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  1. You are right it's not, but banning and then unbanning players is not a ok. Ether give a player temporary or a permanent ban. If players will think that there is a chance of getting unbanned then they will start making threads (like this one) and won't take them so seriously
  2. Just because you so more cyrillic in the game doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Adjust to the situation or leave , it's totally up to you.
  3. Again not a good idea, especially since there are still so many players who dethreat in this game. By playing this game for a long time i noticed three things. Even if you are a good player, it really depends a lot on how good your and the enemy teams are + on the spot where the objective is. It's up to you and your whole team to cooperate and adjust to the situation. Sure one good player can do a lot by himself, but he can't do everything...teamwork is always the key to success!
  4. Do you really think this guy deserves another chance? Just by reading his comments i can see he has no remorse for his actions and if he would get unbanned he would definitely do it again. I do know people can change, but i don't believe this one can. Instead of apologising to the community he complains about his ban and states grifing is not a bad thing and that it was not fair for him to get banned in the first place
  5. The more you talk, less sense you make. You said multiple times you don't care that you got banned and at the same time you cry and complain about it. As for the players who were unbanned, a lot of them were falsely banned. They probably couldn't determine who were really cheating and who weren't, so everybody got a second chance but hey so did you. You were first temp banned, but you still continued and then what happened? The drama is real with this one
  6. How is this thread still not locked, mods not doing their job..
  7. Yeah i mostly play solo nowadays and most of my gold teammates play like silvers, so what's the point in having gold. Make new players green and other players silver, problem solved xD
  8. While they are at it they should delete gold districts as well since they are always empty
  9. A player who has multiple 255 characters can always make a new character
  10. You don't have to be a genius to notice this right...he clearly wants attention and i'm sure eventually he's going to make a new account and start doing the same thing he has been doing for years
  11. I'm generally surprised how many people here in this thread are defend griefing
  12. If you check APB Player Statistics you can see average player count per day was only about 100, but i am sure we can expect more. Some players made a new account to play on Citadel, but we should also assume some didn't. If you have bought a lot of weapons and made a lot great symbols, etc....over the years you probably don't want to start from 0 all over again
  13. They have to transfer thousands accounts and yet if we check APB Player Statistics we can see average player count per day is only 100 LUL xD
  14. Yeah because that makes a lot of sanse, i killed many players over the years and never got banned for it >_>
  15. Well by my clock 8 hours has been up 2 hours ago, so can we expect a delay after delay and then another delay, because if that's the case just say it, so people can stop waiting for the servers to come online and do something alse in the mean time
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