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  1. Yeah i agree, i am sure most of us would rather see new contacts than some new silly mode that nobody asked about. The thing is they are probably trying to attract new players with this mode, but this game is not new player friendly and they didn't do anything to fix this! There is no district for new players so they have to play against players who have played this game for many many years. I said this a lot of times, we would have a lot larger playerbase if new players would actually have a chance to get some experience before they would have to play against more skilled opponents. So i really think they should have prioritise in more important things than this. If you have a broken game you first have to fix it, then you can add some more features and start advertising
  2. Since we are talking about consumables, can i ask a simple question. Do you get them only when you are max rank? I am leveling up characters and never get any mail, but i do remember i got mail when they first appeared in the game
  3. Flaws why didn't you say anything about N-TEC 5, is it because it's your main weapon or do you really think it's ok? Let's face it, most of the APB players still use N-TEC 5 because it's a powerful and so versatile weapon. You say that jumpshooting with N-HVR is fine, what about with N-TEC 5. I really think it's too accurate with jumpshooting...
  4. When you look at APB players, they want to win every mission and most of them do whatever it takes to do so. Did you really expect they would group up with some random player and play with him missions? Refer a friend could be a nice thing to bring more players into APB, but yeah it failed big time
  5. Both decent guns. I prefer VBR Temptress over Huntress, just like TheJellyGoo said Huntress overblooms
  6. Shaw was never popular so why should it be in oldschool tryhard category?
  7. I have been telling this company that they have to make the game more new player friendly. The thing is new players constantly join APB (i can even see them in silver district), but then they have to play against players who have over 5k hours and can't even get a single kill. Of course nobody wants to get their patootie kicked every mission so eventually they give up and stop playing the game. I am completely sure this game would have a lot larger playerbase if they did something about this!
  8. It was a lot easier before, they just posted a code on the forums and players redeemed it on the armas marketplace. There seems to be a lot of problems now so i really don't understand why are they complicating things.
  9. No offence but after 1 year you should have an opinion about the company
  10. You complain on the forums how stupid car spawners are... Players with car spawners tell you it's easy to destroy them! How it actually looks in the game: You are standing next to enemy vehicle and throw a concussion grenade under it, nothing happens. Confused throw another one and this one does damage but because it's a Nulander Pioneer players can still spawn in it. You shoot at it for another 5 seconds and finally you can move on to the objective (lost only 15 seconds on this crap). You get to objective and die. After you respawn infront of you there it is again, the same damn car spawner...! only in APB XD btw everything works as intended and yeah this bug has been in the game for a long time
  11. Is anybody working on fixing this problem? I am asking this because it's sunday..
  12. It's not like that the current engine is bug free xD
  13. In all honesty the PC version hasn't gotten any big updates in years! I really think everything is taking way too long, not enough updates. They should really hire more staff and speed up things ;(
  14. Damn this thing is really taking long. I really didn't expect it to take more than 2 hours, now it's already past 6...
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