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  1. Arguing with reality....because i want things to get better? All i typed was that i want the game to be more balanced, but whenever somebody complains about something on the forums there's people like you who tell them stop crying and git gud scrub. I think LO did a lot great changes since they acquired APB, but there are still things that need to be tweaked. I do accept the reality and even if a weapon that i personally love playing is in need of some changes, i tell my honest opinion about it. If people like you would be managing the game, we would probably still have p2w weapons. Maybe you and your clan should accept reality. If you look at Wasp standards - having a respectable attitude towards the rest of the game community. If you look at most APB applications players state under ''What does 'playing honourably' mean to you?'' - Respect other players and play fair. This one is interesting: Playing honourably' for me means that you should always play fair even if your enemies are laming the mission (playing cheap = using nfas, demo weapons, heavy hvr, yolos, percs) you should overcome them by skill and not by choosing the low gameplay. And then when i played against you guys you were running on the last stage. I found it hilarious, i guess this is how the game was meant to be played right? XD Yeah they got fixed, but only because players complained about it on the forums over and over again. I always loved the Scout and i'm glad they nerfed the jump shooting, because that thing made the weapon to good in some situations. If people who used it should be called tryhards or not is up to you to decide. I only mention this things because they were not meant to be in the game. Players found out about it and started using them. The interesting part is what happened when the Scout finally got changed. Players started using other weapons, you barely saw any scout for years until now. So clearly a little change can make things completely different in a game.
  2. That's baloney! So some of us are now called scrubs, just because we want the game to be more balanced. You maybe happy playing the same weapon, driving the same vehicle, using the same mods 24/7, but i want to see more variety. There are so many different things in this game, why am i being forced to play the same thing, using the same tactic as you are? If i am not then i am doomed and lose the mission. Some weapons my look good on paper, but when you play them you are constantly being outmatched. No matter how much they test things, people may still find a way to abuse it. Perfect example was N-HVR qs, Scout jump shooting or when they added Vegas 4x4 and players started jumping on roofs. I am sorry sir, but i'm sure this is not how the game was meant to be played
  3. You people do understand there would be less explosive weapons in Asylum if item hold would be removed, so why not just remove this instead
  4. Everybody prefers mobility over more health which is natural. Kevlar may need a slight change, but this modification is still more used than Flak Jacket and Fragile.
  5. As much as APB players want to admit it or not, most are try harding. You can clearly see what happens if a weapon gets a slight buff or nerf. The fact is players play meta weapons not because they like playing them, but because they they are slightly better than other. El-Neko made a poll about PMG in August. Even though everybody knew PMG was overpowered, half of the people still voted not. And i'm sure at least 90% of all the people who agreed and disagreed about it being OP still played PMG daily. Nowadays when OCA is slightly better, everybody plays OCA. APB players do stuff like this all the time, god forbids if they would play something they would actually enjoy. Winning is always more important. The sad part about all of this is that they then brag about it how better they are and type in the chat easy. Just because you decide to not change your weapon, play for fun and don't really care about the game\mission. Amazing players
  6. We will first have to wait for NVIDIA response. Apparently the new RTX 3000 cards already have their own problems https://www.techpowerup.com/272591/rtx-3080-crash-to-desktop-problems-likely-connected-to-aib-designed-capacitor-choice
  7. Wow a lot of interesting changes. But can you do something about Colby M-1922 recoil. The gun used to be completely fine before. Kewlin made a thread about it years ago: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/2278-please-revert-m-1922-tommy-gun-recoil/
  8. Could you change FC Asylum to Territory Control, item held is just awful. You have all the players in one place of the map spamming O-PGLs and grenades 24/7
  9. I'm sure everybody knows by now how low the population is, making a thread about it won't solve anything. All we can do is wait and hope that things progress in the near future. Also there was a jump in players when the countries were in lockdown. Of course eventually the left again. I agree they should have done something by now, but LO biggest mistake was that they didn't expect the engine upgrade would take them so long to finish. This is why we are still waiting and nothing has changed
  10. Does this not count as a complaining thread? Couple days ago you wondered if anybody noticed - https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/14817-did-someone-notice/
  11. Love playing ISSR-B, but i never understood why the weapon did so much hard damage. I'm also glad they changed this
  12. That's the problem in APB, there is no BALANCE!!!
  13. If you try to make a weapon more balanced so it's equal to other similar weapons how can you call that a nerf? Having more balanced weapons is not only good for players, but also for the company. Many times new players asked the question what weapons should they buy, the answer was always the same. How can a company get any profit If let's say 80% players only buy and use those 5 meta weapons?
  14. Everybody knows what's wrong with the PMG, it's to much accurate. With other SMGs even if your tracking is 100% some bullets will still miss the target. With PMG this doesn't happen, that's why it's more reliable and players favorite. It needs range reduced
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