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  1. Thank you much, i figured there was a silly tric to it, but stil..., its kinda ridiculous by now, i mean how many years have passed since it was pointed out, evolution doesn't seem to cope much with this game. Hope the future will solve similar issues, cuz lol... i fail to see such a silly car like Growl, being so expensive, and hard to deal with, having 2 slots and all
  2. From my experience mods are the only ones that tend to have CD, never really seen CD's in cars, as i sold the cheapest ones so far. I just started selling Vegas, and Growl, and here i am asking you about the CD for growl, that is more or less like Bishada, which we all know is a bad car, compared to the pigs alternative.
  3. ok... at this point i would wonder, did u ppl ever sell products that you customized? I mean the first thing you do is make a copy of an item you customized, so that you can sell the copy, not the original. Which wil help you design it once, and not every time you want to resell the same item.
  4. i would want a second one, cuz i don't want to repeat the design i put on it every time i sell one, that's why, thank you.
  5. Yeah excuse my intrusion again... but i never seen CD on any car purchase before. How comes on that crappy Growl (you perhaps get one week CD?!?!) get a stupid endless CD?! Vegas 4x4 is more accessible and is way much better, yet it doesn't have any CD's!! Thank you!
  6. Thank you MR. new owner, all updates are awesome to read, you saved us, i will start donating myself more often
  7. I love trolling as much as you do, but since most of you are such "peaceful supporters" , i tend to sometimes wonder why the fuck are you such controversial liers. Thanx none the less. Will make sure to dump rounds every time i get the chance to do so, Excuse my assholness, but i can't believe there are ppl that actually ever cheer for the good side other than the cangreene facecuck, as in my life, there is no such thing as the good side, never was, never will be. But thanx for the foolish sincere ones tho. I deeply appreciate for once someting that i usually hate more than my guts. Still the new vegas look is no contestable... Thanx the game for it and i' m sorry for being such a scumbag pleb. But truth is, in order to actually share the moment, you need to be the solo scumbag u always were. So don't worry, there won't be anything close in the future, as this is a one time thing.
  8. And i love the hell out of the new car looks, i mean i'm skyhigh happy, and no trolls can no my night today
  9. I can now obtain Mercury Kit!!! I know its meaningless to you, but i want to mark this point in my experience for almost a decade about this game through all the difficulties about being an unskilled silver. Also i want to say that donating on my last experience was horrible with money bonkers, the worst company to ever intermediate credit card transactions, and hopefully the last one i will ever experience. As for the rest, i'm so excited that i finally get Mercury Kit today.
  10. Today was the APB day, so it was all about apb, but i took a small detour, to troll some other game, and then come back later, and found that there was no dailies left, altough i left the game with at least two dailies on the bench, so yeah, even if i am a troll, you don't do this to someone besides, this has been going on since the last update, so go figure i mean i don't usually pay attention to minorities, but this time, its serious, as i don't need another fucking 6 yerars to just get my godamn skin for the 4x4 in more than just a week by now In other words i already lost around 4 or 5 days since i haven't reported this before. And no i'm not expecting it to get fixed anytime soon, i just want you ppl to know about it. And no, no jocker tickets recieved, wouldn't had reported it if it was that easy, Also i really can't understand the support section(i know its overwhelmed), as it takes longer to get some sugestions, while if u report it on the most frequented section, you at least get some minor help, from the comunity members, unless you want to wait for a month or more for something that ... i might solve myself before it gets even a peek at it... Just saying. Still i tend to solve my own issues even if it takes years, but wit this game, being so forum rare, i can barely find out anything, so i end up asking for ppl, as im using both windows 10 on my laptop and windows 8.1 on my pc,, they both end up doing the same thing all the time, which is losing half of the hud, being activity hud when spraying or anything as such, or even actually accessing visual the opposite clan for the dailies which becomes absolutelly unavaible affter a few rounds.. also fuck me and my grammar. I mean its just 450 fuking points to obtain that godamn forever farmed garbage kit. And here i am missing 25+25=50 x 6 daily points cuz of game bug But none the less, im gonna none the less have to none the less none the less myself into none the less, fucking hate myself.
  11. Ok so i bet many of you are going to hate my guts for starting this thread, but problem is, i never experienced this before, i mean i basically got auto-raped after leaving the dailies incompleted and when coming back later, its all completed (4 days the same thing), no chance to get anymore JT from quests, EVEN IF I NEVER COMPLETED some of them!!! I know you like to hate, but this time this is just ridiculous... i didn't stream it, but will make sure in the next days i will stream it, and also show an actual real action shoot about all the issues so far.
