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  1. Hello! I try to send a ticket, to punish scamer, But send button dosn`t work under any circumstances.
  2. It down again. Just when we was in Deathmatch
  3. Separate arenas is very bad idea. I have waited 20 minutes for single match yesterday. With your idea, people just spread around places and get nothing. After all, Blood Sport is not about the gear. In level range, differences in gear don`t make any significant change in result. Hitbox models, player billd and lag is what matters.
  4. Write a message about the problem to technical support. https://support.gamersfirst.com/
  5. No. I bought a few years ago a few things in the in-game store and received a freemium.
  6. Hello! Today I went into the game after a long (2 months) absence, and found that the chips on my account were gone. There were only 10 Reds left and a message about the "update"appeared. However, I am not a new player and have had several so-called" freemium " allowing to have more than 10 red and create other characters (not counting other payments). After receiving the message there was only an opportunity to create new characters . Sorry for bad English.
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