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  1. Be happy dont loose any itens/progress because of the Maintenance and hardware failures
  2. why dont make like other games and give to GM the power of kick players from the instance. That way prevent abusive or false bans
  3. LO don't will ban the people who give them money, especially when the playerbase are getting short
  4. people have leave because of triggerboters/ scripts and the lack of new content
  5. everything works correctly . its funny see people trying hard, make it look's everything is okay, to dont be banned or get their cheats blocked by BE Especially when allmost everyone are using triggerbots and other similar cheats
  6. stop download spywares ( AKA fake cheats) and you dont will need 2FA
  7. since people keep living into the dream and keep spend money, this game never will die [ its funny people are being robed sinced 2011 with false hopes and lies but they keep spend money into it ] then people complain why government are banning loot boxes, i dont know, maybe because people are fool and let 'modern thief's' rob them without their notice
  8. @Lixil @MattScott Why Citadel is located more closed of Russia than Nekrova Server? That dont make any sense. People like me who live in south europe have lower latency in Russian server than European server
  9. isnt enough Obeya CR762 have low recoil, you want to make it the 'new sniper' ps: about the recoil, should be interesting know if the broken recoil added into the weapons in 2015 patch make the TTK of the weapons of the same class equal or not
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