  12. pfff... what i want to say its that i'm really sorry for what i tend to post, I just wish i could be more like you ppl, better educated and articulated. Its more fun to display as a good intelligent folk, than a depraved fool like myself... just saying.
  13. Ok man... i mean its not like i know anything better than anyt of you. Let's say you are absolutelly right, and i'm the complete fool as i usually display myself, but let's also consider at least two months of ur theory. Somehow i doubt they will ever agree with ur primitive mindset... as that's all i ever learned from your postings before. But hey, you never know, as this game has latelly been well cucked. So i'm sorry for even posting. as i mentioned the first place :)I only wish i could delete my posts, which this company isn;t allowing as it seems.
  14. lol... man you hate ppl like me, read your profile postings, you are so full of urself, that you have no place in this community, at least not the reasonable one, so go tell me more about my guilt, but just a clue, i wasn't speaking for myself, it was a general statement. Also i am like you so i understand your frustation :))) Try teaching those ways of urs to the actuall newbies, cuz i don't need such ridiculous nonsense.
  15. I absolutely hate myself for posting this... but i feel like nobody actually ever mentions one of the most ignored part of this game so i feel the need to enforce it! Been trying for the last months dailies (trying hard 7000 JT for my car skin(took me 6 years to get the 4x4), and as skill based being somewhere around bronze and silver, i ended up being annihilated (literally no bullets missed and no chance in hell to play in silver districts) in all missions, and i been playing for almost a decade. Now call me the worst player in existence and all, but for the ones that really believe that there is no skill limit, you are fools indoctrinated in ur own privileged wolds. I been playing for a very long time, perhaps not daily, but i always studied tactics deep and clear, read forums, checked videos, everything in the book... etc, and used all i could to reach my top potential in all my years of experience here, even got a 144 hz monitor (was the best player in my SEGA and playstation 1/2/3 times back with my group of friends) This being one of the most challenging games i ever faced, but i never managed to reach your troll levels, so basically... you are mostly a bunch of indirect tryhards that enjoy trolling others through stereotypes that's been developing for the last two decade as honey for dumb bears. Abusing the social concept about it on forums and ingame, which is why the justification of it tends to get flawless, unless some RARE intellectual articulate person counter comment shows up. Basically impulsive corrupted sense of logic might as well be called common sense by now. In other words, we handicap new/old average players with a limited skill would need our own servers, instead of having to deal with the top scumbag arrogant players, which can translate as the most abusive community in this game, that have absolutely no interest to actually help at all, other than enjoy their articulate day on anything in their path, and justify it through the most common and dumbest stereotype nonsense known to any experienced person with forums "you suck git good" Guess what, some of us were born long before you, and sadly as this world isn't fair enough, we had to adapt to our limits, while you still use those primitive slurs to feel somehow better justified in ur own abusive bubbles. Hackusation will forever be one of the number one reason to enjoy this game, as there is no way in hell ppl will ever enjoy it as long as something officially happens, regardless if it being true or not, nobody ever checked, nobody ever cared, we average morons, had to take that guess up our own nerves and efforts for the lasat 7 or more years. Yeah... go blame me for it now, as you are all well educated and articulated angels. As for final, go figure out another empy APB, i been there and done that for years and years, while you were prolly somewhere else enjoying ur time. But now with the unbanning and stuff, you can come back and give us your almost 10 years primitive oppinion about a game that's been suffering more than you could ever comprehend.
  16. Are gaming monitors with built in custom crosshairs affected as well?
  17. Can confirm, seen a few warpers around since the update myself.
  18. Thanx and all... but you might consider adding this to the Guides, Tips and Strategy section. I recently had issues out of the blue with the game, and had to fully uninstall and reinstall, in order to get it fixed... i dunno, but i think this new update sometimes messes around with the game installation files or something. I never had any issues with it before 2017, when it all started: the round objective progress hud vanishing after a few rounds(Not F12), not being able to access secondary faction dailies of a district after the same rounds, the ESC button not working anymore included, all happening at random and all in a sole package. Although i'm having a silly suspicion that it might have something to do with my new keyboard Logitech G213, since that's when it started to behave like that, because i already had similar problems with it in another game. Still waiting for a major update, cuz atm seems there are more bugs than fixes.
  19. Wow... so much hippy love in here! You should make a campaign thread with the "Welcome back cheaters! Free items here!" offering them some nice items to sell, the poor babies can't even afford to spawn their car now. Have a heart... donate to the FF victims today, so that they can use their cars tomorrow, instead of speed hack. CALL NOW: 0000-Gibs-me-dat-nano!! And you too can be one of the first victims when cheats program gets its 1st update! Together for a better APB future!!
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