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  1. 1. I never said that. But i do think threat is not the real problem here, matchmaking is 2. And how many new players quit because of you veteran silver players? Just like it's hard for you playing against gold players, it's hard for new players to play against you. But all you care about is yourself Since gold threat is easy to acquire, yes i do think players who played for years should all be solid golds by now. It's not all about skill, it's knowing the map and how weapons work, also knowing how adjust to different situations. Learn from your mistakes, try different tactics. This things you learn from the game itself for playing it for a longer time.
  2. Joined May 2015, you should be a solid gold player by now. Instead you play on bronze districts and you are probably one of dethreaters who are ruining other players missions and also spook new players away. It's ok, you are going to get your bronze districts back, they were temporarily removed
  3. You know what else will also increase..dethreaters. How exciting! Yeah i remember they stated in couple months the engine upgrade will be released. In one and a half months it's going to be 2 years since Little Orbit acquired GamersFirst. I understand this things take a lot of time, but this is just disappointing
  4. DeadPixels

    WTF Laggy names

    Giving free name change to Russian players wouldn't be so hard to do right....but i guess it is
  5. You also have to consider that a lot of players who were up for it just wanted new content
  6. Since battle royale games have been so popular the last couple years they decided to make RIOT, but guess what...almost nobody wanted this mod in APB, so yeah it was kind off a waste of time making it. Instead of RIOT they could have made a new FC map or something else, at least players would play this more than 1 week. I'm sure RIOT could still be saved if they would put some more time into it and update it. I have read a lot of complaining comments about RIOT, but did LO try to fix this things, nope they didn't! It's a tradition in APB when something fails just leave it in the game and don't touch it again. Nothing is ever finished, done in order and everything is rushed. Why would you put time and resources to build something and then discard it just like that? LO shouldn't make this kind of things considering in how bad condition the game currently is
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if GTA VI gets released before APB engine upgrade
  8. I used to have 70, now i have 130 ms. How did you get from 50~60 ms to 300 is mystery..
  9. You are constantly twisting my words and trying to make me look incompetent, but you are not answering the important questions. Why are we forced to use the same tactics as our opponent to be more competitive? Why are there so many different weapons, vehicles, modifications but we are forced to use the same thing over and over again? APB players constantly use the things that gives them greater advantage, that's how it always was and always will be. But when somebody complains about the broken stuff you get an answer from them: you are bad, get gud.. I can't talk about other people in this thread, but i want stuff in games to be balanced. In APB a lot of things should be changed, the previous company clearly rushed with most things they added to the game withouth proper testing!
  10. Nobody said anything about removing them, the whole spawning system in APB should be reworked, it's just terrible. So what's the point in other mods, if we are forced to use only 1? Not true. I play multiplayer shooting games because i want to shoot and kill the opposite team\players, not to destroy and disable car spawners. After they added this mod the game just wasn't as fun to me as it was before. It also forces you to addept to some stupid tactic that you don't want to us, just so you can be competitive with the other team
  11. Doesn't weekly maintenance usually take 2-3 hours? Next time you should tells us everything that is going to happen, don't withhold important information from us...
  12. The purpose of car spawners was to give more different places on the map where players could spawn. The problem occurs because it wasn't done properly and gives great advantage spawning you closer to objectives. Sure both teams have an advantage if their car spawners are in good places. But what if 1 team has no car spawners and the other has 4? The team with higher amount of car spawners will always have greater advantage! No to mention if you want to destroy car spawners, grenades are the usual thing you use. And then later on when you would need a grenade you don't have one because you had to use them on damn stupid car spawners. Car spawners are are in my opinion the worst thing they added to the game. APB players constantly have to adapt to other players playstyle\tactics, in the end they can't play the game how they wanted to. Car spawners are a great example. Either adapt to this mod, or lose the game, normal day in APB, but things shouldn't be like this
  13. Mobile spawns were never fine, as you said it yourself they allow closer spawns which give a great advantage over normal spawns. This is the reason why 95% cars have this modification equipped.
  14. Tell us one good reason why LO should spend their time and money making stun weapons for criminals? I would understand if these weapons would be super popular, but considering that nobody ever plays them... Some of you people have been asking and begging to get stun weapons for years now. Really though, how hard is it to make an enforcer and when ever you feel like playing stun weapons go on that character and problem solved
  15. Why are servers going to be offline for so long? I would understand if it was a huge update, but this 3 little fixes....wth xD
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