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  1. All i'm saying is if you have bad internet connection and problems with the game, you will not be able to play at 100% capacity and you will have a big disadvantage when playing against players that are already batter then you. How can you say it's not devs fault. People used to play this game with Dual-Core processors in the old days with no problems. Now you need top end CPU and the game still doesn't run good. It's clear that in all the years they messed up the game code and made the game unplayeble I always wonder how many more players we would have if dethreaters wouldn't scare them away. The game is dying because of them and it seems like nothing is done on this matter The only reason players started dethreating was so they wouldn't be facing cheaters. But i'm sure now they just do it to get easier opponents. I remember it well when we gold players were locked to gold districts. So many complaining on the forums, a lot players left, some started to dethreat. Even after they later on undo the changes, some dethreaters didn't stop. We had this problem ever since
  2. Really appreciate all these free premium, thank you
  3. There isn't really that many cheaters in the game as most players claim. I agree dethreating is not the way and should be stopped. Yes the only way to get better is to play against better players, but you must understand not every person has a good pc and internet connection. I for one have a decent pc, as far as i can see my fps is around 120 to 144 fps but i get crazy stutters and i die all the time because of them (yes i do have SSD). I pretty much all the time play solo because i am not an active player and all the people i played with don't play anymore. Often get a silver on my team, playing on Citadel server.
  4. And why do players dethreate? Gold threat is to easy to achieve. The gap between high gold and low gold players is way too big! Matchmaking puts high premade group against random low gold and silver groups. Of course better team always easily wins and goes on a win streak of 20... So yeah i do believe with a proper matchmaking dethreaters wouldn't exist
  5. What are you talking about, engine upgrade has a lot to do with how the game is right now. The company decided to put everything on hold and focus only on the new engine. Bugs were piling up and never got fixed, a lot of things like matchmaking never got addressed, nothing new was added (except for some weapons so the money was flowing). Sure APB was never perfect, but before we actually got some updates, then it stopped completely...
  6. Would adding a new map be a good idea? The old two maps Financial and Waterfront could be abandoned, players who would want to rank up could have a hard time. Maybe instead of adding a new complete map, they could instead add new places to the two existing maps
  7. If there are no constant game crashes you should just give us the new engine, there is really no point in waiting
  8. Rofl 5% more is not that many. Btw i'm sure a lot players who got banned probably had character of both faction
  9. You apparently don't know how thread works in APB. If you are on the winning team you can still dethreat. It all depends on player score, have seen it happen multiple times. Also if you don't kill anybody and only do the objectives you can obtain gold.
  10. Nothing in the resource monitor. When i start it it shows APB Launcher. exe and BugReport. exe, then if i close it is says terminated for 1 minute and it disappears Tried starting game from APB Reloaded\Binaries\APB. exe and get in normally, but got error ''This client's version is incorrect''. So luncher doesn't work
  11. Keep getting the same problem. I pressed on APB icon and waited for update to download. Then it asked me for permission to install BE. After that was done i got this error. Repair button doesn't work and i can't start my game. Kevkof there is no APB processes in my task manager, i did try restarting pc and it didn't help
  12. This is how my normal day in APB looked like when i played solo... start APB wait 1 minute for the game to load to the menu spam 5 minutes to get into the district ready up wait 5 to 15 minutes to get a mission with opposition notice i'm playing solo vs two players because i have a detheater on my team still played couple minutes but then decided to give up and go afk ok mission over, wait again 5 to 15 minutes for a new game missions starts, again 2v2, again a detheater on my team esc -> exit game GG WP, an hour of my time well spent. Nothing wrong with dethreating, it must be just in my head
  13. If we're being honest, bad players are constantly punished for playing bad.
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