's a combination of being lied to and yes, not being able to waste my time tooling around a virtual world. So ya, don't like me, DM me directly with comments, dislike what I have to say I really don't care.
  12. Maybe I am pathetic for bitching about a game, but here you are bitching about me bitching about a game, so... Sperg, hmm making fun of people with problems, you must feel big inside.
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