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  1. You probably mean EOL (Deep Impact, The Hammer, Kickback)?
  2. You have been playing the game for over 8 years, play in bronze districts and complain about it. No problemo we will remove everybody who is max rank out of there, you included
  3. If the game would run decent on most computers, players wouldn't have to use configs. I wouldn't say the fps is a big problem, but the annoying stuttering is. You are in the middle of a fight, all of a sudden you have a millisecond stutter and are instantly dead. It's impossible to enjoy playing a game if you have constant problems like this.
  4. I completely agree that weapons in APB should have more recoil and less bloom. When playing the game it just feels like killing another player is mostly based on rng, which i'm strongly against. But leave Tommy gun out of this, even now when the recoil was reduced the weapon still lags behind OCA and other smgs and has the highest recoil in the game! I also agree LO should take a look at the weapons that never get used. Meta weapons always get all the attention, while some weapons never get noticed and i don't even understand why they are in the game
  5. I'm surprised they still did nothing about dethreating, this should have been their first priority. There would be a lot more players playing this game if new players had a server where they could learn to play. Also new players that stick around tend to buy stuff so they bring money to the company which is essential for the game to survive
  6. The game could be a lot more enjoyable if LO made more little changes. Matchmaking was always broken so i understand why this can't be fixed so fast or never, but things like car spawners and spawn points could be adjusted, some parts of the map also. I never noticed how annoying grenades are, i guess because players didn't get good at using them overnight. Since at that time i played this game all the time it was normal to me, but now when i occasionally play it i'm just bothered by all this nade spam. Would also prefer if missions had attack and defend stages for both teams
  7. It has happened to me multiple times when i wanted to play that i spend over 10 minutes trying to get into a district but then gave up and played a different game. I don't think a queue would even be a good thing anymore. It could still take a long time to get into district, imagine being like 30 on the list. Except if they would make it like this, when there would be a lot of players in the queue they would put them in a new district. They could have also made possible that players from different district could played against each other We can dream but i'm sure nothing is going to change/happen
  8. Let's be honest, you would be a shit friend if you would recommend a game like APB:Reloaded to your friends
  9. You are forgetting one thing! When LO acquired this game they stated the engine upgrade is almost done and should be live in couple months. This was more than two and a half years ago and people are still waiting. In the meantime on the live version nothing big has really changed
  10. Removing smoke and fire also has a disadvantage which nobody ever talks about. The vehicle might seem normal on the outside, but if you remove fire you might not notice that it's actually on fire. It can explode when you are near it or inside it. If you remove smoke you will have a lot harder time seeing O-PGL, OSMAW projectiles and grenades. Sadly it seems explosions, smoke and fire are the ones that give the worst fps drops in the game so i understand why some use it, but at the same time i agree that it should all be bannable. LO stated that Advanced Launcher is ok, but other things are bannable. Strangely players keep using custom configs on stream and are not getting banned, so i don't understand why they even said it's bannable in the first place
  11. DeadPixels

    fbw role progression

    You know their stance on the bugs and all other things on the current live servers, wait for the engine upgrade, it's almost here ROFL
  12. The guy plays the same character and FC only 24/7 and then brags about how many kills, medals he has ect. Epic APB player
  13. Considering how badly the new engine is running who knows how many years before it's actually ready. The new engine should run at least at the same performance as the current live one is. If not more players could leave and things would get worse than they currently are
  14. It was a lot easier to get into APB years ago. For instance when i started playing the game in open beta players didn't know how to nade so perc nades were really popular. Players also didn't know how to tap fire, neither properly use FBW, Carbine or Obeya CR762, most players didn't even use secondary weapons. Car gameplay was really not that big part of the game, except in the final stage. There are videos of top tier players on youtube on which you can clearly see how everage they were if you would compare them to today players. But back then multiplayer games just started to get popular. Most players were used to playing single player games, where you could predict AI movement because they were made to do exact same thing every time you walked close to them. Of course over the years players progressed and got better, but this also meant it was now a lot harder to get into a game if you are a new player. I was always a big supporter that new players need their own server where they can learn the basic of the game and also implantation of a better tutorial, sadly this was never a big priority and never happened. Who knows how many players we lost because of bad decisions and i'm sure these players are never coming back. The funny thing about all of this is that veteran players constantly complaining about low player base. But at the same time if they get a new player on their team they are disrespectful toward them and if they play against new players they show no remorse when they pulverize them to pieces. In my opinion veteran players should be more friendly to new players and try to teach them something if they want the game to survive. Over the yeras a lot of veteran players moved on to other games because they got tired of APB, but at the same time new players are scared away by veteran players who stick around. We also have to mention how APB dethreaters were never dealt with, which is such a shame. Sadly new players can't get any better without experience. Also i think refer a friend was a great idea, but sadly the system was heavily abused and didn't brought many players. So in the conclusion with better decisions this game could have a lot bigger friendlier player base.
  15. Arguing with reality....because i want things to get better? All i typed was that i want the game to be more balanced, but whenever somebody complains about something on the forums there's people like you who tell them stop crying and git gud scrub. I think LO did a lot great changes since they acquired APB, but there are still things that need to be tweaked. I do accept the reality and even if a weapon that i personally love playing is in need of some changes, i tell my honest opinion about it. If people like you would be managing the game, we would probably still have p2w weapons. Maybe you and your clan should accept reality. If you look at Wasp standards - having a respectable attitude towards the rest of the game community. If you look at most APB applications players state under ''What does 'playing honourably' mean to you?'' - Respect other players and play fair. This one is interesting: Playing honourably' for me means that you should always play fair even if your enemies are laming the mission (playing cheap = using nfas, demo weapons, heavy hvr, yolos, percs) you should overcome them by skill and not by choosing the low gameplay. And then when i played against you guys you were running on the last stage. I found it hilarious, i guess this is how the game was meant to be played right? XD Yeah they got fixed, but only because players complained about it on the forums over and over again. I always loved the Scout and i'm glad they nerfed the jump shooting, because that thing made the weapon to good in some situations. If people who used it should be called tryhards or not is up to you to decide. I only mention this things because they were not meant to be in the game. Players found out about it and started using them. The interesting part is what happened when the Scout finally got changed. Players started using other weapons, you barely saw any scout for years until now. So clearly a little change can make things completely different in a game.
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