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  1. I want it in apb because I love the game. APB is my Second life btw. :) *just honest*
  2. Thats a very good point. i Hope we get that option to have nude. OFC it is on disable by default. In the end it is an 18+ game. There should be 0 Problems on this topic. Many other games have it. Conan Exiles have it. I even can code that by myself. It is not that hard.
  3. Read the topic befor posting. Just disable nudity in options and done......
  4. Please stay on topic. It is about having an option to enable/disable nudity. People who do not like nudity chars can disable it and they dont see it because they see chars with a bra insteat of topless.
  5. Sorry for making another thread about this topic but. Im a perv and one of the reasons I play APB (since rtw cb) is the possibility to design Characters. There was an exploid that allowed us to have females Topless. My Suggestion: Add an OPTION for nudity (enable/disable) just like Conan Exiles did. Players who disabled nudity wont see any nipples and that stuff (naked chars will get automatically a Bra and shorts) That would also make life easier for Content creators on Twitch/youtube etc. Same goes for Symbols. Add an option to Show/Hide Symbols. Yes I want those Pixel Nipples. And trust me... Sex Sells. You will win new players if you allow us to have those nipples. :) (on PC ofc)
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