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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the engine upgrade takes another year to complete. Everything is always so slow with this game and full of unexpected problems..
  2. There are no newbies on your team in this screenshot. You do know newbies are new players? 3 players on your team are max rank and you are 220+. You should have at least 500 hours to get to that rank
  3. Big mistake to give compensation now when we from EU have so high ping. Couldn't you wait and give it when all is fixed? You could have also send us codes with expiration date of 1 year and players could redeem it when they wanted to. I know that you guys mean well, but damn i am just disappointed how poorly managed has this game been from the start to this day
  4. How is it insulting when somebody tells you to calm down and do something else in the meantime while the servers are offline? Sure i agree it's taking a long time, but let them do their thing in peace
  5. I tried the Showstopper from the armas marketplace and with it i could easily beat oca in close open range all the time. The weapon is like a secondary Nfas, clearly it needs some adjustments
  6. Considering that this event takes place every year, it sure wouldn't be hard to change them so they would be obtainable
  7. So years don't count? If somebody plays 3 times a week for 2 hours, for 3 years...that's still less than 1000 h hours
  8. I don't get it, why is it so hard to give players who have cyrillic characters names a name change? Yeah everything is always getting delayed, we wait months and nothing changes
  9. When you are fighting against a team who are using 2 vehicle. The big one with item in it is Nulander Pioneer and the one pushing it Vegas 4x4. On top of the Pioneer a player with OSMAW\Volcano (or any other good weapon against cars) and one inside with a blowtorch ready to repair the damage -> the chances of you catching them and winning is very slim
  10. Story of APB. A not so good veteran player gets matched against a bad new player, who just started playing the game. The veteran pulverize him, not holding back even for a second. What he does next is too boost his ego even more, he takes a screenshot of the scoreboard and uploads it on steam..typing bellow it ezy game. Later on the same player gets matched against a lot better opponents than he is. In the end he doesn't even get one kill, only couple assists and lots of deaths. He starts typing in the chat report this players, he is sure the players who he played against were clearly cheating, there is no way they could be so good! Later on he decides to stop by on the forums and complain about the cheating problem. Because nothing is done against the so called cheaters, this player decides to deathreat and go play on bronze.
  11. I haven't played the last 3 days because i didn't have time. Today i finally login and join FC, after 15 minutes the servers go down. GG ;(
  12. DeadPixels

    about shaw..

    It's nice to hear there are others who enjoy Shaw. I used to play it a lot in the past, almost got to level 16 on my main character. Sadly nowadays i don't really play as much and use it anymore. It just feels so exhausting if you compare it to other easy weapons. Do hope i manage to get to level 16 one day
  13. Even though APB is a really cpu intansive game, i am sure the integrated Vega 11 gpu is going to your bottleneck. Not many people play games with a integrated gpu so there is hard to find the information you are asking for. I am sure somebody who has a Ryzen 3 with Vega 11 could do some benchmarks for you, but since you already ordered the parts...what's the point.
  14. Just because the login is down, doesn't mean the servers are down too https://will.io/apb/
  15. Last i checked they were still up but in bad condition Omg grow up, you are acting like a baby
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